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    Woman [January 1925]
    Incomplete Data - Issue not found.

    Woman and Home [October 1999] ed. Sarah Kilby (IPC Magazines, £2.00, 186pp, slick)
    Women’s fashion magazines, containing some fiction. Only fiction listed.

    Woman and Home [August 2000] ed. Sarah Kilby (IPC Magazines, £2.30, 146pp, slick)
    Women’s fashion magazines, containing some fiction. This is part 2 of a special “Summer Fiction Issue”. Only fiction listed.
    • 106 · Mrs Funaki and the Cantaliere [Part 2 of 2] · Angela Lambert · sl
    • 110 · The Sticky Moon · Clare Boylan · ss
    • 114 · The Artist’s Life · Anita Desai · ss Diamond Dust and Other Stories, Chatto & Windus 2000
    • 120 · Midsummer Dreams · Elizabeth Buchan · ss

    The Woman at Home:    (about)
    The Woman at Home. Annie S. Swan’s Magazine. Published by Hodder & Stoughton. Strand size magazine. Monthly, printed on a slick paper. Definitely aimed at a middle-class audience, with a strong nod towards feminism. Reasonable amount of fiction by decent authors.

    The Woman at Home [v1, 1894]
    • The Children’s Mysteries · Headon Hill · gp; six stories, each in two parts, after part one was published there was a competition in which children were asked how the story would end, Hill’s solution was published the following month. Four further stories appeared in the next volume.
    • Ah Man. A Study from Life · Sarah Grand · ss
    • The Bargain · Maarten Maartens · ss
    • Confessions of a Royale Academician (two stories in the series) · Paul Seton · gp
    • The Cry of the Curlew. A Christmas Story · Headon Hill · ss; in third issue.
    • Daniel Jacobs. An Idyll of Dartmoor · S. Baring-Gould · ss
    • Elizabeth Glen M.B. The Experiences of a Lady Doctor (six stories) · Annie S. Swan · gp
    • The End of Joe Leaman. An Idyll of Dartmoor · S. Baring-Gould · ss
    • Jeanie’s Love Letters · Katherine Lee · ss
    • Love of Naomi · “G” · ss
    • Margaret · Katherine Lee · ss
    • A Revelation · Hilda Newman · ss
    • Snaily House. An Idyll of Dartmoor · S. Baring-Gould · ss
    • A Study in Hearts · Hilda Newman · ss

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