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    The Lady’s Realm [v1 #1, November 1896] (standard)
    Amongst the non-fiction of interest is “How I Served My Apprenticeship” by Frances Hodgson Burnett which has some interesting anecdotes about her first story sales, though she doesn’t name the magazines or editors. Her first sale was a story completed at age 15 but started at age 12. She says: “I wrote a great deal many stories before I presumed to send one to the purely literary magazines, of which there were then very few. I sent them principally to fashion magazines which published stories.” Details supplied by Mike Ashley.

    The Lady’s Realm [v30 #176, June 1911] ed. Vere Smith (standard)
    A Coronation Number. Details supplied by Juri Nummelin.
    • The Passing Hour · Anon. · ar; article about the coronation (“Who’s Who at the Coronation”).
    • Some Unique Memories of Past Coronations, by Survivors Who Witnessed Them
    • How George IV Was Crowned · Rev. Henry Sherwood · ar
    • When William IV Was Crowned · Ann Byron Mullen · ar; quote: “Who is 93 years old of age, and a member of the famous Byron family.”
    • How Queen Victoria Was Crowned · T. H. S. Pullin, M.D. · ar; quote: “Nor 86 years old, and for 31 years Medical Officer of Health for Sidmouth. Joint founder, with the late Sir John Buckmill, of the original Volunteers in 1852, and Admiralty Surgeon for 56 years.”
    • The Coronation of King Edward VII · Sir James H. Yoxall, M.P. · ar; quote: “Is the author of several literary works. He became Hon. M.A. of Cambridge in 1899 and M.A. of Oxon in 1907. He was knighted in 1909.”
    • Reply Paid · Sylvia R. Gorges · ss
    • To an Old Family Portrait · Anon. · pm (r)
    • The Splendour of a Delhi Durbar · Vere Smith · ar
    • The Power of the Face [Part 1 of ?] · May Bateman · sl
    • A Royal Procession in Ancient Rome, as transcribed by I, Claudios Anon, who walked the streets of Rome during the triumph of the Most High and god-like Emperor, Augustus Caesar · Alice & Claude Askew · ss
    • Two Birds · M. Cawein · pm Ainslee’s Magazine Dec 1910
    • The Crowning of the King · Arthur L. Salmon · pm
    • The Artistic Decoration of the Streets · Crossley Davies · ar
    • A Song in Doubt · Sennett Stephens · pm The All-Story Magazine Apr 1907
    • The Iron Hand · Ambrose Pratt · ss
    • How the Welsh will Invest their Prince · Rev. Wynne Jones · ar
    • The Ring · Madeleine MacRae · ss
    • A Little-known Celebrity: Monsieur, the Swiss President · Anon. · ar
    • The Man from the Sea · J. Sackville Martin · ss
    • How Some Towns will Celebrate the Coronation · George A. Wade · ar
    • The Limping One · Anon. · pm
    • How the Frenchwoman Meets the Servant Problem · Emilie Vaughan Smith · ar

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