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    Swan American Mags [#1 (New Series), Western Yarns (1950)] (Gerald G. Swan, 9d, 36pp, small pulp)
    This issue is identical to the original No. 1 except for “No. 1 New Series” on the cover.

    Swank [v3 #3, August 1956] (quarto)
    Details supplied by John Boston.
    • The Man Who Couldn’t Stop [from Man Drowning] · Henry Kuttner · na Harper 1952; “When Sherry said no to him, there was a new kind of explosion in his stomach. It spread out like a sour cloud, and three men had to die before it was checked.”
    • The Second Mrs. Gilbert · Walter Wager · ss; “The idea occurred to Henry on his return from the funeral—A man needed a wife, and he was the top do-it-yourselfer in the galaxy.”
    • The Love Watch of San Pedro · Mick Leuven · ss; “The man who owned it would hold the most priceless gift of all in his hand.”

    Swank [v5 #5, December 1958]
    Incomplete Data - Issue not found.

    Swank [v17 #7, September 1970]
    Incomplete Data - Issue not found.

    Swank [v17 #12, February 1971] (Magnum Royal Publications, Inc., $1.00, 102pp, quarto)
    Details supplied by Kenneth R. Johnson, listing fiction only.

    Swank [v21 #4, April 1974] ed. Christopher Watson (Magnum-Royal Publications, Inc., $1.25, 112pp, quarto)
    • Special Sci-Fi Section:
    • 32 · Sci-Fi Comes of Age: ‘Cons’ Around the World · Harvey L. Bilker · ar
    • 47 · Cryonics · John Austin · ar
    • 48 · Kiss of Fire · Harlan Ellison · ss Two Views of Wonder, ed. Thomas N. Scortia & Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Ballantine 1973; illustrated by Leo & Diane Dillon
    • 52 · “Don’t Call Me a Science Fiction Writer”: An Improbable Profile of an Improbable Talent: Harlan Ellison · Jack Curtin · ar [Harlan Ellison]
    • 78 · Yes, Virginia, There Really Was a Dracula... · Ralph Novak · ar
    • 90 · Forry’s Fantastic Museum · Anon. · pi [Forrest J Ackerman]

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