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    The Howard Review [#1, November 1974] ed. Dennis McHaney (Dennis McHaney, 24pp, ph, cover by Tom Foster)
    Produced in two editions: a 180 copy regular edition and a 26 copy bound board edition. The 26 copy bound board edition was only distributed to friends of the publisher. The first 10 copies of the bound board edition were signed and numbered. The regular edition of 180 copies sold out very quickly. Demand was so great for a reprint that the publisher completely re-did the issue, with more material and decent printing, late in 1975. Two printings of that second version also sold out very quickly. [Robert E. Howard]

    The Howard Review [#9, Winter 1990-1991] ed. Dennis McHaney (Dennis McHaney, 48pp+, A5)
    Limited to 50 copies. A couple of the authors of the letters complained about them being reproduced in the magazine, so no further copies were printed. The letters give an inside view of what was going on in Howard circles during the time of the great Howard boom. [Robert E. Howard]
    • fc. · [cover] · Virgil Finlay · cv (r)
    • 2 · Introductory Remarks · Dennis McHaney · ed
    • 5 · An Informal Look at REH Fanzines, 1975-1976, Part One · Dennis McHaney · ar; includes letters to Dennis McHaney from Glenn Lord, Byron L. Roark, Fred Blosser, Arnold M. Fenner, & Stephen E. Fabian

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