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    Argosy (UK)    (about)
    Short-lived magazine that claimed to be a “revival of the classic pulp format for the digital age”.

    Argosy Specials
    Towards the end of its life in the 1970s, Argosy issued a number of specials under a variety of titles. In general they did not carry any fiction.

    Ariel    (about)
    A high quality book-format fanzine with a strong comics orientation, each issue also contained some fiction.

    • Publishers:
      • Morning Star Press; Leawood, Kansas: Ariel, 19v1.
      • Ariel Books/Ballantine; Kansas City, MO: Ariel, 19v2 – 4.

    • Editors:

    Arion    (about)
    Literary journal, subtitled “A Journal of Humanities and the Classics”, mostly poetry in translation and I think its emphasis is on the classical era.

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