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    The Saturday Evening Post [v214 #20, November 15, 1941] (5¢, 10½" x 13½", cover by Gene Pelham)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • At the Time Appointed · George S. Brooks · ss; Moral-Never cross a caretaker when he’s altar bound.
    • Sit in the Sun · Zachary Gold · ss; Has a man a right to retire while he still can work.
    • The Spot on Jupiter · Harry Klingsberg · ss; Attorney Doowinkle proves that honesty can be suspect.
    • Give Me Steam · Carl D. Lane · ss; The River Bird wins a race and loses a pilot.
    • The Big Squeeze [Pete Quint] · Erle Stanley Gardner · ss; Pete Quint finds a hot market for air conditioning.
    • Reception at Puno · George Sessions Perry · ss; Brother Wallace trades a county for a gal named Josephine.
    • Out of the Doghouse · W. L. White · ar; American aviation welcomes back a whipping boy.
    • What Is Morale · Edgar Snow · ar; Our Army gets a psychological shot in the arm.
    • Death in a Hard Shell · Elsie McCormick · ar; What make the tick tick, the fight against spotted fever.
    • They All Coach at Wabash · D. C. Grant · ar; Coach Pete Vaughan believes football belongs to the boys.
    • The Only Nation Since the Crusades · Herbert Hoover · ar; Recollectons of the peace table that created Versailles.
    • Uncle Sam Goes Prospecting · Frederick R. Bechdolt · ar; The search for new sources of the seven essential metals.
    • Bright Danger [Part 1 of 4] · Hugh MacNair Kahler · sl
    • Money in the Bank [Part 2 of 8; J. Sheringham Adair] · P. G. Wodehouse · n.
    • Scent Is the Husband · Gladys McKee · pm
    • Man’s Inhumanity to Man · Joseph Auslander · pm

    The Saturday Evening Post [v214 #30, January 24, 1942] (5¢, 10½" x 13½", cover by Ski Weld)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Tailing Tactics · Arch Whitehouse · ss; High-flying Spits and Mess-ups fight it out above the Thames.
    • State Versus Photographer · Doug Welch · ss; Happy Digby routs law and order and deep despond.
    • I Was but Seventeen · Paul Ernst · ss; What happens when a new man comes to town.
    • Cruel Barbara Ellen [Strawberry Rowan] · Dorothy M. Johnson · ss; Strawberry Rowan, wandering minstrel, meets a memory.
    • The Axis Is a Myth · Demaree Bess · ar; The truth about a phrase that’s overscared to many.
    • Men at Work—Registered Man · Ivan Dmitri · ar; What makes a pharmacist tick (Color photographs).
    • Magnificent Failure [Part 2 of 3] · Samuel Lubell · ar; De Forest, father of modern radio, hits the jackpot.
    • Whistle in His Mouth · Lewis B. Funke · ar; Here’s a basketball referee who’s as good as the game.
    • Lions in the Garage · David G. Wittels · ar; A college professor trains lions for the fun of it.
    • Sugarfoot [Part 3 of 8] · Clarence Budington Kelland · sl
    • Heads You Lose [Part 4 of 7] · Christianna Brand · sl
    • Winter-Early Morning · Louise Owen · pm
    • Preacher’s Son · Ethel Romig Fuller · pm

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