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    Snappy Romances [v1 #2, June 1935] (Edmar Publishing Co., pulp)
    Illustrated Love Fiction. Details supplied by John Eggeling.
    • The Swamp Lady... A Jungle Tale of Love and Romance · Evelyn M. Sherwood · ss
    • Donna Decides... And How! · John Caldwell · ss
    • The Perfume of Passion... Scent and Sent · Kelly Abbott · ss
    • Game for Anything... And How She Played Her Part · Jane Prentiss · ss
    • White Flesh and Brown... And the Result · Juda Murray · ss
    • While War Lords Rage... Many Things Happen · Reggie Coghlan · ss
    • Drums of Justice [Part 2 of 3] · Nancy Collins · sl; this part titled “Time beats and heart beats”.
    • A Woman of Ice... And a n-ice man pt.I · Willard Johnstone · sl

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