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    New York Nights [v1 #6, June 1934] (Bow-Man Publishing Corp., 25¢, 68pp, pulp)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Naughty Resolutions! · Dennis Mott · ss; “Rags Sanborn was fed up on making an breaking them - this time he decided to spend New Year’s eve breaking ALL resolutions he could think of”.
    • Be My Gigolo · Ernie Hanson · ss
    • A Story of Berth Control · W. Clyde Young · ss; “When Josephine booked passage on a steamer, she signed her name as ’Joe’, as she usually did - but...”
    • The Taming of the Nude · Sandra Hazelton · ss; concluding chapter of the sensational “Secret Love Nights of a Society Girl”.
    • New Year’s Whoopee! · Babette Cotter · ss; “When the office force of Houston Mfg. Co. celebrated a New Year, there was reckless abandonment...”
    • Ideahs and O’Deahs · Don Frankel · hu; Gay Jokes and Jingles.
    • Harem Howdy · Frank Kenneth Young · ss; “A torrid tale of an American amongst a harem of exotic women of the Far East.”
    • Secret Love Nights · Joseph Lichtblau · ss

    New York Nights [v2 #3, February 1936] (H.M. Publishing Co.; Dover, Del., 25¢, 66pp, pulp)
    Details supplied by Richard Newsome from eBay scans.

    New York Nights [v4 #3, February 1937] (H.M. Publishing Co.; 115 West 27th St., New York City, 25¢, 68pp, pulp)
    Details supplied by Richard Newsome from Table of Contents.

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