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    Thrill Shorts    (about)
    Small pamphlet magazines issued just after the end of the Second World War when paper rationing was at its height.

    • Publishers:
      • Gerald G. Swan, Ltd.: Thrill Shorts

    The Thriller (1916)    (about)
    The Thriller is an obscure magazine made up of unsold issues of The Black Cat. The one issue that has been examined is number four. At this time it has been impossible to ascertain how many issues of The Thriller were published. A 1916 issue of The Black Cat contains an ad for The Thriller (probably #1) containing the August through November 1915 issues of The Black Cat.

    • Publishers:
      • Cassino Publishing Company; Salem, MA: The Thriller

    The Thriller:
    Contained a complete mystery story (25,000 words) each issue, plus supporting serials, short stories or features. Published masses of crime, mystery and thriller serials and stories, many adapted from US sources. This was the British crime-fiction story paper which most closely resembled the American pulp magazines (in content, not format). Details for all issues supplied by Steve Holland.

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