Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review Index
Online Cumulated Edition

Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review Index flourished from its inception in 1969 with "Trial Issue No. 0", published in a limited edition and sent to science fiction reviewers and writers with the question "Is this worth doing?" Following a positive response, the first annual volume of SFBRI appeared in 1971, covering reviews published in 1970. The annual volumes continued for 21 years, ceasing publication with the volume covering 1991. Along the way, a retrospective indexing project resulted in the publication of Science Fiction Book Review Index, 1923 - 1973, Science Fiction Book Review Index, 1974 - 1979, and Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review Index, 1980 - 1984.

This online cumulation of the previous volumes, plus a body of review citations from later years, now makes those reviews available to scholars in a combined form that should ease research by having only one file of data to search for reviews, rather than up to 24 separate sources to check.

This version of the book review index provides systematic coverage for reviews from 1926 through 1991, and some coverage of later years, through 2010. An exact count of reviews has not been made, but the combined file provides access to nearly 80,000 reviews.

Ongoing plans have the potential to enhance the coverage of book reviews by including most of the science fiction and fantasy magazines from 1992 to the present.

This version of Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review Index has been made possible by the magical programming of Bill Contento, and the enhancements mentioned above will be possible through his data files and programming skill.

— Hal W. Hall