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    The Saturday Evening Post [v215 #14, October 3, 1942] (10¢, 10½" x 13½", cover by Arthur C. Radebaugh)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Red Flash · Jack Leonard · ss; A weak left arm and a strong heart meet the invader.
    • Beulah Bunny’s Private Zoo · Dorothy M. Johnson · ss; Our favorite Miss Fixit meets her toughest problem.
    • Many’s the Time · Joel Reeve · ss; Tommy Clinton finds an invisible second in his corner.
    • Ignorance Is Bliss · Robert Carson · ss; Being yourself is sometimes smarter than being smart.
    • What Our Navy Learned in the Pacific [Part 1 of 2] · Admiral Thomas C. Hart · ar; We lost battles at first, but gained naval know-how.
    • Oil-Field Minstrel · Harry Botsford · ar; Oil men have their Paul Bunyan too.
    • Total War Requires Free Enterprise · Peter F. Drucker · ar; Can the American way of life be its own weapon.
    • I Can’t Help from Cryin’ · Herbert Ravenel Sass · ar; The Negro spiritual is fighting to survive.
    • The Army’ Favorite General · Demaree Bess · ar; Ike Eisenhower is big enough for a big job.
    • Dude Harvest · Frank J. Taylor · ar; City folk wage the Battle of the Crops.
    • World-Series Poison · Stanley Frank · ar; The annual classic is sportdom’s pressure-point.
    • Escape from Bataan · Charles Van Landingham · ar; The author wins a race against death dealing Zeros.
    • Archibald the Great [Part 2 of 8] · Clarence Budington Kelland · sl
    • Laverack of Sarah Run [Part 5 of 5] · George Agnew Chamberlain · sl

    The Saturday Evening Post [v215 #21, November 21, 1942] (10¢, 10½" x 13½", cover by Constance Bannister)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Frenchman’s Ship · Kay Boyle · ss; A man without a country finds a new faith.
    • You’ll Never Get Rich · Elick Moll · ss; A boy and a secondhand ho’n glory bound.
    • Boenta Passage · La Selle Gilman · ss; A wounded aviator who sought revenge-and fount it.
    • The Little Dog Laughed · Virginia Faulkner · ss; Public Shrew No. 1 falls for a male plot.
    • Hitler’s Short Wave Rumor Factory · David G. Wittels · ar; Reinforcements by radio to gossipmongers.
    • Good-By, Bottlenecks (Two articles) · Frank J. Taylor & Harold Titus · ar; Two phases of the good-neighbor policy in war industries.
    • Why Generals Need No Prodding · Demaree Bess · ar; They want a second front too-a successful one.
    • Our No. 1 Problem-Man Power · Paul V. McNutt · ar; The solution-A National Service Act.
    • The Life and Times of Chauncey the Bear Hunter · Robert M. Yoder · ar; How to live high at the expense of soulless corporations.
    • The Ballet Comes to Main Street · Gerald Goode · ar; A direct hit on the cultural front.
    • We Fought Through to Murmansk [Part 3 of 3] · Robert Carse · ar; The precious cargo arrives, and so do the Nazis.
    • Hollywood Unit Man—He makes stars out of starlets · [Misc.] · ar
    • Siren in the Night [Part 1 of 6] · Leslie Ford · sl
    • Gaunt Woman [Part 7 of 7] · Edmund Gilligan · sl

    The Saturday Evening Post [v215 #24, December 12, 1942] (10¢, 10½" x 13½", cover by John Atherton)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Time and a Half · Glenn Allan · ss; Boysi weighs a Harlem girl and finds her wanting.
    • Domestic Economy · Robert Carson · ss; Lost, strayed or stolen; the bride’s personality.
    • Give Us More Rope [Alexander Botts] · William Hazlett Upson · ss; How Mt. Alexander Botts, Canada, got its name.
    • Without Wings · James Aswell · ss; A reverend-father-in-law is put in his place.
    • Jonesy · Dana Burnet · ss; A kid who had to know the things to fight for existed.
    • The Laziest Man in Washington · Forrest Davis · ar; Memoless Jack Madigan, the one-man supercharger.
    • These Are the People of Russia · Edgar Snow · ar; Russia’s Second Front is its woman-farmed farms.
    • 18-Karat Hooter · Irving Drutman · ar; Tap-dancer Draper takes over Back.
    • Not a Man Whimpered · David S. Osman · ar; The Nips tell it to the Marines and get told.
    • Bubble Beneath the Plains · Paul I. Wellman · ar; An ex-Dust Bowl makes good.
    • Doctor Shortage · Maxine Davis · ar; Doctor-Out-will be back after the war.
    • Hollywood’s No. 1 Hide-Out · Richard L. Neuberger · ar; A canyon as safe as kremlins.
    • Eddie and the Archangel Mike [Part 2 of 6] · Barry Benefield · sl
    • Siren in the Night [Part 4 of 6] · Leslie Ford · sl

    The Saturday Evening Post [v215 #25, December 19, 1942] (10¢, 10½" x 13½", cover by Charles Kaiser)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • The Ranger Is a Snow Man · Bert Stiles · ss; A Don Juan on skis takes a tumble.
    • The Prodigal Children · Stephen Vincent Benét · ss; One generation views another under war’s microscope.
    • Given Name · Esther Mueller · ss; Sometimes a mother who is dead knows best too.
    • By the Breath of God · Manuel Komroff · ss; A higher power than the Red Army avenges Tommer.
    • Eighteen Men and a Boat [Part 1 of 3] · Lt. Comdr. John Morrill, U.S.N. (as told to Pete Martin) · ar; Japs, Japs everywhere, and feedom leagues away.
    • Booby Trap · Josef Israels, II · ar; Armies in retreat leave deadly perils in their wake.
    • Beauty Tamer · Grace Thorne Allen · ar; Poinsettias are red for your Christmas.
    • Nothing-a-Year Man · Thomas McMorrow · ar; The pigeonholes of Washington eat their memos raw.
    • Mikhallovitch · Louis Adamic · ar; Balkan Mystery Man: Is the Jugoslavian leader our friend or foe.
    • The Price Tag of Victory · Harry T. Paxton · ar; Our Allied taxpayers dig deeper in their pockets than we.
    • A Handy Guide to Australia · John Lardner · ar; MacArthur’s men find it whacky, but nice.
    • Oh, the Jolly Old Ash Cans · Charles Rawlings · ar; Sub hunting, or how a depth charge gets its U-Boat.
    • Eddie and the Archangel Mike [Part 3 of 6] · Barry Benefield · sl
    • Siren in the Night [Part 5 of 6] · Leslie Ford · sl

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