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My Best Science Fiction Story ed. Leo Margulies & Oscar J. Friend (Pocket, May ’54, pb)

Race to the Stars ed. Leo Margulies & Oscar J. Friend (Crest, Oct ’58, pb); 4 stories from Giant Anthology of Science Fiction.

Star Trek: The New Voyages ed. Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath (Bantam, Mar ’76, pb) [Star Trek]

A Song for Lya George R. R. Martin (Avon, Feb ’76, pb)

Songs of Stars and Shadows George R. R. Martin (Pocket 0-671-81277-7, Jul ’77, $1.75, 240pp, pb)

New Voices in Science Fiction ed. George R. R. Martin (Macmillan U.S., 1977, hc)

Anthropology Through Science Fiction ed. Carol Mason, Martin Harry Greenberg & Patricia Warrick (St. Martin’s LCC# 73-92060, 1974, 387pp, hc)

The Caltraps of Time David I. Masson (Faber and Faber, 1968, 21/-, 192pp, hc)

Born of Man and Woman Richard Matheson (Chamberlain: Philadelphia, PA, Mar ’54, $3.00, 252pp, hc); Derivative collection Third from the Sun.

Shock II Richard Matheson (Dell 7829, Oct ’64, 50¢, 192pp, pb)

Shock III Richard Matheson (Dell 7830, Mar ’66, 50¢, 192pp, pb)

Shock Waves Richard Matheson (Dell, Oct ’70, pb)

Shock! Richard Matheson (Dell B195, Jun ’61, 35¢, 191pp, pb)

The Shores of Space Richard Matheson (Bantam A1571, Feb ’57, 35¢, 184pp, pb)

Third from the Sun Richard Matheson (Bantam 1294, Feb ’55, 25¢, 180pp, pb); Selections from Born of Man and Woman.

The Weigher of Souls and the Earth Dwellers André Maurois (Macmillan U.S., 1963, $3.95, 186pp, hc)

Dragonflight Anne McCaffrey (Walker, 1969, hc) [Pern]

Get Off the Unicorn Anne McCaffrey (Ballantine, Jun ’77, pb)

The Ship Who Sang Anne McCaffrey (Walker, 1969, hc) [Helva; Ship Who Sang]

To Ride Pegasus Anne McCaffrey (Ballantine, Aug ’73, pb) [Daffyd op Owen; Talents]

Alchemy and Academe ed. Anne McCaffrey (New York: Doubleday, Nov ’70, 239pp, hc)

Special Wonder ed. J. Francis McComas (Random House, 1970, hc); The Anthony Boucher Memorial Anthology of Fantasy and Science Fiction

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