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    The Saturday Evening Post [v232 #10, September 5, 1959] (15¢, 10½" x 13½", cover by John Falter)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Black Monte’s Last Raid · Jacob Hay · ss; illustrated by Lynn Buckham
    • Leaping Death · Edward Lindall · ss
    • Yesterday’s Hero · Earlyne Browne · ss; illustrated by Larry Kritcher
    • The Casanova Car · Vivian Connell · ss; illustrated by Coby Whitmore
    • The Facts about Jack Webb [Part 1 of 3] · Fred Russell · ar; the Dragnet star, with photos that include his wife Jackie, Ben Alexander, Nancy Olson, William Holden, Peggy lee, Julie London, Dorothy Towne.
    • What a Difference a Ball Park Makes · Harry Paxton · ar; different ball parks around the major baseball league. Photos include bird’s eye views of Forbes Field, Fenway Park, and the stadium of the Milwaukee Braves. Other photos include Bob Allison, Harmon Killebrew, Orlando Cepeda.
    • The Silent Killer: How Soon Is Too Late · Steven Spencer · ar
    • Lady at the Plate · [Misc.] · pi; two page photo of Mary Hartman of the Stratford Connecticut Brakettes Softball team.
    • Don’t Pity Us Handicapped · Melvin Maas · ar
    • International Country Town · Don Murray · ar; a story with photos of Burns, Kansas. Photos include the Lathrop Farm, Bonnie Lohrentz, Celina Ugarte, Aline Roux, Ritva Makinen, Schinichi Schigihara, Abdul Firman, Celina Ugarte, Betty Grimwood.
    • The Case of the Waylaid Wolf [Part 1 of 8; Perry Mason] · Erle Stanley Gardner · sl; illustrated by James Bingham
    • The U-19’s Last Kill [Part 3 of 6] · Jack Finney · sl
    • We Went with the Wind · Sherwood Harris · ar; on hot air balloons, with photos.

    The Saturday Evening Post [v232 #11, September 12, 1959] (15¢, 10½" x 13½", cover by Amos Sewell)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Are British Schools Better than Ours · Muriel Beadle · ar; with photos that include Tommy Fitzpatrick of Portland, Oregon, Frank Garside, Stephen Easter of Buffalo, NY, Suzan Gilbert of Portsmouth, NH, Frances Osborne, Jane Grant.
    • Jungle Night · Brian Cleeve · ss; illustrated by Fred Ludekens
    • Day of Always · Phyllis Duganne · ss; illustrated by Joe Bowler
    • Stranger on the River · Neill Wilson · ss
    • The Sign of an American · Maurice Flagg · ss
    • Masters of the Lost Art · Arnold Nicholson · ar; the story of iconography, and photos of stained glass church windows.
    • The Conflicts of Culture · C. P. Snow · ar
    • Is Christian Herter Tough Enough · Stewart Alsop · ar
    • Pigskin Preview · Fred Russell · cl; has snapshots of Jackie Burkett, Jerry Stalcup, Dan Ficca, James Houston, Zeke Smith, Don Floyd, Monty Stickles, Don Meredith, Bob Anderson, Billy Cannon, Prentice Gautt.
    • The Facts about Jack Webb [Part 2 of 3] · Fred Russell · ar; with 2 photos which include Donna Sue Needham (Miss Arkansas) and Capt. Joe Hamilton.
    • Proud Mountaineers · [Misc.] · pi; two page photo of the Easter Basque Festival held in Reno and Sparks, Nevada. The photo shows Bonny Elorrieta and Ben Goitiandie in a wood chopping contest.
    • The Case of the Waylaid Wolf [Part 2 of 8; Perry Mason] · Erle Stanley Gardner · sl; illustrated by James Bingham
    • The U-19’s Last Kill [Part 4 of 6] · Jack Finney · sl; illustrated by Riley

    The Saturday Evening Post [v232 #19, November 7, 1959] (15¢, 10½" x 13½", cover by George Hughes)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • James Roosevelt Writes About His Father, FDR and His Lonely Last Days · James Roosevelt · ar
    • Why Less Delinquency in Europe · Mary Conway Kohler · ar
    • Thief in the Cathedral · Geoffrey Household · ss; illustrated by Peter Stevens
    • Storm Gamble · Robert Edmond Alter · ss; illustrated by Robert McCall
    • Marriage on Her Mind · Willard Temple · ss; illustrated by Buckham
    • A Place Called Belleau Wood · Kenneth Kay · ss
    • I Coddle the Maestros · John S. Edwards · ar; includes photos of: Arthur Rodzinski with Jascha Heifetz. Sir Thomas Beecham. Fritz Reiner. William Steinberg. Hans Kindler. Grace Moore. Leopold Stokowski.
    • The Anguish of Modern Art · William Snaith · ar
    • I Rode the Frontier Train · Lee Edson · ar; the story of a train traveling thorough British Columbia.
    • Olympic for the Thoroughbreds · Roger Kahn · ar; horse racing article. Photos show Tudor Era leading the field only to be placed second with Sailor’s Guide getting the victory at the International. Zaryad is seen boarding a plane.
    • The Cop with the Criminal Brother · Jack Alexander · ar
    • Weekly Workout · [Misc.] · pi; 2 page photo of the Woman Rowing Club of Oakland California. Identified is 70 year old Coxswain Emily Mennell.
    • Too Many Ghosts [Part 2 of 7] · Paul Gallico · sl; illustrated by Edwin Georgi
    • Ordeal on Blood River [Part 4 of 5] · James Warner Bellah · sl

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