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    The Story-teller:    (about)
    The Story-teller—UK; Apr. 1907-Nov. 1937 (368 issues); Cassell, London, later Amalgamated Press (from 1928?); monthly; standard pulp; editors Arthur Spurgeon (1907-?), Clarence Winchester (in 1934); authors included William Hope Hodgson, Edgar Wallace, H. Rider Haggard, Rafael Sabatini, Jacques Futrelle (“The Mystery of Room 666,” Aug. 1910), G. K. Chesterton (first “Father Brown” stories, from Sep. 1910), Frank H. Shaw, Owen Oliver, Sax Rohmer (first “Fu Manchu” stories, Oct. 1912-Jul. 1913), H. G. Wells (“The Grisly Folk,” Apr. 1921), Ernest Bramah (later “Kai Lung” stories).

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