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    Pluck    (about)
    The cover title of the magazine varied considerably during the life of the magazine. The first 46 issues of the first series were labelled “Stories of Pluck” and various issues of the second series have been seen as “The Pluck Library” and as “Pluck Library” but it is unclear exactly when these titles were used and whether or not the changes were reflected throughout the issues in question, so for simplicity all the issues have been listed as Pluck - the title by which the magazine is generally known.

    Pluck [#2, December 1, 1894] (½d, 16pp)
    • A Story of the Matabele War · Anon. · na

    Pluck [#3, December 8, 1894] (½d, 16pp)
    • With Livingstone in Africa · Anon. · na
    • By Nelson’s Side [Part 2 of ?] · S. Clarke Hook · sl

    Pluck [#5, December 22, 1894] (½d, 16pp)
    • Fighting the Fire! Or, the Fireman’s Secret · Harry Blyth · na
    • By Nelson’s Side [Part 4 of ?] · S. Clarke Hook · sl

    Pluck [#8, January 12, 1895] (½d, 16pp)

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