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    Dagon    (about)
    A gaming magazine which regularly publishes fiction. We have listed only the fiction and selected articles from the earlier issues. As Dagon evolved, fiction and articles with a Lovecraftian theme were accepted. Currently there is the occasional gaming article and a broad spectrum of horror stories and articles with the Lovecraft mythos quite prevalent.

    • Publishers:
      • Carl T. Ford; Twickenham, Middlesex: Dagon

    • Editors:

    Dagon [#1, November 1983] (75p, octavo)
    No fiction. There was a second printing in Nov ’84.

    Dagon [#2, February 1984] (75p, octavo)
    No fiction.

    Dagon [#3, August 1984] (75p, octavo)
    No fiction.

    Dagon [#4, October 1984] (75p, octavo)
    There was a second printing in Nov ’84.

    Dagon [#6, March/April 1985] (75p, octavo)
    • Tramps and Beggars · N. Cook · ss

    Dagon [#9, (September) 1985] (75p, octavo)

    Dagon [#10, November/December 1985] (75p, octavo)
    Given as #11 in the Table of Contents.

    Dagon [#11, (January) 1986] (75p, octavo)

    Dagon [#16, Jan-Feb 1987] (85p, 44pp+, octavo, cover by Martin McKenna)
    • 3 · The Sinister Secret of Shoggoth Street · H. P. Luddite · ss
    • 5 · Mildew from Shaggai · Robert M. Price · pm
    • 7 · Bloody Peculiar Aeons, or, What’s a Tentacle-Faced Thing Like Me Doing in a Sunken City Like This (Latitude 47° 9’ S, Longitude 126° 43’ W)? [Cthulhu] · Neil Gaiman · ss

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