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A Touch of Strange Theodore Sturgeon (Doubleday, 1958, hc)

A Touch of Strange Theodore Sturgeon (Berkley G280, Oct ’59, 35¢, 174pp, pb)

A Way Home Theodore Sturgeon (Funk & Wagnalls, 1955, $3.50, 333pp, hc); Edited by Groff Conklin, English derivative collection Thunder and Roses.

A Way Home Theodore Sturgeon (Pyramid G184, 1956, 35¢, 192pp, pb, cover by Mel Hunter); Edited by Groff Conklin.

Without Sorcery Theodore Sturgeon (Prime Press, 1948, $3.00, 355pp, hc, cover by L. R. Tschirky); Derivative collection Not Without Sorcery.

The Worlds of Theodore Sturgeon Theodore Sturgeon (Ace 91060, 1972, 95¢, 286pp, pb)

As Tomorrow Becomes Today ed. Charles W. Sullivan (Prentice-Hall 0-13-050021-6, 1974, 456pp, tp)

Other Worlds, Other Seas ed. Darko Suvin (Random House, 1970, hc)

The Voice of the Dolphins, and Other Stories Leo Szilard (Simon & Schuster, 1961, $3.00, 122pp, hc)

Three Science Fiction Novels John Taine (Dover, 1964, tp)

The Stardust Voyages Stephen Tall (Berkley Medallion, Oct ’75, pb)

Seagulls Under Glass and Other Stories Peter Tate (Doubleday 0-385-01827-4, 1975, hc)

The Human Angle William Tenn (Ballantine, Aug ’56, $2.00, 152pp, hc); Also in pb (Ballentine #159, 35¢).

Of All Possible Worlds William Tenn (Ballantine, 1955, $2.00, 160pp, pb); Also in pb (Ballentine #99, 35¢).

The Seven Sexes William Tenn (Ballantine U6134, Jun ’68, 75¢, 238pp, pb)

The Square Root of Man William Tenn (Ballantine U6132, Jun ’68, 75¢, 220pp, pb)

Time in Advance William Tenn (Bantam A1786, Jun ’58, 35¢, 153pp, pb)

The Wooden Star William Tenn (Ballantine U6133, Jun ’68, 75¢, 251pp, pb)

Children of Wonder ed. William Tenn (Simon & Schuster, 1953, $2.95, 336pp, hc); also as Outsiders: Children of Wonder (Permabooks 1954).

Science Fictions ed. Arnold Thompson (London: University Tutorial Press 0-7231-0529-4, 1971, 168pp, hc); Textbook.

Ten Thousand Light-Years from Home James Tiptree, Jr. (Ace, Jul ’73, pb)

Warm Worlds and Otherwise James Tiptree, Jr. (Ballantine 345-24380-3, Feb ’75, $1.50, 222pp, pb, cover by Don R. Smith)

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