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    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Magazine    (about)
    Largely filled with articles about the cast, characters and other features of the third Star Trek series. Most issues contain what are described as “synopses,” which are brief prose adaptations of the show’s scripts, analogous to the ones James Blish did for the original series. Apart from a handful of novelizations, these are the only prose adaptations that most espisodes ever had. The number of stories per issue varied; volume 2 had no adaptations. The magazine ceased publication at the end of the sixth season; All the episodes up to that point had been adapted. The existence of these adaptations seems not to be widely known outside of Trek fandom. Issues were undated. Months of publication were forecast for some issues and are noted parenthetically. Details provided by Kenneth R. Johnson.

    • Publishers:
      • Starlog Communications International; New York: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: #1 - #9.
      • Starlog Group, Inc.; New York: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, #10 – #25.

    • Editors:

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