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    Magpie [v2 #8, November 1952] (The Whitehorn Press, 1/-, 128pp, digest)
    Mislabeled v2 #5 instead of v2 #8. Along with the listed items, there are many ostensibly humorous or thought-provoking fillers at the end of the longer items, rather similar to the quotations, excerpts, and anecdotes in the MS columns. Details supplied by Todd Mason.

    Main Street    (about)
    “A Magazine of American Opinion, Arts and Letters”.

    Malcolm’s    (about)
    A well-designed and printed detective and crime-adventure, published by mystery fan Malcolm Koch. The magazine was discontinued after three issues due to poor circulation—a fourth issue was prepared but apparently never published.

    • Publishers:
      • R. Malcolm & Associates; 421 Hudson Street, New York 14, NY: Malcolm’s

    • Editors:

    Male [v1 #3, October 1950]
    Incomplete Data - Issue not found.

    Male [v2 #3, September 1951]
    Incomplete Data - Issue not found.

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