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Wallace, George (Corley, Jr.) (1919-1998) (stories) (assoc.)

Wallace, George C(orley, Jr.) (1919-1998) (stories)

Wallace, Irving (1916-1990) (stories) (assoc.)

Wallack, Les (fl. 1960s) (stories)
Not to be confused with the Rutgers University (New Jersey) athletics coach.

Waller, John Francis (1809-1894) (stories)

Wallis, G(eraldine June) McDonald (1925- ) (stories)

Wallis, J(ames) H(arold) (1885-1958) (stories) (assoc.)
Born in Iowa, educated at Yale; newspaperman in Iowa turned full-time writer in New York.

Walmsley, Leo (1892-1966) (stories)
Author, lecturer, screenwriter. Born in Shipley, Yorkshire, England; died in Fowey, England. Note: Birth and one marriage registered as Lionel Walmsley; death and another marriage registered as Leo Walmsley.

Walmsley, Stephen M. (fl. 1920s-1930s) (stories)
Army officer. Born in Wisconsin.

Walpole, [Sir] Hugh (Seymour) (1884-1941) (stories) (assoc.)

Walsh, George E(thelbert) (1865-1941) (stories)
Born in Brooklyn.

Walsh, Henry Collins (1863-1927) (stories)
Journalist; first president of The New York Adventurers Club. Born in Florence, Italy; died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Walsh, Maurice (1879-1964) (stories)
Author, today remembered primarily for writing The Quiet Man. Born in North Kerry, Ireland; died in Blackrock County, Dublin, Ireland.

Walsh, Richard J(ohn) (1886-1960) (stories)
Born in Lyons, Kansas; graduate of Harvard; reporter, editor, advertising writer. Married to Pearl S(ydenstricker) Buck.

Walsh, Thomas (1875-1928) (stories)

Walshe, Douglas (Thomas George) (1880-1952) (stories)
Father of Elisabeth Ayrton.

Walter, Eugene (1874-1941) (stories) (assoc.)

Walton, Bryce (1918-1988) (stories)

Walton, Izaak (1593-1683) (stories)

Walworth, Jeannette (Ritchie) H(adermann) (1837-1918) (stories)

Wanak, LaShawn M. (fl. 2000s-2010s) (stories)

Wandrei, Donald (Albert) (1908-1987) (stories)

Wantland, Clyde (B.) (1892?-1964?) (stories)
Texas journalist and writer. Born in San Antonio, Texas (?).

Warburton, L. (fl. 1910s) (stories)
Writer and adventurer. Born in Australia.

Ward, A(rthur Henry) Sarsfield (1883-1959) (stories)

Ward, Christopher (Longstreth) (1868-1943) (stories)
Born Christopher Lewis Ward in Wilmington, Delaware, later changed his middle name to Longstreth in memory of his grandfather; educated at Williams College and Harvard Law School; professor, lecturer and author.

Ward, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps [Mrs. Herbert Dickinson Ward] (1844-1911) (stories)

Ward, Herbert D(ickinson) (1861-1932) (stories)

Ward, Hugh J(oseph) (1909-1945) (art)

Ward, Mrs. Humphry [i.e., Mary Augusta Arnold Ward] (1851-1920) (stories)
Born in Tasmania; came to England in 1856; lived successively in Birmingham, Oxford and London.

Ward, Josiah M(ason) (1859-?) (stories)
Birthdate may be that of another Josiah M. Ward.

Ward, Julian (1908- ) (stories)
Born in Rhodesia, living in England; short story writer, movie and TV writer.

Ward, Keith (1906-2000) (art)

Ward, R. Phillips (fl. 1900s-1910s) (art)
Lived in Staten Island, New York.

Ward, William Allen (1893-1959) (stories)

Warden, Gertrude [i.e., Gertrude Warden Jones; Mrs. Wilton Jones] (1859-1925) (stories)
This appears to be a pseudonym, as she was born Gertrude Isabel Price in Lambeth, Surrey, in 1859; after marriage to John William Jones in 1889 she was Gertrude Isabel Price Jones and became Gertrude Isabel Price Jones Devot in 1899; died in Monaco in 1925; sister of Florence Alice Price James, who wrote as Florence Warden.

Ware, Edward Parrish (1884-?) (stories)
Writer. Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; lived in Prescott, Arizona.

Ware, Eugene F(itch) (1841-1911) (stories)

Ware, (William) Harlan (1902-1967) (stories)

Warman, Cy (1855-1914) (stories)
Born in Greenup, Illinois.

Warner, Anne [i.e., Anne Warner French] (1869-1913) (stories)

Warner, Charles (Lickfold) (1846-1909) (stories)

Warner, Rex [i.e.,Reginald Ernest Warner] (1905-1986) (stories)

Warren, (Thomas) J(ohn) Russell (1886-1954) (stories)
Born in Reading, England; died in Hertford; journalist.

Warren, Maude (Lavinia) Radford (1875-1934) (stories)
Novelist and writer of stories for young readers. Born in Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada; died in Ithaca, New York.

Warren, Samuel (1807-1877) (stories)

Warwick, Francis (Alister) (1902-1975) (stories)
Son of Sidney Warwick.

Warwick, (Harry) Sidney (1871-1953) (stories)
Educated at St. Peter’s, York, and Oxford. Father of Francis Warwick.

Wass, John A.; pseudonym (fl. 1920s) (stories)
Probably a pseudonym as this poem was plagiarized from the works of C. Fox Smith.

Wasson, David A(twood) (1823-1887) (stories)

Waterhouse, Charles (fl. 1950s-1960s) (art)
Born in Columbus, Georgia.

Waterloo, Stanley (1846-1913) (stories)

Waterman, Nixon (1859-1944) (stories)

Waters, Don ({c}1894-?) (stories)
Traveller, boater, and writer. Born in Scotland; lived in Florida.

Watkin, Lawrence Edward (1901-1981) (stories) (assoc.)

Watkins, Alexander William (1892-1971) (stories)
Born in North London, England; died in Los Angeles.

Watkins, Richard Howells (1895-1980) (stories) (assoc.)
Journalist, originally from New York; also wrote mystery novels. Lived in Riverside, Connecticut.

Watkins, Wal(ter James) (1922-?) (stories)
Born in Burra district of South Australia; served in the Australian navy in WWII; qualified as a hypnotherapist in 1972 and started his clinical practice in South Australia; reported to have died in Adelaide, Australia, but no date found.

Watkins, Wilbur (1892-?) (stories)
Journalist and engineer. Born in Montana.

Watkins-Pitchford, Denys (James) (1905-1990) (stories)

Watson, C. B. (fl. 1920s) (stories)
A case may be made that these are by Hugh Pendexter; the subject material is typically Pendexter’s and his mother was named Clara Watson.

Watson, Douglas S(loane) (1875-1948) (stories)
California literary figure and friend of Herbert Hoover. Died in Palo Alto, California.

Watson, Emmett (St. Clair, Jr.) (1892-1955) (stories) (art)

Watson, H(enry) B(rereton) Marriott (1863-1921) (stories)

Watson, John B(roadus) (1878-1958) (stories)
Professor of Comparative and Experimental Psychology, Johns Hopkins University.

Watson, Rosamund Marriott [née Ball] (1860-1911) (stories)

Watson, Thomas E. (1856-1922) (stories)

Watson, William (1858-1935) (stories)

Watt, Lauchlan MacLean (1867-1957) (stories)
Educated at Edinburgh University; clergyman, Church of Scotland.

Watterson, Henry (1840-1921) (stories)

Wattles, Wallace D(elois) (1860-1911) (stories)

Watts, J. S. (fl. 2000s-2010s) (stories)

Waugh, Evelyn (Arthur St. John) (1903-1966) (stories)

Waxman, Percy (1885-1948) (stories)
Journalist and poet. Born in Australia; died in New York City.

Way, Isabel Stewart [i.e., Isabel Stewart Way Bonnard Thomson] (1904-1978) (stories)
Born in Michigan; educated at Albion College; contributed fiction to numerous magazines.

Wayman, Stan (1928?-1973) (stories) (art)
Photographer for Life magazine. Died in Washington, D.C.

Wayne, Charles Stokes (1858-1920) (stories)
Born in Philadelphia; author and journalist and playwright.

Wayne, John; pseudonym of Marion Mitchell Morrison (1907-1979) (stories) (assoc.)

Wead, Frank (Wilber) (1895-1947) (stories)
Aviator and playwright. Born in Peoria, Illinois; died in Santa Monica, California.

Weatherby, W(illiam) J(ohn) ({c}1930-1992) (stories)
Note: Birth and death recorded as just William Weatherby.

Weatherly, Frederic E(dward) (1848-1929) (stories)

Weaver, Jay (?-1960) (art)
New York City artist.

Weaver, John V(an) A(lstyne) (1893-1938) (stories)
Poet, novelist, playwright. Born in Charlotte, North Carolina; died in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Webb, Charles Henry (1834-1905) (stories)

Webb, Charles Nicholls (1888-1926) (stories)
Poet, author and journalist. Died in Duluth, Minnesota.

Webb, John (fl. 1920s-1930s) (stories)
Perhaps Australian editor John Webb. Served in France during the first World War; lived in Long Branch, New Jersey.

Webb, Mary (G. Meredith) (1881-1927) (stories)

Webb, Paul (1902-1985) (art)

Webb, Richard Wilson (1901-1970) (stories)
Born in Burnham-on-Sea, England; educated at Cambridge; lived in Massachusetts.

Webb, Thomas H(aggerty) (1884-1975) (art)

Webber, Everett M. (1909- ) (stories) (assoc.)
Writer. Born in Charleston, Mississippi; lives in Clarksville, Arkansas.

Weber, Katharine (1955- ) (stories)

Weber, Lenora Mattingly (1895-1971) (stories)

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