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    Four in One Gang and Thrills Shorts    (about)
    The title suggests an omnibus from previous volumes of Gang Shorts and Thrill Shorts, but the copy seen contains Gang Shorts #3 & #4, Occult Shorts #2 and Weird Story Magazine #2 so it is possible there were different contents in different copies.

    • Publishers:
      • Gerald G. Swan, Ltd.: Four in One Gang and Thrills Shorts

    Four in One Weird and Occult Shorts    (about)
    This magazine was an attempt by Swan to eliminate unsold issues of various publications. The Four in One, subtitled “Supernatural Yarns”, was four separate magazines re-packaged within a new external cover, which shows a vampire rising from a coffin. Three copies have been examined with three different sets of contents, two of them including magazines that have nothing to do with the weird or the occult.

    • Publishers:
      • Gerald G. Swan, Ltd.; London, England: Four in One Weird and Occult Shorts

    Four O’Clock [#63, May 1902] (Four ’Clock Publishing Co.; Chicago, 5¢, 32+4pp, 6¾" x 10")
    Saddle-stampled on a paper like soft blotting paper which (in this copy at least) has held up quite well. There are black and white and even color TIP-IN illustrations. Strangest of all the contents page lists a “poster” called “The flower girl” and laid into this issue is indeed a color illustration of a flower girl. All the other tip-ins are on blank pages, so if this had fallen out of the middle of the magazine, it would be obvious where it goes. But a faint glue trace and a difference in the color of the paper from sunning indicates that the picture was tipped onto the FRONT COVER by a faint line of glue along the top edge. Details supplied by Darrell Schweitzer.

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