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The Second Book of Fritz Leiber Fritz Leiber (DAW, Sep ’75, pb)

The Secret Songs Fritz Leiber (Rupert Hart-Davis, 1968, 25/-, 229pp, hc); Also in pb (Panther 1975).

Shadows with Eyes Fritz Leiber (Ballantine 577, Mar ’62, 35¢, 128pp, pb)

Ships to the Stars Fritz Leiber (Ace F-285, 1964, 40¢, 122pp, pb); Bound with The Million Year Hunt by Kenneth Bulmer.

The Worlds of Fritz Leiber Fritz Leiber (Ace, Nov ’76, pb)

You’re All Alone Fritz Leiber (Ace, 1972, pb)

The Aliens Murray Leinster (Berkley Medallion, Mar ’60, pb)

The Best of Murray Leinster Murray Leinster (Corgi 0-552-10333-0, 1976, pb); Edited by Brian Davis.

Colonial Survey Murray Leinster (Gnome, 1956, $3.00, 185pp, hc) [Colonial Survey]; Fix-up novel rewritten from four stories. Also as The Planet Explorer (Avon 1957).

Doctor to the Stars Murray Leinster (Pyramid, Mar ’64, pb) [Calhoun (Med Service)]

The Forgotten Planet Murray Leinster (Gnome, 1954, $2.50, 177pp, hc) [Burl]; Fix-up novel rewritten from three stories.

Get Off My World! Murray Leinster (Belmont B50-676, Apr ’66, 50¢, 157pp, pb)

The Last Space Ship Murray Leinster (Frederick Fell, Inc., 1949, $2.50, 239pp, hc) [Kim Rendell]

Monsters and Such Murray Leinster (Avon, 1959, pb)

A Murray Leinster Omnibus Murray Leinster (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1968, hc); Also in Science Fiction Special 7.

Out of This World Murray Leinster (Avalon, 1958, hc)

S.O.S. from Three Worlds Murray Leinster (Ace G-647, 1966, 50¢, 140pp, pb) [Calhoun (Med Service)]

Sidewise in Time Murray Leinster (Shasta, 1950, hc)

Twists in Time Murray Leinster (Avon, 1960, pb)

Great Stories of Science Fiction ed. Murray Leinster (Random House, 1951, hc)

The Cyberiad Stanislaw Lem (Seabury Press 0-8164-9164-X, 1974, hc)

Mortal Engines Stanislaw Lem (Seabury Press, May ’77, hc)

Looking Forward ed. Milton Lesser (Beechhurst Press, 1953, $4.95, 400pp, hc)

The Dark Tower and Other Stories C. S. Lewis (HBJ, 1977, hc); Edited by Walter Hooper.

Beyond Time ed. Sandra Ley (Pocket, Oct ’76, pb)

Great Science-Fiction ed. Tony Licata (Three Star Books, 1965, pb)

Worlds Apart ed. George W. Locke (Cornmarket Reprints 0-7191-7193-8, 1972, hc); An Anthology of Interplanetary Fiction

Curious Fragments Jack London (Kennikat Press, 1975, hc); Edited by Dale L. Walker.

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