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Hane, Roger (T.) (1939-1974) (art)

Hanff, Minny Maud [i.e., Minny Maud Hanff Ayers] ({c}1890-1942) (stories)

Hankin, St. John (Emile Clavering) (1869-1909) (stories)

Hankins, Arthur P(reston) (1880-1932) (stories)
Born in Sac City, Iowa; novelist; contributed to many pulp magazines.

Hankinson, Charles James (1866-1959) (stories)
Born in Bournemouth; trained as a lawyer before becoming a journalist in London.

Hanley, James (1901-1985) (stories)

Hanna, A(doniram) Judson (1875-1928) (stories)
Journalist and poet who travelled a lot. Born in Brooklyn, New York.

Hanna, John (1919-1992) (art)

Hanna, Wm. B. [i.e., William B. Hanna] ({c}1850-1930) (stories)
New York sports writer. Born in Kansas City, Missouri; died in Newfoundland, New Jersey.

Hannay, J(ames) F(rederick) W(ynne Seumus) (1906-1984) (stories)
Son of George A. Birmingham.

Hannay, James Owen (1865-1950) (stories)
Born in Belfast; a clergyman. Father of T. F. W. Hickey.

Hansen, Robert P(owell) (1922?-1994?) (stories)
Also wrote mystery novels.

Hanshew, Hazel Phillips [i.e., Hazel Phillips Hanshew Hackney; Mrs. Arnold Hackney] (1889-1966) (stories)
Born in Brooklyn; journalist, novelist and short story writer.

Hanshew, Mary E(liza, née Burnett) (1852-1927) (stories)

Hanshew, Thomas W(ashington) (1857-1914) (stories)

Hanson, Daniel Louis (fl. 1910s-1920s) (stories)
Not to be confused with the metallurgist of the same name (1892-1953).

Hanson, Joseph Mills (1876-{c}1950) (stories)
Poet, historical writer, editor. Born in Yanktown, South Dakota.

Hapgood, Charles H(utchins) (1904-1982) (stories)

Hapgood, Hutchins (1869-1944) (stories)
Born in Chicago; educated at the University of Michigan, at Harvard, and in Berlin and Strasburg; journalist and drama critic, Chicago Evening Post.

Harari, Manya [née Manya Benenson] (1905-1969) (stories)

Harbaugh, Thomas Chalmers (1849-1923) (stories)
Born in Middletown, Maryland.

Harben, Will(iam) N(athaniel) (1858-1919) (stories)

Hard, William (1878-1962) (stories)

Harding, Allison V.; pseudonym of Jean Milligan (1919-2004) (stories)

Harding, Gilbert (Charles) (1907-1960) (stories)

Harding, John W(illiam) (1864-1924?) (stories)
Born in London, England; came to the U.S. in 1894 and was naturalized in 1909; educated in London and Paris; began newspaper career in Paris; on editorial staff of New York Times beginning in 1897.

Hardy, Arthur Sherburne (1847-1930) (stories)
Born in Andover, Massachusetts and educated in Boston, Switzerland and at West Point; Professor of Civil Engineering, Los Angeles College, and of mathematics at Dartmouth College, 1884-1893; Consul-General to Persia, 1897-1899; U.S. Minister to Greece, Romania and Serbia, 1899-1901, to Switzerland, 1901-1903, and to Spain, 1903-1905.

Hardy, [Rev.] Edward John (1849-1920) (stories)

Hardy, J(ocelyn) L(ee) (1894-1958) (stories)
Born in London; educated at Sandhurst Royal Military College; escaped prisoner-of-war in WWI with loss of a leg; served with forces in Ireland; a farmer.

Hardy, Lindsay (John) (1914-1994) (stories) (assoc.)
Born in Australia; TV writer there and in Hollywood; later living in New York City.

Hardy, Thomas (1840-1928) (stories)

Hargens, Charles (1893-1997) (stories) (art) (assoc.)

Hargrave, Abbie (1871-1936) (stories)

Hargrave, John (Gordon) (1894-1982) (stories)

Hargrove, Marion (Lawton) (1919-2003) (stories) (assoc.)
Author. Born in Mount Olive, North Carolina. SSDI references a Marion Hargrove from 1910-1997.

Haring, Don(ald Anthony) (1922-1981) (stories)
American serviceman in Australia, married in Sydney in 1942 (wife was Coralie Linda Haring), left Australia in 1959, and lived in the U.K. before relocating to the U.S.; died in Honolulu.

Harington, [Sir] John (1560-1612) (stories)

Harland, Henry (1861-1905) (stories)
Born in Brooklyn (other sources indicate he was born in Connecticut or New York City), son of a journalist; studied at Harvard Divinity School, and in Paris and Rome; became a novelist in 1880s; moved to London in 1890s; died in San Remo, Italy.

Harlow, Alvin F(ay) (1875-1963) (stories)
Author, historian, biographer, editor. Born in Sedalia, Missouri; died in New York City.

Harmon, Tom [i.e., Thomas Dudley Harmon] (1919-1990) (stories)

Harper, Richard (J.) (1928-2012) (stories)
Magazine short story writer and novelist; journalism graduate of University of Missouri; served in the U.S. Marines; variously a forest ranger, U.S. Border Patrolman, and employment interviewer; died in Arizona.

Harper, Vincent; pseudonym of Henry Austin Adams (1861-1931) (stories)

Harraden, Beatrice (1864-1936) (stories)
Born in Hampstead, London; member of societies for social reform, including Suffragettes.

Harrigan, Stephen (1948- ) (stories)

Harriman, E(lmer) E. (1861-1936) (stories)
Farmer and writer. Born in northern Ohio; raised in Minnesota; lived in California.

Harriman, Edward (Henry) (1848-1909) (stories) (assoc.)

Harriman, Karl Edwin (1875-1935) (stories)
Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Harrington, John Walker (1868-1952) (stories)

Harrington, Katherine [Mrs. Rolf Bennett] ({c}1881-1962) (stories)
Birth name may have been Katherine Watt-Tanner.

Harrington, M(ark) R(aymond) (1882-1971) (stories)
Ethnologist, archaeologist, expert on Indians of North America. Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan; died in Mission Hills, California.

Harris, Arthur M(erton) (1883-?) (stories)
Writer. Born in Chicago, Illinois; lived in Oregon.

Harris, Christopher R. (1945- ) (stories)
Freelance photographer turned media professor at Middle Tennessee State Univ.

Harris, Frank [i.e., James Thomas Harris] (1856-1931) (stories)

Harris, Garrard (1875-1927) (stories)
Journalist. Born in Columbus, Georgia; died in Birmingham, Alabama.

Harris, Joseph Upper (1891-1954) (stories)

Harris, Larry M(ark) (stories)
Birth name of author who adopted his Polish grandfather’s name and became Laurence M. Janifer in 1963, and thereafter used it in his writings.

Harris, Lawrence (fl. 1910s-1940s) (art)
Not to be confused with Lawren Stewart Harris (1885-1970).

Harris, MacDonald; pseudonym of Donald W. Heiney (1921-1993) (stories)

Harris, Paul H. (fl. 1900s-1910s) (stories)
Perhaps the “H” stands for “Hyland”.

Harris, Raymond S. (1884?-1971) (stories)
Screenwriter. Born and died in New York City.

Harris, Robert G(eorge) (1911-2007) (art)

Harris, Samuel Edward (fl. 1910s-1920s) (stories)
Journalist. Born in Key West, Florida.

Harris, (William) Thomas (1940- ) (stories)
Served in Navy in WWII; living in Oregon.

Harris-Burland, J(ohn) B(urland) (1870-1926) (stories)

Harrison, Benjamin (1833-1901) (stories)

Harrison, C(hester) William (1913-1994) (stories)
Born in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Harrison, Constance (Fairfax) Cary [Mrs. Burton Harrison] (1843-1920) (stories)

Harrison, Frederic (1831-1923) (stories)

Harrison, Henry Sydnor (1880-1930) (stories)
Born in Sewanee, Tennessee and died in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Harrison, Michael [born Maurice Desmond Rohan Harrison] (1907-1991) (stories)

Harrison, Norvell (fl. 1900s-1920s) (stories)
Presumably born in Sewanee, Tennessee.

Harrison, William (Neal) (1933-2013) (stories)

Harrisson, [Major] Tom (Harnett) (1911-1976) (stories)

Harsch, Joseph C. (1905-1998) (stories)

Hart, Albert Bushnell (1854-1943) (stories)

Hart, Elizabeth Anna (1822-1890) (stories)

Hart, [Sir] (Basil Henry) Liddell (1895-1970) (stories)

Harte, (Francis) Bret (1836-1902) (stories)

Harting, G(eorge) W. (1877-1958) (art)
Born in Little Falls, Minnesota; lived in New York City.

Hartley, Ellen (Raphael) (1915-1980) (stories)
Wife of William Brown Hartley.

Hartley, L(eslie) P(oles) (1895-1972) (stories)

Hartley, William Brown (1913-1980) (stories)

Hartman, [Captain] Howard M. (1868-1930s) (stories)
English “sailor of fortune” and adventurer.

Hartman, Lee Foster (1879-1941) (stories)
Born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Reporter; newspaper and magazine and book editor in New York City; publishing executive; had B.A. and M.A. degrees from Wesleyan University in Connecticut; on editorial staff of Harper’s Magazine 1908-1941.

Harvey, Frank (Laird) (1913-1982) (stories) (art) (assoc.)
Writer of aviation stories; editor of Argosy for years 1950-1954. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Not to be confused with the English actor and playwright of the same name (1912-1981).

Harvey, John McLaughlin (1885-?) (stories)
California writer, prospector, engineer.

Harvey, Marion (1900- ) (stories)
Born in Rio de Janeiro; graduate of Hunter College and Cleveland Law School; practiced law in Ohio until moving to L.A.

Harvey, William F(ryer) (1885-1937) (stories)

Haseltine, [Colonel] William E(benezer) (1874-?) (stories)
California writer.

Haskell, Arnold L(ionel) (1903-1980) (stories)

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