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    Cthulhu Sex [v3 #14, 2007]
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    Cuban Capers [(Oct 1949)] (Utopian Publications, 2/6d, 32pp, quarto, cover by Janine)
    Only price listed is 75¢.
    • Juanitta Gets Her Man! · Wilson Renolds · ss; given as by Wilson Reynolds in the Table of Contents.
    • A Lonely Wife · Anne Brooks · ss
    • Voodoo Love · Rod Cameron · ss; given as by Rod Cameroon on the story itself.
    • Death Wears Black Chiffon [Part 2 of 4] · Cliff Dale · sl; this story was serialised across multiple one-shot magazines published by Utopian Publications.; this part was subtitled “Blondes Are Dangerous!”.
    • Honeymoon for Three · Jake Fisher · ss
    • Trouble with Twins · C. Clyde Curtis · ss

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