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MacDONALD, JOHN D. (books) (chron.) (continued)

MACDONALD, JOHN ROSS; pseudonym of Kenneth Millar, (1915-1983) (chron.)

MACDONALD, (Stella) MARY (Churchward) (chron.)

MacDONALD, PHILIP (1900-1980) (chron.)

MACDONALD, ROSS; pseudonym of Kenneth Millar, (1915-1983) (chron.)

MACDOW, GERALD; pseudonym of Thomas N. Scortia, (1926-1986) (chron.)

MACE, ELISABETH (1933- ) (chron.)

MACE, FRANK (1931- ) (chron.)

MACFADYEN, A. B. L., Jr. (chron.)

MACFARLANE, WALLACE (1918- ) (chron.)

MacGREGOR, ELLEN (1906-1954) (chron.)

MacGREGOR, JAMES (Murdoch) (1925- ); see pseudonyms J. T. MacIntosh, J. T. McIntosh & J. T. M’Intosh (books) (chron.)

MACHEN, ARTHUR; pseudonym of Arthur Llewellyn Jones, (1863-1947) (chron.)
_____, [ref.]

MACHT, NORMAN L. (chron.)

MacINTOSH, J. T.; pseudonym of James Murdoch MacGregor, (1925- ); see under McIntosh, J. T. (books) (chron.)

MacINTYRE, F(eargus) GWYNPLAINE (1949- ) (chron.)


MACKELWORTH, R(onald) W(alter) (1930- ) (chron.)


MacKENROTH, NANCY (chron.)


MacKENZIE, JOHNATHAN BLAKE; pseudonym of Randall Garrett, (1927-1987) (chron.)

MACKIN, EDWARD; pseudonym of Ralph McInerny, (1929- ) (chron.)

MacLAREN-ROSS, J(ulian) (1912-1964) (chron.)

MacLEAN, KATHERINE (Anne) (1925- ) (books) (chron.)

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