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    The Art World [October 1917]
    Incomplete details taken from the Index of Short Stories in Edward J. O’Brien’s The Best Short Stories (1915-1917).

    Artists and Models Magazine [v1 #4, May 1925] (Ramer Reviews, Inc.; New York, 25¢, 64pp, standard)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • His New Model · Frank Owen · ss
    • Sargent Is Dead: A Review of the Life and Work of John Singer Sargent · Anon. · ar
    • How I Became an Artist’s Model: A True Story · Anon. · ts
    • Jazz · Violet McDougal · pm
    • Nudity in Art · Martha Conway · ar
    • A Reluctant Model · Jack Woodford · ss
    • Girl Artist Slain by Lover She Scorned: A Tragedy of Real Life · Anon. · ts

    The Arts Monthly    (about)
    Official Organ of the Arts Society. The original title was The Arts Journal. It began in 1887 and ran for 11 issues before it became The Arts Monthly. This would suggest that vol. 1 No. 1 began with the Feb. 1887 issue. As The Arts Monthly, it ran from Vol. 2 no. 1 (Jan. 1888) to vol. 5 no. 5 (May 1891). Details supplied by Victor Berch.

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