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    Private Eye    (about)
    Private Eye featured stories of hoodlums and small-time crooks, private investigators and the police, and some stories with surprise endings. Despite containing a good selection of contemporary crime-adventure and mystery stories by well-known authors, the magazine folded after only two issues, publishing material that was too little different from so many others.

    • Publishers:
      • Future Publications; 80 Fifth Avenue, New York 11, NY: Private Eye

    • Editors:

    Private Investigator Detective Magazine    (about)
    The magazine featured Michael Avallone’s well-known detective Ed Noon (and was originally to be called Ed Noon’s Mystery Magazine). It folded after only two issues because of distribution problems.

    • Publishers:
      • Republic Features Syndicate, Inc.; 39 W. 55th Street, New York, NY: Private Investigator Detective Magazine

    • Editors:

    Prize Air Pilot Stories [April 1930 (unpublished)]
    • The Valley of Feuds · Erle Stanley Gardner · ss; a rip-roaring yarn of an airman, a ranch maid and a gold mine. Six-guns; flash, planes battle, claim jumpers cut their capers, a crooked sheriff does his; stuff, the intrepid hero foils his foes, the beautiful ranch maid fights side; by side with her men, and the villain still pursues her. A story that grips the; reader’s interest paragraph by paragraph and holds him spellbound with its; rapid action and absorbing, startling situations.
    • Suicide Flight · Anon. · ss; Ace Brennan, Pop Kennedy’s buddy, lost his life over German territory; trying to lick four Fokker’s single-handed...that’s why Kennedy, the careful; fighter, was so strict with his pal’s son, Paddy, who was a big chip off the; old block. Paddy loved to stunt, and those three wrecks at Kennedy’s airport; were not all his fault—someone didn’t like Paddy...a suicide flight in a; forest fire proved to Pop Kennedy that Paddy could stunt safely—and how!

    Prize Detective Magazine    (about)
    Published as a companion to Prize Air Pilot Stories and Prize Story Magazine, the magazine offered “Amazing Mysteries”, but folded after a mere four issues.

    • Publishers:
      • Prize Story Publishers, Inc.; 404 N. Wesley Avenue, Mt. Morris, IL: Prize Detective Magazine, Nov 1929 – Feb 1930.
      • Affiliated Magazines, Inc.; 1133 Broadway, New York, NY: Prize Detective Magazine, Mar 1930.

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