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HODGSON, WILLIAM HOPE (stories) (continued)

HODOUS, MIKE (stories)

HOEST (stories)

HOEY, EDWIN A. (stories)

HOFFMAN, CHARLES E. (1954- ) (stories)

HOFFMAN, C(harles) F(enno) (1806-1884) (stories)

HOFFMAN, LEE; [i.e., Shirley Bell Hoffman] (1932-2007) (books) (stories)

HOFFMANN, E(rnst) T(heodor) A(madeus) (1776-1822) (stories)

HOFFMANN, HEINRICH (1864-1945) (stories)

HOGAN, JAMES P(atrick) (1941- ) (books) (stories)

HOGARTH, BURNE (1911-1996) (stories)


HOKE, HELEN; [i.e., Helen L. Hoke Watts] (1903-1990) (books) (stories)

HOLBERG, LEWIS; see under Holberg, Ludvig A. (stories)

HOLBERG, [Baron] LUDVIG (A.) (1684-1754) (stories)


HOLDEN, FOX B. (stories)

HOLDEN, LARRY; pseudonym of Lorenz Heller, (1892-1972) (stories)

HOLDING, ELISABETH SANXAY (1889-1955) (stories)

HOLDING, JAMES (1907- ) (stories)

HOLDOM, LYNNE (stories)

HOLDSTOCK, ROBERT (Paul) (1948- ) (books) (stories)

HOLE, JEREMY (stories)

HOLKHAM, TONY (stories)

HOLLAND, HESTER; pseudonym of Hester Gaskell Gorst, (1887-1992) (stories)

HOLLANDER, JOHN (1929- ) (stories)

HOLLIS, H. H.; pseudonym of Ben Neal Ramey, (?-1977) (stories)

HOLLISTER, BERNARD C(lairborne) (1938- ) (books) (stories)

HOLLY, J. HUNTER; pseudonym of Joan C. Holly, (1932-1982) (stories)

HOLLY, JOAN C(arol) (1932-1982); see pseudonym J. Hunter Holly (stories)

HOLMES, H. H.; pseudonym of William A. P. White, (1911-1968) (stories)

HOLMES, KENYON; pseudonym of August Derleth, (1909-1971) (stories)


HOLST, SPENCER (1926?-2001) (stories)

HOME, W. SCOTT (stories)

HOME, WILLIAM SCOTT (1940- ) (stories)

HOMER (c850 BC) (stories)

HONIG, DONALD (1931- ) (stories)

HOOD, HUGH (1928- ) (stories)

HOOKS, WAYNE C. (1952- ) (stories)

HOOPER, WALTER (McGehee) (1931- ) (books) (stories)

HOOTON, EARNEST A. (stories)

HOPLEY-WOOLRICH, CORNELL GEORGE; see under Woolrich, Cornell (stories)

HOPPE, ARTHUR W. (1925-2000) (stories)

HORLER, (Harry) SYDNEY (1888-1954) (stories)

HORN, HOLLOWAY (1886-?) (stories)

HOROWITZ, SETH S. (stories)

HORVITZ, LESLIE ALAN (c1947- ) (stories)

HORWOOD, WILLIAM (1944- ) (stories)

HOSHI, SHINICHI (1926-1997) (books) (stories)

HOSKINS, ROBERT (Philip) (1933-1993) (books) (stories)

HOUDINI, HARRY; pseudonym of Ehrich Weiss, (1874-1926) (stories)

HOUGH, S(tanley) B(ennett) (1917- ); see pseudonym Rex Gordon (stories)

HOUSEHOLD, GEOFFREY (Edward West) (1900-1988) (stories)

HOUSMAN, A(lfred) E(dward) (1859-1936) (stories)

HOUSMAN, CLEMENCE (1861-1955) (stories)

HOUSTON, JAMES D. (1933- ) (stories)

HOUSTON, LIBBY (stories)


HOWARD, CLARK (1934- ) (stories)

HOWARD, DIANE M. (books)

HOWARD, ELIZABETH JANE (1923- ) (stories)

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