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    10 Story Book [v37 #3, August 1938] ed. Harry Stephen Keeler (10 Story Book Corporation; Chicago, IL, 25¢, 6" x 9", cover by John Janecek) (Full Text)
    Details supplied by Denny Lien and Morbus Iff. Story “Blonde to Brunette” by Jay Dee is listed in the Table of Contents as being on page 31. However, it is NOT on page 31. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t appear in this issue. Or, at least, there’s nothing near page 31 that is unindexed or otherwise undescribed, nor can I find anything in the issue that appears to reference “Blonde to Brunette.”

    10 Story Book [v37 #7, December 1938]
    Issue not found.
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