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<< Algol (1963-1984) >>

Genre: SF
Category: Semi-pro
Issue List: Incomplete
Publication: Ceased
"The Magazine About Science Fiction"
--Gordon, August 5, 2002
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No FictionMags entry.
1963No. 1
Feb 1964No. 2
1964No. 3
1964No. 4
1964No. 5
May 1964No. 6
1964No. 7
Sep 1964No. 8
1965No. 9
Sep 1965No. 10
1966No. 11
1967No. 12
Jan 5, 1968No. 13
Fall 1968No. 14
Spring 1969No. 15
Dec 1970No. 16
Nov 1, 1971No. 17
May 15, 1972No. 18
Nov 15, 1972No. 19
May 15, 1973No. 20
Nov 1973 images availableNo. 21
May 1974v11#2No. 22 images available
Nov 1974v12#1No. 23
Summer 1975v12#2No. 24 images available
Winter 1976v13#1No. 25 images available
Summer 1976v13#2No. 26 images available
Fall 1976/Winter 1977v14#1No. 27 images available
Spring 1977v14#2No. 28 images available
Summer/Fall 1977v14#3No. 29 images available
Winter 1977/1978v15#1No. 30 images available
Spring 1978v15#2No. 31 images available
Summer/Fall 1978v15#3No. 32 images available
Name changed to Starship Algol
Winter 1978/1979v16#1No. 33 images available
Spring 1979v16#2No. 34 images available
Name changed to Starship
Summer 1979v16#3No. 35
Fall 1979v16#4No. 36
Winter 1979/1980v17#1No. 37
Spring 1980v17#2No. 38
Summer 1980v17#3No. 39
Fall 1980v17#4No. 40
Spring 1981v18#1No. 41
Summer 1981v18#2No. 42
Nov 1982v19#1No. 43
Winter 1984v20#1No. 44

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