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    Bluebook for Men [March 1964]
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • War Behind Barbed Wire · Ed Mack Miller · ts; “Prisoner of war Ross Greening had only empty hands and iron nerve to sustain a terrifying battle against armed Nazi guards.”; illustrated by Earl Norem
    • Sin Under the A-Bomb · Jules Archer · ar; “A wild tomorrow-we-all-die sex attitude sweeps the world from Moscow to Washington.”
    • Gun Boss of Sing Sing · Frank O’Leary · ts; “With a warden’s help, a bloody murderer carved out a crime empire inside penitentiary walls.”
    • Forced Landing in Hell · Hamilton Cox · ts; “Trapped by a Northwest storm two fliers, a coed and her pilot, fight to survive a grueling ordeal in a stone age wilderness.”
    • Cleopatra and the Desert Fox · Erik Marvin · ts; “Her body belonged to the paying customers but her eyes and ears were Rommel’s deadliest spy tools.”
    • The American Mau-Mau Butcher · Stanley S. Jacobs · ts; “Blinded by hate, a Kenya security officer found surrendering terrorists helpless victims to his vengeful elephant gun.”
    • 28 Million Girls Our GI’s May Have to Kill · David Crone · ar; “Will the U.S. male soldier be able to break bodies with bullets and grenades—smash back red infantry—when the screams he hears are those of dying females.”
    • She’s on the Way Up: Timmy Shawn · Anon. · pi

    Bluebook for Men [September 1965]
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Money Talks · Anon. · cl; “Wallet and pocketbook tips on how to stretch your buck—plus exclusive new feature "Something for Nothing”."
    • FBI’s Undercover Klansmen and Black Muslims · Marv Koeppel · ar; “Whether it’s a night raid by the KKK or a terror raid by the Fruit of Islam, within seconds of the decision the teletypes in J. Edgar Hoover’s office are pounding out the top-secret information—all because a handful of dedicated men are risking their lives to report on America’s terror squads.”
    • America’s Coffin on Wheels · Pete Lamb · ar; “For every man who owns a car, or plans to buy one, here’s the scandalous truth about how the automobile industry has turned the family auto into a rolling death trap.”
    • Lunch Time Sex-Break · L. E. Owen · ar; “The Continental custom of an afternoon siesta has caught on big with American businessmen—with the extra Yankee twist of adding female company to that three-hour boudoir binge.”
    • WW II’s Blood-and-Thunder Reporter · Ed Hyde · ar; “Never-before-told combat career of Walter Cronkite—from the beachheads of North Africa to the "Black Sunday” raid on Schweinfurt to the airborne invasion at Eindhoven, no assignment was too dirty or too dangerous for this ace correspondent."
    • King of Pornography · Cyrus W. Bell · ar; “First publisher of such underground classics as Fanny Hill, Lolita and Tropic of Cancer, Maurice Girodias has turned the world upside down with the boldest books ever printed. Called "smut scribblings” by some, they’ve made this Paris-based owner of Olympia Press the richest, most famous—and savagely cursed—literary man of the 20th Century."
    • Okinawa’s Maverick Marine · Kurt Vaughn · ts; “A salty "old-timer” who should have had a soft headquarters job somewhere, this tough 50-year-old ex-prof—Sen. Paul Douglas—showed the kids of the 1st Marine Division how to be a hard-bitten, hard-swearing, and hard-driving gyrene—by putting his life on the line in Peleliu and Okinawa."
    • Peeler on a Two-Wheeler · Anon. · pi; “Bluebook uncovers Natacha Cramblin, the shapeliest cyclist to come roaring down the turnpike.”
    • Sin-’n’-Surf “Beachnik” Brawls · Leon Ridgefield · ar; “Looking for a change-of-pace summer vacation? Try joining one of those sun-and-fun fraternities. This new breed of beach boy enjoys a full day of surf-boarding and scuba diving—and a full night of boozing and bikini bouncing.”
    • White Hell at 100 Below Zero · Jim Delroy · ts; “Unsung stoy of the handful of U. S. Navy men who, battling "white-outs”, snow blindness and “ice hurricanes”, are conquering the killer Antarctic—the world’s last frontier."

    Bluebook for Men [February 1966]
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • The Luftwaffe Ace Who Bombed B-17’s Out of the Air · Henry L. Kurtz · ts; “A blooded veteran with 52 kills to his credit, Lt. Heinz Knoke had one Messerschmitt after another shot out from under him trying to rip into the American air armadas pulverizing Nazi Germany. Then he got the brilliant idea—bomb the flying forts and liberators. and he proved it could work—by blasting 24 bombers out of the blue!”
    • Pro-Football Is Brawn, Blood—and Brains · Jimmy Brown & Myron Cope · ar; “Cleveland’s Jimmy Brown—The greatest Mr. Inside in the history of the sport—gives the real lowdown on why being a big bruising brute isn’t enough in that bone-crunching game.”
    • America’s Secret Sin Societies · Robert Dawes · ar; “According to the sick people in the know, wife-swapping is passe. Today’s love-cultists are well-organized (they run recruiting campaigns), are well-known (some of the so-called "best” people belong), and are well-financed (their no-limit flingos are held in the poshest country clubs around)."
    • Atomic Death Factories in Your Backyard · Michael Davis · ar; “With Government and private industry building nuclear reactors by the dozen across the country—there are 150 going up right now—the chances of accidents turning our cities into "hot” radioactive mounds of concrete and steel increase with each day. can’t happen? it already has—many times!"
    • Call-Girl Bonanza · Ollie Stewart · ar; “Scorching report by Bluebook’s globe-trotting casanova on why the "World’s Oldest Profession”, despite laws, raids and arrests, is bigger than ever—even in the U.S.!"
    • Headhunter of Guadalcanal · Pete Lamb · ts; “Medal of honor saga of Maj. Kenneth Bailey—the Marine throat slitter who literally carved up the Japs on "Bloody Ridge.”."
    • Mischelle on a Hot Tin Roof · Anon. · pi; “Not since the farmers took their weather vanes off the tops of barns has anyone seen such a gorgeous roof-top ornament as this 22-year-old beauty.”
    • Invisible Man · Alan Lambert · ts; “Here, for the first time, are the top secret facts about the U.S. Navy’s most incredible wartime test—the "Philadelphia experiment”—and the man who made a destroyer-escort and its entire crew disappear in broad daylight!"

    Title changed from Bluebook for Men.

    Bluebook [v109 #4, September 1970] (Q.M.G. Magazine Corp, 50¢)
    Incomplete Data - Issue not found.
    • Need Contents
    • Cold Steel at Hot Rocks · Jim Arthur · ts
    • Airline Stewardesses—How They Make the Passion Scene · Dick Barron · ar
    • Revealed: The Sex and Terror War Castro’s Waging in South America · Derek Coleman · ar
    • The Guns That Made the Mafia · Mel Smythe · ar
    • Night of the Naked Witch · Bob McDonald · ss

    Bluebook [v110 #4, July 1971] ed. B. R. Ampolsk (Q.M.G. Magazine Corp, 50¢, 90pp)
    associate ed., Art Crockett. Details supplied by Douglas Greene.
    • 6 · Flashes for Men · [Various] · cl
    • 8 · Bluebook’s Bull Session · [Readers] · lc
    • 10 · Bookshelf Adventurer · [Various] · br
    • 14 · Singles Only Cruises—10 Day Floating Orgies · Sam Horton · ar
    • 18 · The Vietnam Suicide Saga of the CIA’s Desperate Nine · Bob Strange · ts
    • 22 · How Business Snoops Are Invading Your Bedroom · Mike Scott · ar
    • 26 · Slay Time Blonde · Rod Murray · ss
    • 28 · Revealed: Inner Secrets of the International Cocaine Combine · Robert F. Dorr · ar
    • 30 · Red Chinese Kidnap Ordeal of the Supersonic Air Ace · Mark Sufrin · ts
    • 32 · Inside the Mexican Passion Houses Where U.S. Chicks Take Advance Courses in Sex · John C. Moore · ar
    • 36 · Blast the Panzers at Hell’s Pass · Larry Garrison · ts
    • 40 · Three Sensuous Women Speak Out on Sex · Bill Sergeant · ar
    • 44 · Bluebook Discovers Selma Borg · [Various] · pi

    Blues [February 1929] (standard)
    Incomplete details taken from The Standard Index of Short Stories by Francis J. Hannigan.

    Blues [March 1929] (standard)
    Incomplete details taken from The Standard Index of Short Stories by Francis J. Hannigan.

    Blues [June 1929] (standard)
    Incomplete details taken from The Standard Index of Short Stories by Francis J. Hannigan.

    Blues [Fall 1929] (standard)
    Incomplete details taken from The Standard Index of Short Stories by Francis J. Hannigan.

    Blues [Fall 1930] (standard)
    Incomplete details taken from The Standard Index of Short Stories by Francis J. Hannigan.

    B’nai B’rith Magazine [January 1925] (standard)
    Incomplete details taken from The Standard Index of Short Stories by Francis J. Hannigan.

    Body Shop [v4 #4, Oct., Nov., Dec. 1967] ed. Philip Jarvis (American Art Agency, Inc.; North Hollywood, CA, $1.50, quarto)
    Details supplied by Bill Pronzini from Table of Contents.
    • 4 · Teacher’s Pet · Anon. · pi
    • 10 · The Swabbie and the Sexpot · Bill Pronzini · ss
    • 14 · Drag Strip Doll · Anon. · pi
    • 18 · The “Big Front” Bunch · Jeff Stanley · ar
    • 22 · 19th Hole Nymph · Anon. · pi
    • 26 · Gun-Game in Berlin · Rick Sargent · ss
    • 30 · Build-Up for a Blonde · Anon. · pi
    • 34 · That Questionable Age · Bruce Flemming · hu
    • 36 · Black Net and Pink Flesh · Anon. · pi
    • 42 · Shop Snickers · [Various] · hu
    • 44 · Bedtime for Belinda · Anon. · pi
    • 48 · Great Lovers Never Die · Clete David · ar
    • 52 · Shopping the News · Russ Gordon · cl
    • 55 · Glamour in the Game Room · Anon. · pi
    • 58 · After the Sixth Veil · Anon. · pi
    • 62 · A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bedroom · Matt Lee · ar
    • 68 · Apartment for Two Bares · Anon. · pi
    • 73 · Shop Maildrop · [The Readers] · lc
    • 74 · Donna Digs the Most · Anon. · pi

    Boggle [#2, August 1977] ed. Peter Knox (Peter Knox; Sydney, 68pp, A5)
    Details supplied by Bruce R. Gillespie & Denny Lien.
    • 4 · Editorial · [The Editor] · ed
    • 5 · Once Upon a Tramp · Van Ikin · vi
    • 7 · What They Had to Say About Van Ikin’s Story in Boggle #1 · [The Readers] · lc; given as “Workshop Comments” in the Table of Contents.
    • 8 · Fresh Air · A.T.Y.P. · pl; the result of theatre workshopping by the Young Tota/A.T.Y.P. Group.
    • 10 · Of Cabbages and Kings · Bill Turner · vi
    • 12 · Taurus Manure · Albert Vann · vi
    • 15 · Sharksook · Jack Wodhams · pm
    • 16 · A Hitch in Time · Mat Doyle · ss
    • 25 · What They Had to Say About Mat’s Story in Boggle #1 · [The Readers] · lc; given as “Workshop Comments” in the Table of Contents.
    • 27 · On Man’s First Contact with an Alien Lifeform · Bev Lane · pm
    • 28 · Straightforward · John Laidler · ss
    • 33 · Space: 1939 · Bruce Barnes · cs
    • 39 · What They Had to Say About Bruce’s Story in Boggle #1 · [The Readers] · lc; given as “Workshop Comments” in the Table of Contents.
    • 40 · Clothed in the New Self · Damien White · ss
    • 51 · [untitled letter column] · [The Readers] · lc
    • 53 · A Hell of a Life · A. S. Lovatt · vi
    • 56 · Mind and Body · Tony Jones · ss
    • 60 · [letter] · John Alderson · lt
    • 61 · What Will the Kids Bring Home Next? · Kathy Macdonald · vi
    • 63 · P.S. · [The Editor] · ed
    • 65 · Stop Press · [The Editor] · lr; review of issue 1 of Van Ikin’s Science Fiction: A Review of Speculative Literature.

    La Boheme [April 1930]
    Issue not found.
    • Need Contents

    The Bohemian [#1, Christmas 1863] (Richmond, VA, 44pp) (Full Text)
    Details supplied by Denny Lien.
    • 1 · Christmas Eve · Anon. · pm (r)
    • 1 · Some Account of Mrs. Sopchoppy, and of Her Singular Dream on Christmas Eve · Anon. · ss; fantastic content; dream gives detailed advance notice of a murder; set in England.
    • 10 · The Sword of Harry Lee · Anon. · pm
    • 11 · The Battle Evening · Anon. · ss; mostly account of a long sermon preached by one who then died in the battle; presumably fictional.
    • 16 · Blanche (“Oh! she is tender and true...”) · Anon. · pm
    • 16 · Little Angel’s Christmas · Anon. · ss; soldier son returns to his family in disguise, so as to gently break news to them that report was wrong and he has survived.
    • 24 · Langley Hall · Anon. · pm
    • 24 · Burnt at the Stake: A Tale of 1692 · Anon. · ss; cruel judge orders burning of Salem woman who refused to marry him (of course, historically no one was actually burned in Salem).
    • 30 · In the Snow · Anon. · ss; estranged married couple reunite when they live for days near death after an avalanche buries them in their home.
    • 38 · Bohemiana · Anon. · cl
    • 41-44 · [various advertisments for publishers and for a theatrical company] · Anon. · ms

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