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ELDERSHAW, FLORA SYDNEY PATRICIA (1897-1956); see pseudonym M. Barnard Eldershaw (chron.)

ELDERSHAW, M. BARNARD; pseudonym of Marjorie Faith Barnard & Flora Sydney Patricia Eldershaw (chron.)

ELFLANDSSON, GALAD (1951- ) (chron.)

ELGIN, (Patricia Anne) SUZETTE HADEN (née Wilkins) (1936- ) (books) (chron.)

ELIOT, [Major] GEORGE F(ielding) (1894-1971) (chron.)

ELKHORNE, J. L. (chron.)

ELKINS, CHARLES (L.) (1940- ) (chron.)

ELLANBY, BOYD; pseudonym of Lyle G. Boyd & William C. Boyd (chron.)

ELLERN, WILLIAM B(ert) (1933- ) (chron.)

ELLIN, STANLEY (Bernard) (1916-1986) (chron.)

ELLINGTON, RICHARD (1914-1980) (chron.)


ELLIOT, JOHN (1918-1997) (chron.)

ELLIOTT, BOB (chron.)

ELLIOTT, BRUCE (Walter Gardner Lively Stacy) (1914-1973) (chron.)


ELLIOTT, GEORGE PAUL (1918-1980) (chron.)

ELLIOTT, H(arry) CHANDLER (1910-1978) (chron.)

ELLIOTT, ROSE B. (chron.)

ELLIS, ELIJAH; pseudonym of James Richard Ellis, (1927-1986) (chron.)

ELLIS, H. F. (chron.)

ELLIS, JAMES RICHARD (1927-1986); see pseudonym Elijah Ellis (chron.)

ELLIS, PHOEBE (chron.)

ELLISON™, HARLAN (Jay) (1934- ); see pseudonyms Price Curtis, Sley Harson, Ellis Hart, Paul Merchant & Derry Tiger (books) (chron.)

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