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    Pulpsmith    (about)
    Pulpsmith was a “little” magazine. It published literary stories that were off-beat and couldn’t find an outlet in the traditional magazines. Volume 6 number 4 was a special fantasy and science fiction issue.

    • Publishers:
      • Generalist Assoc.; New York: Pulpsmith

    • Editors:

    Pulpsmith [v2 #1, Spring 1982] ($2.00, 192pp+, digest, cover by Jim Kay)
    No fiction.

    Pulpsmith [v2 #3, Autumn 1982] ($2.00, 208pp+, digest, cover by Jim Kay)
    Only stories of SF interest listed.

    Pulpsmith [v4 #1, Spring 1984] ($2.00, 192pp+, digest, cover by Kay)
    No fiction.

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