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    Wilshire’s Magazine [#63, October 1903] (United States Publishing Co., ed. H. Gaylord Wilshire, 10¢, 96pp+, pulp)
    Details supplied by Steve Miller.

    Windfall [v1 #1, January 1942] (15¢)
    Subtitled “Stories, Poetry, Articles”. “Now being introduced on the University of Buffalo Campus.” Board of editors Charlotte Georgi, Eugene Cantelupe, Hope Wescott, Howard Van der Meulen, Henry Ten Eyck Perry. Circulation managers Merle Johannson, Gloria Ortner. Fiction only indexed. Details supplied by Richard Bleiler.

    Windfall [v1 #2, May 1942] (15¢)
    Managing editor: Howard Van der Meulen. Associate editors: Charlotte Georgi, Eugene Cantelupe, Hope Wescott, Henry Ten Eyck Perry. Details supplied by Richard Bleiler.

    Windhaven [#1, 1977] ed. Jessica Amanda Salmonson (Atalanta Press; Seattle, WA, $1.50, quarto)
    Fiction only. Details supplied by Ned Brooks.
    • 15 · The Legend of Caballo Grande · Whit Gibbons · ss; given as “The Legend of Caballa Grande” on the story itself.
    • 24 · The Great Cup · Ron Nance · ss

    Windhaven [#4, 1978]
    Issue not found.
    • Need Contents

    Windhaven [#5, 1979] ed. Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Sherri L. File & Dianne Policelli (Della Hennessee; Seattle, WA, $1.95, 40pp, quarto, cover by Jeanne Gomoll)
    Toward a Feminist & Humanitarian Fantasy and Science Fiction. Details supplied by Denny Lien.
    • 3 · Winged Woman: The Golden Age of Sexism · Jessica Amanda Salmonson · nf
    • 10 · Windlestraws · [The Readers] · lc; includes letters from Sydney Van Scyoc, Marge Piercy, Evangeline Walton, Willum Pugmire, Debbie Notkin, Terry Carr, and several other names of note.
    • 21 · Will o’ the Wisp · Jane Gabrielle Beckman · pm
    • 22 · Why Blacks Don’t Read Science Fiction Part II: Passing for More Than Human · “Lady Jayne” Sturgeon · nf
    • 24 · Why Blacks Don’t Read Science Fiction Part II: Still Can’t Play Basketball · Charles R. Sanders · nf; long letter by JS criticising article by CRS in previous issue, followed by reply by CRS.
    • 25 · Linda’s Boys · Irene E. Steele · ss
    • 28 · Media & Clytemnestra · Rose Ann Cyrus · nf; title is sic, though Medea is spelled correctly in text.
    • 29 · Celtic Twilight · Evangeline Walton · nf; on her own writing career and interests.
    • 31 · Three Women’s Perspectives on Gender and Alternative Societies · Sherri L. File · nf; on works of LeGuin, Russ, and Piercy.
    • 39 · Monologue · Amy Arnston Marein · pm
    • bc. · [back cover] · Mary Bohdanowicz · il

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