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    The Saturday Evening Post [v231 #51, June 20, 1959] (15¢, 10½" x 13½", cover by John Falter)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • The Man Who Couldn’t Forget · Ken Purdy · ss
    • Unaccountable Affair · Naomi Lane Babson · ss; illustrated by Coby Whitmore
    • The Big Nevada Gamble · Williams Forrest · ss
    • Scare Game · Gertrude Schweitzer · ss; illustrated by George Hughes
    • Revolution of Main Street · Stewart Alsop · ar; a look at Avon, Maine in 2+ pages and 8 photos. Photos include: 1892 photo of citizens. 1959 photo of citizens include: Lions Club of Avon with Ted Manion with many others. Mr. and Mrs. Bertlen Turner with children. Police Chief Malcolm Heath with Mario Solari. West Main Street today and 50 years ago. Group photo of: Domenic Gaioni, Antonio Nascembeni, Arnolfi Arnolfi, Antonio Viti, and John Battistoni. John and Joe Alsop with mother.
    • Shapes of Fancy · [Misc.] · pi; a 2 page photo features Nancy McMaster teaching Origami at Children’s Aid Society Convalescent Home in Chappaqua, New York.
    • Loneliest man in France · Ernest Hauser · ar; on Charles De Gaulle.
    • A Visit with Ingemar Johansson · W. C. Heinz · ar; illustrated by [photos]
    • The Untold Story of Little Rock [Part 5 of ?] · Virgil Blossom · ar
    • Don’t Call Them Baby Sitters · Milton Golin · ar; the story of parents of children suffering from Cerebral Palsy in Phoenix, Arizona.
    • Are We Retiring People Too Early · Roul Tunley · ar
    • Island of Hate [Part 3 of 5] · Ward Hawkins · sl; illustrated by Austin Briggs
    • The Case of the Mythical Monkeys [Part 8 of 8; Perry Mason] · Erle Stanley Gardner · sl

    The Saturday Evening Post [v231 #52, June 27, 1959] (15¢, 10½" x 13½", cover by Amos Sewell)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • The Dark Forest · Ronald Sercombe · ss
    • The Girl in the Window · Robert Fontaine · ss; illustrated by R. G. Harris
    • Crisis on Blue Beach · Malcolm Stuart Boylan · ss; illustrated by McCall
    • The Mystery of the Master Safe-Cracker · Robert Standish · ss; illustrated by Ken Riley
    • Laziest Star in Tennis · Will Grimsley · ar; about Alejandro Olmedo Rodriguez (The Chief) the United States’ lend-lease Davis Cup representative from Peru. Includes 3 photos.
    • The Untold Story of Little Rock, Conclusion: The Darkest Hour · Virgil T. Blossom · ar; about Virgil Blossom, Superintendent of Schools at Little Rock, 1953-1958. The Supreme Court ordered desegregation but Gov. Orval E. Faubus surrendered to the pressure of southern segregationists to thwart the law. He shut down Central High School, and the author was dismissed from is job. Includes 2 photos.
    • Social Gathering · [Misc.] · pi; 2 page photograph by Jack Fields with a short story about a laundrymat owned by Ray Niehaus in Medford, Oregon. He runs the Big Y Laundromat. They have always been a social gathering place (out of necessity) for many a women and a few men. Conversation and gossip are the order of the day.
    • I Bet My Shirt on Thin Air · Eric Hatch · ar; about Eric Hatch quitting his job as a fictional writer and wanting to start his own business. He started a radio station WBIS, Bristol, Connecticut. His first year of ownership was a nightmare. Here is his story. Includes 5 photos.
    • She Knows What Women Will Wear · Stanley Frank · ar; Mrs. Tobe Coller Davis, of New York , a leading fashion consultant has an uncanny knack for predicting styles. Includes 8 photos.
    • Learning the Ways of Mountains · Bob & Ira Spring · pi; mountaineering feats amid Washington’s Cascade Range. Coleman Leuthy guided a group of novices over the seldom used route called the High Traverse. and the Sentinel Peak. Includes 5 photos.
    • Island of Hate [Part 4 of 5] · Ward Hawkins · sl; illustrated by Austin Briggs
    • Death Walk [Part 1 of 6] · Arthur Mayse · sl; illustrated by Mac Conner

    The Saturday Evening Post [v232 #3, July 18, 1959] (15¢, 10½" x 13½", cover by John Falter)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Time Out from Marriage · Gladys Taber · ss; illustrated by Joe Bowler
    • Rescue at Mile 50 · John Rhodes Sturdy · ss; illustrated by Stan Galli
    • Trail Trap · Merle Constiner · ss
    • The Plunging Piper · David Walker · ss; illustrated by Peter Stevens
    • My Backyard Rehabilitation Center · Eddie Wettach · ar; how he turned his backyard into a rehab center for animals in Nutley, New Jersey. He didn’t start it for money but over the years he sold quite a few of the animals to pet shops and to Story Book Farm, a private zoo in Parsippany, New Jersey. Includes 4 photos.
    • The Gashouse Gang and I · Frank Frisch (as told to Charles Dexter) · ar; the player-manager of the St. Louis Cardinals recalls some of the wacky deeds of his exuberant teammates. Includes 6 photos. One includes. The Gashouse Gang before the opening game in the 1934 World Series. Dizzy Dean, Leo Durocher, Ernie Orsatti, Bill Delancey, Rip Collins, Joe Medwick, Frisch, Jack Rothrock and Pepper Martin.
    • How to Run a Sticky Business · Arthur W. Baum · ar; the 3M Company, makers of Scotch Tape or Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company out of St Paul, Minnesota. Includes 3 photos.
    • Mark of Treachery [Part 2 of 8] · Clarence Budington Kelland · sl; illustrated by Sam Bates
    • Death Walk [Part 4 of 6] · Arthur Mayse · sl

    The Saturday Evening Post [v232 #6, August 8, 1959] (15¢, 10½" x 13½", cover by Thornton Utz)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • New Girl · Gloria Amoury · ss; illustrated by Bernard D’Andrea
    • Dangerous Gift · Harry Klingsberg · ss
    • The Death Dust · Frank Harvey · ss; a story of men landing on the moon.; illustrated by Paul Lehr
    • The Wrong Impression · William Bankier · ss
    • Our Fighting Men Have Gone Soft · Hanson W. Baldwin · ar; with photos of men who successfully and unsuccessfully resisted collaborating with their Korean captors and another one of the amphibious assault on Tarawa, 20 November, 1943.
    • So You Want to Live in Paris · Toni Howard · ar
    • I Coach the Hot Corner · Frank Crosetti (as told to Al Hirshberg) · ar; the third base coach for the Yankees. Two photos. One shows Crosetti sending Norm Siebern home on a single hit by Bill Skowron with Tony Kubeck scoring.
    • Danger: Boss Lady at Work · Peter Wyden · ar; Olive Ann Beech, president and director of Beech Aircraft Corporation. Includes 4 photos.
    • The Struggle to Get Hoffa · John Bartlow Martin · ar
    • The North Salem Mystery · Evan Hill · ar; William B. Goodwin of Hartford, Connecticut and a stone village in North Salem, New Hampshire. Includes 8 photos.
    • Set Up for Murder [Part 1 of 2] · Richard Stern · nv; illustrated by Earl Mayan
    • Mark of Treachery [Part 5 of 8] · Clarence Budington Kelland · sl; illustrated by Bates

    The Saturday Evening Post [v232 #7, August 15, 1959] (15¢, 10½" x 13½", cover by Alajalov)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • The Secrets of Long Life [Part 1 of 3] · [Misc.] · ar; a Gallup Poll article, includes the photos of Walter Williams who is the last living survivor of the Civil War at age 116, Amos Alonzo Stagg, and Edward Clay O’Rear.
    • Playboy’s Choice · Frederick Borg · ss; illustrated by Joe Bowler
    • Men Should Be Married · William Herman · ss
    • Neighbors · Edward Fox · ss; illustrated by Paul Rabut
    • The Fugitive Grandmothers · Lenora Mattingly Weber · ss; illustrated by Peter Stevens
    • His Business Is Ruins · John Wesley Noble · ar
    • Trainer of Winners · Jimmy Breslin · ar; with photos of Lewis (Dogwagon) Wilson and Calumet horse Torocuik, Citation with Eddie Arcaro up, proceeding to Kentucky Derby winner’s circle.
    • How I Stumbled Into the Movies · Robert Evans · ar; with photos that include Norma Shearer, May Britt, Suzy Parker with Bob Evans and Jerry Wald, James Cagney.
    • Ladies with Longbows · [Misc.] · pi; a large 2 page color photo of ladies shooting longbows at the National Archery Association tournament in St. Paul, Minnesota. Identified are Mrs. Pat Schram among others.
    • Clams Can Be Wonderful · Samuel Williamson · ar
    • World in Revolution · Robert Strausz Hupe · ar
    • Set Up for Murder [Part 2 of 2] · Richard Stern · nv; illustrated by Earl Mayan
    • Mark of Treachery [Part 6 of 8] · Clarence Budington Kelland · sl

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