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    Action Life [v4 #2, May 1964]
    Details taken from Table of Contents.
    • 8 · Punch Lines · [Various] · hu
    • 13 · Condemned to Death · Anon. · pi; “These pictures show that there are forms of execution that come dangerously close to legalized murder.”
    • 14 · Joy Girl Guerrillas Who Fight Castro · Raul Morales · ts; “They set out to forge 5000 out-of-work bordello keepers and pimps into a striking force to topple the bearded dictator.”; illustrated by Ray Johnson
    • 16 · U.S. Navy’s Greatest Survival Escape · Harold Waters · ts; “34-day raft ordeal of 9 ditched airmen.”
    • 20 · Lt. Duffy’s Two-Month Cave Hideout with 13 Army Nurses · Bill Wharton · ts; “He led them on a 200-mile forced march, in Nazi-occupied country, over mountains where one false step meant death.”; illustrated by Al Rossi
    • 24 · General MacArthur’s Strangest Order: “Free the Marine Slaves in Borneo!” · Dean W. Ballenger · ts; “Bound together by raw fear of a savage tribe, Yanks and Japs formed the most incredible combat alliance of WW II.”; illustrated by Bob Stanley
    • 28 · My Favorite Model: Myrna Jackson · Anon. · pi
    • 30 · 20-Year Nightmare of a Go-for-Broke Gambler · Jack Irving · ar; “Once you get that "feeling” you can’t lose, you no longer give a damn whether you live or die—you’re hooked."
    • 32 · Underground-Doll Pleasure Pen—Spy Drop for Prague’s Most Hunted Yank · Gregory Patrick · ts; “Jailed on a phony charge, his only hope was that a bunch of red-hating v-girls would bust him out of his torture cell and get him to Istanbul, and safety.”; illustrated by Hal Kling

    Action Monthly Magazine [#2, 195?] (Transport Publishing Pty. Ltd, 8d, 34pp, ph)
    Details supplied by Morgan Wallace.
    • 4 · Last Fight—Last Laugh · Clive Gordon · ss; boxing.
    • 12 · Winning Switch · Vic Kenslow · ss; horse racing.
    • 20 · Sheriff Cottontail · G. C. Bleeck · ss; western.
    • 30 · The Dead Can Help · Pete Merle · ss; sea mystery.

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