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Clift, Denison (Halley) (1885-1961) (stories) (assoc.)
Born in San Francisco; graduate of Stanford University; Hollywood writer and director; author of novels, ss, and plays.

Clingerman, Mildred (née McElroy) (1918- ) (stories)

Clinton, Daniel Joseph (1899-1993) (stories)
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; died in Santa Barbara, California.

Cloete, (Edward Fairly) Stuart (Graham) (1897-1976) (stories) (assoc.)

Close, Robert (Shaw) (1903-1995) (stories)
Born in Melbourne, Australia.

Clough, Arthur Hugh (1819-1861) (stories)

Clouston, J(oseph) Storer (1870-1944) (stories)

Clowes, [Sir] W(illiam) Laird (1856-1905) (stories)

Clymer, John (Ford) (1907-1989) (stories) (art) (assoc.)

Coates, Archie Austin (1891-?) (stories)
Ohio writer.

Coates, Austin (1922-1997) (stories)

Coates, Grace Stone [Mrs. Henderson Coates] (1881-1976) (stories)

Coates, Robert M(yron) (1897-1973) (stories)

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane (1893-1986) (stories)
Born in Buffalo, N.Y.

Cobb, Irvin S(hrewsbury) (1876-1944) (stories) (assoc.)

Cobban, J(ames) MacLaren (1849-1903) (stories)

Cobbett, William (1763-1835) (stories)

Cober, Alan E. (1935-1998) (art)

Coblentz, Stanton A(rthur) (1896-1982) (stories)

Coburn, Walter J(ohn) (1889-1971) (stories) (assoc.)
Writer of western novels and short stories. Born in White Sulphur Springs, Montana Territory; lived in Arizona.

Cochran, Ruth Gilbert (1893-?) (stories)
Born in Washington D.C.; author of numerous series books for boys and girls, of magazine stories; was fiction editor for newspaper syndicate.

Cochrane, John I(ra) [M.D.] (1870-1949) (stories)
Writer, and a genuine doctor, having received an M.D. from the University of Virginia. Born in East Dorset, Vermont; died in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Cockburn, (Francis) Claud (1904-1981) (stories)
Father of Sarah Cockburn.

Cockburn, Sarah (Caudwell) (1939-2000) (stories)
Lawyer who worked for Lloyds Bank in London; daughter of (Francis) Claud Cockburn.

Cocking, Ronald (William J.) (1917-1999) (stories)
Born in Portsmouth, England; died in Surrey; served in the Royal Air Force in WWII; worked at Scotland Yard in some capacity; went to Canada to try to get his books published there and was editor of the Hamilton [Ontario] News.

Cockrell, (Nancy) Amanda (1948- ) (stories)
Daughter of Frank and Marian Cockrell.

Cockrell, Frank [i.e., Francis M. Cockrell, III] (1906-1987) (stories) (assoc.)
Father of Amanda Cockrell.

Coconis, Ted (Constantinos) (1927- ) (art)

Coe, Charles Francis (1890-1956) (stories)
Born in Buffalo, N.Y.; Joined the Navy at 17, spent 5 years as a professional fighter, then a radio sports announcer (and may have invented ringside commentary), then took up writing, went to Hollywood as a screenwriter, then became a lawyer and general counsel for the motion picture producers; moved to Florida and practiced there; became editor and publisher of the Palm Beach Post; died in Palm Beach, FL. Father of Betty Coe Spicer.

Coe, Charles H. (1890-1956) (stories)
American mystery writer.

Coffin, Tris(tram) (1909-1990) (stories)

Coffin, W(illiam) Haskell (1878-1941) (art)
Born in Charleston, South Carolina; died in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Coggins, Jack (Banham) (1911- ) (art)
Born in London, England; lives in Pennsylvania.

Cohan, George M(ichael) (1878-1942) (stories) (assoc.)

Cohan, Ray (1914- ) (stories)
Writer. Born in New Rochelle, New York; lives in New Jersey.

Cohen, Alfred J. (1861-1928) (stories)
Born in Birmingham; dramatic critic for New York newspapers 1887-1915, then New York World; playwright.

Cohen, Gil (fl. 1950s-2000s) (art)
Also illustrated children’s books.

Cohen, Inez Lopez [Mrs. Octavus Roy Cohen] (1892-1953) (stories)

Cohen, Leonard (Norman) (1934-2016) (art)

Cohen, Octavus Roy (1891-1959) (stories) (assoc.)
Noted writer. Born in Charleston, South Carolina; died in Los Angeles, California.

Colbron, Grace Isabel (1869-1948) (stories)
Born in New York City; stage actress; reader of European language books for New York publishers, theatrical managers and play-brokers; lecturer on economic and literary subjects; translator from German and Scandinavian languages.

Colby, C(arroll) B(urleigh) (1904-1977) (stories) (assoc.)

Colcord, Lincoln (Ross) (1883-1947) (stories)

Cole, Geoffrey W. (fl. 2000s-2010s) (stories)

Cole, John Nelson, Jr. (1889-?) (stories)

Cole, Samuel V(alentine) (1851-1925) (stories)

Coleman, Gilbert P(ayson) (1866-1918) (stories)

Coleman, Helena Jane (1860-1953) (stories)

Coleridge, Hartley (1796-1849) (stories)

Coleridge, Mary E(lizabeth) (1861-1907) (stories)
Born and lived in London.

Colin, Galen C(yril) (1890-1973) (stories)

Colladay, Morrison F. (fl. 1920s-1950s) (stories)

Colles, Edmund (Brown Ramsay) (1898-?) (stories)
Born in Dublin, Ireland; lived in London c1930-1945; presumably returned to Ireland and died there.

Collier, James L(incoln) (1928- ) (stories)

Collier, John (Henry Noyes) (1901-1980) (stories)

Collier, Richard (Hughesdon) (1924-1996) (stories)
Writer; born in London, England.

Collier, (Edward) Tarleton (1888?-1970) (stories)

Collier, William (1866-1944) (stories)
Actor and playwright; on stage from childhood, with first appearance in 1879.

Collinge, Patricia [born Eileen Cecilia Collinge] (1892-1974) (stories)

Collings, Kenneth Brown (1888-1941) (stories)
Writer. Born in Lincoln, Nebraska; died at sea when the Nazis torpedoed the boat he was on.

Collingwood, Harry; pseudonym of William J. C. Lancaster (1851-1922) (stories)

Collins, Dabney Otis (?-{c}1986) (stories)
Writer. Born in Alabama; lived in Denver, Colorado.

Collins, (Cuthbert) Dale (1897-1956) (stories)

Collins, Frederick L(ewis) (1882-1950) (stories)
Born in Lawrence, Mass.

Collins, James H(iram) (1873-1957) (stories)
Born in Detroit; journalist during WWI; staff member, U.S. Food Administration.

Collins, Larry [i.e., John Lawrence Collins, Jr.] (1929-2005) (stories)

Collins, Marjory (fl. 1950s) (stories)
Probably pseudonymous. Nevertheless, there was a Marjorie Amy Collins (born in 1913).

Collins, (Edward James) Mortimer (1827-1876) (stories)

Collins, Shad (1915- ) (stories)
Arizona writer, not to be confused with the musician of the same name.

Collins, (William) Wilkie (1824-1889) (stories)

Collison, (Clyde) Wilson (1893-1941) (stories)
Born in Ohio; a playwright.

Collyer, Robert (1823-1912) (stories)

Colyton, Henry John (fl. 1940s-1950s) (stories)
Writer. Born in Ohio.

Combes, Helen (1864-1949) (stories)
Journalist, writer and poet. Born in England; died in Los Angeles, California.

Comfort, Alex(ander) [MB., D.SC.] (1920-2000) (stories)

Comfort, Will Levington (1878-1932) (stories)
Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan; novelist and short story writer; war correspondent for various newspapers; sportsman; veteran of Spanish-American War; died in Los Angeles, California.

Comyn, Marian [born Marian Skinner] (1861-1938) (stories)
Born in Worcestershire, England; married solicitor Henry Ernest Fitzwilliam Comyn in 1884; died in Surrey.

Conant, Howell (1916-1999) (art)

Conarain, (Alice) Nina (1898-1982) (stories)

Condon, Frank (1882-1940) (stories)
Born in Toledo, Ohio and a reporter there; advertising man in NYC; then screenwriter and magazine writer in L.A.; died in Beverly Hills, California

Cone, Helen Gray (1859-1934) (stories)

Conine, (Odie) Ernest (1925- ) (stories)
Writer and journalist. Born in Dallas, Texas; lives in Los Angeles, California.

Conley, Jen (fl. 2010s) (stories)

Connell, Richard (Edward) (1893-1949) (stories)
Born in Poughkeepsie, New York; educated at Harvard and Georgetown Universities; began writing for the Poughkeepsie News-Press while a child and rose to city editor; graduated from Harvard; reporter and advertising copywriter; novelist, prolific short story writer and screenwriter.

Connell, Vivian (Cecil Francis St. John) (1905-1981) (stories)
Self-educated Irish playwright and novelist, born in Cork.

Connelly, George L. (1908- ) (art)
Born in Westtown, Pennsylvania.

Connelly, J(ames) H(enderson) (1840-1903) (stories)

Connolly, James B(rendan) (1868-1957) (stories)
Author of sea stories, 1896 Olympic champion (gold metal in the triple jump). Born in South Boston, Massachusetts; died in Boston, Massachusetts.

Connolly, Vera L(eona) (1888-1964) (stories)

Connor, Brevard Mays (1888-1952) (stories)
Texas writer.

Connor, Buck (1881-?) (stories)
Texas ranger, trick roper with Pawnee Bill’s Wild West Show until it merged with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Born in San Sabe County, Texas.

Conrad, Barnaby (Jr.) (1922-2013) (stories) (assoc.)
Author; secretary to Sinclair Lewis; also worked as an artist and diplomat. Born in San Francisco, California.

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