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SHECKLEY, ROBERT (books) (chron.) (continued)

SHEDLOFSKY, WALTER (1917- ) (chron.)


SHEFFIELD, CHARLES (A.) (1935-2002) (books) (chron.)

SHEFNER, VADIM (Sergeevich) (1915- ) (chron.)

SHELBY, BARBARA (1932- ) (chron.)
_____, trans.

SHELDON, ALICE (Hastings Bradley Davey) (1915-1987); see pseudonyms Raccoona Sheldon & James Tiptree, Jr. (books) (chron.)

SHELDON, DYAN (chron.)

SHELDON, RACCOONA; pseudonym of Alice Sheldon, (1915-1987) (chron.)

SHELDON, WALTER J(ames) (1917-1996) (chron.)

SHELLEY, MARY W(ollstonecraft Godwin) (1797-1851) (books) (chron.)

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