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    The Novel Magazine    (about)
    The Novel Magazine—UK; Apr. 1905-Dec. 1937 (393 issues); C. Arthur Pearson, London; monthly; standard pulp; editors Percy Winn Everett (1905-?), E. Charles Vivian (1918-?), Miss N. W. Kennedy (in 1924 and 1934); Pearson’s rival to Newnes’s The Grand Magazine, an all-fiction stablemate to the more up-market Pearson’s Magazine and The Royal Magazine; it had a bias towards light romance, but also included many mystery and ghost stories and, from Jan. 1912 featured a regular “uncanny tale” slot (later the basis for two anthologies); also published “The White Ghost of Disaster” by Mayn Clew Garrett (Jun. 1912, reprinted from the US May 1912 Popular Magazine) which presaged the sinking of the Titanic; authors included Sax Rohmer, Edgar Wallace, Talbot Mundy, A. M. Burrage, Elinor Mordaunt and many US writers (Achmed Abdullah, Ray Cummings, Murray Leinster); dropped most weird fiction by 1923 and shifted more to romance and mystery, publishing many stories by Agatha Christie and Richmal Crompton.

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