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    Forever Magazine [#50, March 2019] ed. Neil Clarke (Wyrm Publishing, $2.99, ebook, cover by Ron Guyatt)
    Details taken from magazine website.
    • In the Quake Zone · David Gerrold · na Down These Dark Spaceways, ed. Mike Resnick, SFBC 2005
    • The Dragon of Pripyat [Gennady] · Karl Schroeder · nv Tesseracts 8, ed. John Clute & Candas Jane Dorsey, Tesseract Books 1999
    • The Chameleon’s Gloves · Yoon Ha Lee · nv Cosmic Powers, ed. John Joseph Adams, Saga Press 2017

    The Forge [v4, Fall 1929] (standard)
    Incomplete details taken from The Standard Index of Short Stories by Francis J. Hannigan.

    Form [January 1922]
    Incomplete details taken from the Index of Short Stories in Edward J. O’Brien’s The Best Short Stories (1915-1917).

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