27 June 2003
Details of the 24 Season Two disc set are up at The R2 Project. Amongst the extras are a 96-minute documentary, a featurette, episode commentaries featuring practically all the cast, and 45 deleted scenes which you have the option of 'branching' back into the episodes.
Aliens vs. Predator 
Fox has scheduled the sci-fi project for release on August 6th, 2004.
Alien Quadrilogy
The new nine disc boxed set of the Alien Quadrilogy will include the unreleased 170 minute version of Alien 3. That's nearly one hour of restored footage.  Alien: Resurrection will include an alternate opening and ending that includes the crash landing on Earth. Aliens will allow viewers to choose between the Theatrical version, which has never been available on DVD before, and the Cameron, Director’s cut.

The 9-disc set includes audio commentaries, documentaries and lots more. Each film will get 2-disc treatment (a disc for the film and a disc of extras), along with a 9th bonus disc of just supplementary material (including the Alien Legacy documentary, "Alien Evolution" BBC Documentary, Darkhorse Alien and Alien vs. Predator comics, and the complete collection of Laser Disc features which weren't on the previous DVD box-set). The set is tentatively due for a December 2003 release.

The Chronicles of Conan 
Dark Horse Comics has released some additional details about The Chronicles of Conan series that will ultimately reprint every Conan story ever illustrated by Barry Windsor-Smith. The Chronicles of Conan is a three-volume series.  The first two volumes are 160 pages each. Volume One collects issues #1-8, Volume Two will have issues #9-15, and Volume Three will be the grand finale with the remaining six Barry Windsor-Smith issues from the monthly series, along with Red Nails. Red Nails ran in two issues of the magazine Savage Tales.  The page count and price of the final volume will be determined later.

Dark Horse has described the collections as featuring remastered color.  They are using the latest technology to give the art the best possible treatment; it'll stand up to anything else that's out there right now.  Current Dark Horse plans call for a three volume trade paperback series reprinting the Windsor-Smith issues only.  If these books prove as successful as Dark Horse hopes, the company is willing to consider continuing the line with non BWS issues featuring art by Neal Adams, Howard Chaykin, Gil Kane, and John Buscema.  Trade paperbacks are the format of choice in order to keep costs down. 

Dark Horse stated that there are no plans at the moment to reprint Red Sonja, Kull, and other classic Robert E. Howard creations that were featured in Marvel books in the 1970s. Dark Horse does not presently hold the rights to these characters, but if the numbers are there for the Conan collections, anything's possible.

The Chronicles of Conan Volume One, a $15.95 trade paperback, is scheduled for September 17th release. 
It can be pre-ordered now at your local comic shop. The Diamond Item Code is JUN030023.

Conan - New Comic Series Update!
Dark Horse Comics has announced that Cary Nord has been chosen as the artist for their upcoming, new, ongoing Conan the Barbarian comic series. Kurt Busiek will act as writer on the project.  Nord has previously worked for Marvel, DC, WildStorm, and Dark Horse.  His credits include Daredevil, Mutant X, Catwoman, The Authority Widescreen, Ripley's Believe It or Not, and more. 

Busiek recently offered up a few details of what readers will find in the new ongoing series. "We're starting off with the young Conan, just after he leaves Cimmeria and heads out to explore the civilized lands. We'll be following him through his varied and violent career, as a thief, a mercenary, a soldier, a pirate and more. With any luck, I'll be writing the series all the way until he becomes King of Aquilonia, and beyond. "We'll be staying very faithful to Conan's 'history' as depicted by Robert E. Howard-adapting the Howard stories as we come to them in the progression of events, and building on the hints and references dropped in those stories to flesh out the adventures he has in between." How much will Busiek draw from Robert E. Howard's original Conan canon? "As much as humanly possible. What I've been told by both the editors and the CEO of Conan Properties is, 'Be faithful, faithful, faithful. We want this to be as much like the real Conan, the true Conan, the original Conan as possible.' And since that's exactly what I want to do, we have no trouble there." 

The first issue of the new Conan series is slated to debut in the last quarter of 2003. 

Conan The Barbarian (Special Edition) & Conan The Destroyer
The two--disc DVD set ofConan The Barbarian (Special Edition) & Conan The Destroyer will be available 01 July.
Special Features include Audio Commentary; Special Effects footage; Deleted Footage; Making Of; Parental Lock; Trailer; Production stills "The Conan Archives"; Production Notes; Trailer.  The retail price is $29.99.
Conan the Slayer
Dark Horse's Conan sculpture line kicked off with Conan the Slayer, an 8" sculpt by Jeffery Scott depicting the Cimmerian warrior in his prime. The mini-bust is 7" high, packaged in a deluxe full-color box, a limited edition, and retails for $49.99.  The on sale date is September 17, 2003. This item is featured in the June PREVIEWS (available now) and can be ordered through your local comic shop.  The Diamond Item Code is JUN030070.

Dark Horse plans to follow this release with a full line of busts depicting the barbarian at other stages in his life. 

Crippen & Landru's "Lost Classics" series 
Jesse Knight is editing a collection of Sabatini's crime stories for Crippen & Landru's "Lost Classics" series under the evocative title THE EVIDENCE OF THE SWORD.  Any help anyone can give Jesse in tracking down tales will be most welcome.  Contact Douglas G. Greene at dgreene@odu.edu.
The Destroyer
The Warren Murphy/Dick Sapir series, The Destroyer, has had a number of authors over the years.  Well, now Warren Murphy has decided to open the door to other writers, and that includes you!  You now have the opportunity to write a Destroyer story that could be included in a new anthology to be published later this year.  Visit  http://www.warrenmurphy.com for complete details.

Thanks to ShadowPDF for this story.

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine
The Case of Congressman Coyd (12/15/35) 
 Accomplice of Evil by John Olsen is this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

Robert Mullen's Shadow PDF: Nothing new this week.

The Shadow Magazine Interior Artwork: Nothing new this week.

Doc Savage in The Fiery Menace (September 1942) - Complete with interior artwork!

Doc Savage PDF: Nothing new this week.

The Shrevnitz Memorial Library:  Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online
Gladiator  by Philip Wylie
The People of the Pit by Abraham Merritt
Through the Dragon Glass by Abraham Merritt
Three Lines of Old French by Abraham Merritt

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 200 stories online!
The Golden Trail by J. Allan Dunn from the July 7, 1928 issue of WILD WEST WEEKLY. 
Check out this story and find out why Bud Jones was one of the longest running characters in WILD WEST WEEKLY. 

Satan's Boneyard by Leon Dupont from the October, 1939 issue of 12 ADVENTURE STORIES. 

Single Arrest Dugan by Paul Hawk from the March, 1933 issue of TEN DETECTIVE ACES.
This is a short, short story about a cop who always got the right man the first time.

Legion of the Living Dead by House Brant from the September, 1935 issue of SECRET AGENT "X". 

City of the Living Dead by Laurence Manning & Fletcher Pratt from the May, 1930 issue of SCIENCE WONDER STORIES.  If you're a fan of The Matrix, you should check this one out!  It's a somewhat Matrix-like story written 70 years before the movie.  It tells more of a story about how the machines manage to take over than about the struggle to be free of the machines.

El Cazador
CrossGen Entertainment's upcoming new pirate comic will premiere on 03 September 2003.
The first issue is 48 pages with 32 pages of story for $2.95.
Writer Chuck Dixon had the following to say at this years Megacon in Florida.

"El Cazador is set in the 1600s, and is a period pirate adventure set on earth in the past – so we’ll be seeing the Caribbean, the African Coast, the pirate rounds – all of that,” Dixon said. “We’re in the middle ground between strict historical accuracy and an Errol Flynn movie. We’ll be buckling many swashes.”

Given the slight confusion that can arise when seeing the name El Cazador (with the male-referring El) in front of the Spanish word for ‘hunter,’ Dixon explained what everything referred to. 

“El Cazador is the name of the ship of Captain Sin, a lady prate,” Dixon said. “She’s a Spanish Donessa who turns to the pirate trade when some of her family is kidnapped by a villainous pirate, Blackjack Tom. So El Cazador is what she renames her ship, because she is hunting for her family.”

Sin won’t be alone in her adventures, Red Hand Harry, a disgraced English nobleman who has turned to privateering will play a role in the series as well – with his own ship. But even though the goal of Captain Sin sounds simple – finding her family – Dixon said that it’s not going to be any easy task. 

“It’s the 1600’s, and the main mode of large-scale transportation is sailboats, so, it’s going to take a while,” Dixon said. “But along the way, of course, there will be all kinds of pirate adventure – maroonings, headhunters, boarding parties and all of that.” 

Dixon also stressed that El Cazador will be a strict historical adventure – there will be no fantasy or supernatural elements to it at all. Given that, the writer said that he and artist Steve Epting are hip deep in researching the elements of the series. “We’re trying to get into the difficulties of fighting under sail, and all the period detail,” Dixon said. “Right now, the language is the challenge for me.”

Finally, Dixon added that, due to it being historically accurate, at first, El Cazador may be a little disillusioning to some whose only experience with pirates or sea-based adventures has been in the realm of fiction. The life was brutal, the battles were savage, the travel was at times wildly unpredictable, and the ship maneuvering was a science unto itself. In short – not many will be singing “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me!” after the series gets rolling. 

EXTINCTION EVENT #1 by Robert Weinberg 
Extinction Event #1 will arrive in comic shops on Wednesday, 02 July, from DC Comics. 
The issue is written by Robert Weinberg, with art by Brett Booth and Sal Regla and a cover by Booth. 

Here's how DC describes the issue: 
"What if humans weren't the first intelligent species on Earth? Since the dawn of time, man has believed himself to be the most advanced species to ever inhabit the planet. We were wrong. When a Texas earthquake unearths evidence of an advanced civilization thousands of years old, a team of specialists is dispatched to investigate. But what they find will turn this mission into an adventure of Jurassic proportions." 

Click here for a four page preview and scroll down the page.

Extinction Event #1 is 32 pages and will cost $2.95. 

James Bond
Clive Owen [The Bourne Identity] was thought to have been the frontrunner to take on the role of 007 when Pierce Brosnan hands in his keys to the Aston Martin. But according to The Daily Express - via the IMDB – the British actor no longer wants the role. He told a pal, "I think it's too formulaic, too tried and tested and a little past it's sell by date. I would not consider it to be a challenge. I've just come back from Los Angeles where I had a meeting with Francis Ford Coppola who wants to cast me in an exciting new project, which will be Bond-like but more challenging and relevant today. I'm really excited about it." 
King Conan
MTV has released a rumor that Natalie Portman could be in the next Conan film.
King Kong
According to Variety, Universal has announced that director Peter Jackson's King Kong is now officially set for a December 14th, 2005 release date.
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Absolute Edition, Volume 1 Oversized Hardcover is now available in comic shops. Presenting a brand-new look at an old and treasured friend in a fabulous format, this deluxe package includes two gorgeous, oversized, hardcover books in a handsome slipcase that features the first mini-series and creator Alan Moore's original scripts...in their entirety!  In addition, the scripts are accompanies by previously unpublished spot illustrations by series artist Kevin O'Neill!  The retail price is $75.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen novelization by Kevin J. Anderson is now available for $6.99.

There is just two weeks remaining until The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen film opens on 11 July.

DC Comics has again delayed the sixth and final issue of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
Originally scheduled to be in stores 06/11/03, it was delayed until July, and is now pushed back to 13 August.

Pulp Art 
PULP ART by Bob Lesser is back in print!. 
The first and best book on the art of the pulps -- all from original paintings of Bob Lesser. Bob owns one of the finest collection of pulp art in existence.  Not only is this book back in print, but it's priced like a remainder at just $16.95.
More than 100 color illustrations, many full-page. 
Hardcover, 8x11, 184 pages, Full Color.

PULP ART by Bob Lesser is available from Bud Plant Comic Art.

Raymond Chandler's Marlowe
Coming in September from ibooks new line of graphic novels is RAYMOND CHANDLER'S MARLOWE.
Three classic Philip Marlowe mysteries, adapted by a group of comics masters fully authorized by the Chandler estate.  The featured stories are The Pencil, Goldfish, and Trouble in My Business.
This is a 7" X 10", 144 page trade paperback for $17.95.
The cover is by Jim Steranko!

This title can be ordered from your local comic shop in the July PREVIEWS.
The Diamond Item Code is JUL032311.

Note:  This is a re-solicitation.  This book was originally solicited in the April PREVIEWS.
All previous orders have been cancelled.

Star Wars: Episode III
Star Wars Episode III is about to get underway in Australia on the last of the sci-fi prequels according to The Sydney Morning Herald. The twelve-week shoot officially begins Monday at the Fox Studios complex in Sydney with a 1000-strong crew, 60 Aussie cast members, and 300 extras all set to help out the key returning actors on the project. Unlike "Episode II" however which did some of its filming in London and other locations, SW3 will be shot pretty much entirely on Fox's soundstages with the sole exception of some visual FX plate photography in Italy, New Zealand & Switzerland. George Lucas finished the final draft of the script on Wednesday, and whilst filming will all be done in the next three months, small return visits for additional filming are expected to take place throughout 2004.
Super-Hero Cthulhu plush
Just when you thought you had seen them all, here's one super-hero yet to make his debut! More intimidating than a speeding bullet! Eats tall buildings in a single bite! It's a Mi-Go! It's a Shoggoth! It's... Superhero Cthulhu! Strange visitor from another dimension, this large-size Cthulhu measures 18" tall, and comes dressed in a super-hero costume. The retail price is $29.95. 

This item can be ordered from your local comic shop in the July PREVIEWS.
The Diamond Item Code is JUL033172
Superhero Cthulhu is scheduled to be in comic shops on 29 October.

As if his own WB series weren't enough, the Tarzan legend is heading back to the big screen again with Charlie's Angels scribe John August penning this new live-action big-budget take on the legendary character which will be darker and more feral along the lines of Edgar Rice Burroughs' original character according to Reuters.
A review of the pilot for the new WB series TARZAN AND JANE is available online at the Movie Poop Shoot website. Click here to read the review.
Varity reports that Paramount Pictures has picked up distribution rights to THE WORLD OF TOMORROW, a period action-adventure film currently in post-production. The film stars Jude Law (A.I.), Gwyneth Paltrow (SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE) and Angeline Jolie (TOMB RAIDER).  The $70 million dollar movie requires a year's worth of post due to its extensive digital imagery component. The actors filmed nearly all of their scenes against blue-screen backdrops which will be created using computer graphics. Even with WORLD's year-long post-production time, the picture should be ready for a summer 2004 release. 

THE WORLD OF TOMORROW is set in 1939 (the title comes from the New York World's Fair of that year) and owes much to the Saturday-morning serials. It is split into seven "chapters," with titles like "Winged Terror" and "Shadow of Tomorrow."  The story begins in New York City, where Polly Perkins (Paltrow), crack reporter for the Chronicle newspaper, wonders why so many world-famous scientists are missing. Around this time, strange flying machines threaten Manhattan, and gigantic walking robots tramp down the city's streets, crushing everything in their path. Polly joins forces with her old flame and sometime adversary Capt. Joseph Sullivan (Law), also known as Sky Captain. He commands the Flying Legion, battling bad guys in his Warhawk P-40. He and Polly fly to a remote part of Nepal (think Shangri-La) to track down the crazed mastermind Dr. Totenkopf, who seems to want to destroy the world. The movie was written and is being directed by Kerry Conran.

20 June 2003
Aliens vs. Predator 
The long rumored Aliens vs. Predator film has gotten a green light according to Filmjerk.com.
Paul Anderson (Resident Evil, Event Horizon) will be directing the picture and filming is to begin this October in the Czech capital of Prague. The story will take place on earth – in Antarctica – centering on a scientific expedition aimed at luring and capturing a Predator using Alien eggs as bait. Naturally, these plans go awfully awry, and the humans get caught in the crossfire between two combative alien species.  The film will feature a whole new cast of characters, with no one returning from the previous Alien and Predator movies.  The film will have a female protagonst, Alexia "Lex" Homer, a smart, strong, and sexy scientist in her 20s.  Joining her on the expedition is an American archaeologist, an Egyptologist, a wealthy industrialist, a drilling expert, and a few tag-alongs. With the exception of Alexia, Anderson is supposedly looking for an all-European cast, so the chances of seeing any popular Hollywood stars in the movie are small.
Bold Venture Press - Domino Lady update!
Bold Venture Press has reported that COMPLIMENTS OF THE DOMINO LADY is scheduled to debut at Pulpcon 32 on July 31 - August 3.  This new trade paperback from Bold Venture Press features a sensational new cover by JIM STERANKO as well as interior illustrations for the story title pages.  STERANKO is presently finishing the illustrations for the story title pages.

"We'll revive the Domino Lady in the beauty and style with which she was created," Steranko says. "When I accepted the assignment, I already had most of the image composed on the canvas of my imagination: dangerous, elegant, mysterious--and sexy!  She's the quintessential '30s pulp vixen, a masked manhunter in a noir deco world, right out of a Warner Bros. thriller." The Steranko portfolio is a virtual Who's Who of classic fictional icons. For Marvel comics, he set the pace for Captain America, the X-Men, and Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. In other media, he redefined such characters as The Green Hornet, Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Philip Marlowe, Indiana Jones, Mike Hammer, and The Phantom, plus a phalanx of pulp heroes, including Conan, Doc Savage, G-8 and his Battle Aces, Norgil the Magician, Buck Rogers, and The Shadow, for which he painted 30 covers and created the definitive paperback version of the character. Now, he'll add another credit to his line-up.

The Domino Lady incorporates four Steranko favorites: pulp fiction, mystery, art deco, and beautiful women. One of a handful of series femme fatales depicted on pulp covers, she starred in six stories, originally published in SAUCY ROMANTIC STORIES and MYSTERY ADVENTURE STORIES--two of the infamous "spicy" pulps from Fiction Magazines Inc.

Author Lars Anderson pitted the Domino Lady against vicious gangsters and secret societies, while maintaining the breezy, light-hearted style of a romantic cinematic comedy. As the Domino Lady, socialite Ellen Patrick devoted her life to fighting the politicians and criminals responsible for her father's murder--but still makes time for penthouse parties, bubble baths, ballroom dances, and romantic evenings with handsome playboys on both sides of the law. 

COMPLIMENTS OF THE DOMINO LADY marks the first time that her lethal adventures have been collected in a single volume. The new 96-page edition will retail for $12.95.  COMPLIMENTS OF THE DOMINO LADY can be ordered from Bold Venture Press after publication.

Mike Chomko is now accepting pre-orders for COMPLIMENTS OF THE DOMINO LADY.
Orders over $25 are discounted 10% and shipped postpaid.
Shipping will be $1-$2 for orders of $25 or less.
Contact Mike at chomko@enter.net.
Click here to download Mike's latest product catalog.

Bold Venture Press - Spider update!
THE SPIDER will resume publication in a couple of months after DOMINO LADY debuts at Pulpcon 32. 
The Complete Skylark
The Complete Skylark by E. E. "Doc" Smith will be published in an omnibus hardcover edition by the Science Fiction Book Club in August 2003.
Cover Ups
Cover Ups is a new Internet mailing list that is devoted to sharing, trading, and discussing pulp covers.
Anyone interested in joining should go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Cover_Ups/.
DVDs in your future
Smallville leads the slate of new Boxed Sets scheduled to hit retailers in September. The six disc first season boxed set will retail for $64.95. The set also includes deleted scenes from the pilot telefilm. Also slated for release is the second season of Highlander: The Series on July 29th. It is priced at $89.95.  Xena's second season will street in September with a $89.95 price tag.  Stargate SG-1 season four is due September 2nd at $69.99; Outer Limits Season 2 on Sept. 2nd at $69.99, and CSI's second season also on Sept. 2nd at $89.99. 
EXTINCTION EVENT #3 by Robert Weinberg 
What if humans weren't the first intelligent species on Earth?  Since the dawn of time, man has believed himself to be the most advanced species to ever inhabit the planet.  We were wrong.  When a Texas earthquake unearths evidence of an advanced civilization thousands of years old, a team of specialists is dispatched to investigate.  But what they find will turn this mission into an adventure of Jurassic proportions! 

In the third issue, the Extinction Event is in full swing, but which species will prevail?  The Dinosaurs have been awakened and are running rampant through the camp.  Who will survive, and who will fall prey to the most advanced predators ever to inhabit the earth?  More secrets about the species are revealed in the third chapter of this incredible story about human survival.

This five issue miniseries is illustrated by Brett Booth and Sal Regla with covers by Brett Booth.
Full Color, 32 pages, $2.50, the third issue is scheduled to be in comic shops on 03 September. 
It can be preordered through your local comic shop from the July PREVIEWS on sale the 25th of June. 
The Diamond order code is JUL030226.

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine
No Safety In Numbers (11/01/46) 
The Sphere of Kali by John Olsen is this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

Robert Mullen's Shadow PDF
Deaths Bright Finger (05/15/42), The Devils Feud (06/15/42), Judge Lawless (08/15/42), 
The Devils Partner (10/01/42), Trail of Vengeance (11/01/42), The Murdering Ghost (11/15/42), 
The Hydra (12/01/42), The Museum Murders (01/01/43), Deaths Masquerade (01/15/43), 
and The Devil Monsters (02/01/43)

The Shadow Magazine Interior Artwork:
The Devil Master (09/15/41), Dictator of Crime (10/15/41), and The Blackmail King (11/01/41)

ShadowPDF:  Nothing new this week.

Doc Savage PDF: Hell Below (September 1943)

The Shrevnitz Memorial Library:  Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online: Nothing new this week.

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 200 stories online!
Dad Simms Strikes Pay by Frank Richardson Pierce from the May 1, 1926 issue of WESTERN STORY. 
The Night of the Thirteenth by J. Allan Dunn from the December 5, 1926 issue of WEST. 
Latin Blood by Robert Leslie Bellem from the August, 1946 issue of SPEED DETECTIVE. 
   A Dan Turner story.  If you like gats and gams and over the top hard-boiled stuff, this one is for you. 
Only a Sucker Bites by J. C. Stanley from the July, 1947 issue of MAMMOTH ADVENTURE. 
You'll Die Laughing by William Lawrence Hamling from the July, 1946 issue of MAMMOTH DETECTIVE. 
  This is a murder mystery where the pulp authors and editors are the victims and suspects. 

Two new actors have come onboard I, ROBOT, 20th Century Fox's adaptation of Isaac Asimov's science fiction classic.  According to today's Variety, James Cromwell and Bruce Greenwood will both star.  The duo joins Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan and Chi McBride in the film.  Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City) is directing.

Variety reports that Cromwell (L.A. Confidential, Star Trek: First Contact) plays Dr. Lanning, "the eccentric creator of the most advanced robot ever built."  Greenwood (Thirteen Days, Double Jeopardy), portrays Lance Robertson, "the bullish top exec at U.S. Robotics who tries to impede a murder investigation."  The picture recently began principal photography in Vancouver.  Fox currently has the film set for a Summer 2004 release.

JOSEPH CLEMENT COLL: THE ART OF ADVENTURE by John Fleskes, with an introduction by Al Williamson & Mark Schultz will be available in 01 July 2003. 

With pen lines of varied thickness-from the finest hair to bold and distinctive blacks-Joseph Clement Coll created dynamic visual images that exude a totality of the romantic and exotic. Selected from a near complete run-from 1904 to 1917-over 220 of Coll's finest drawings for Associated Sunday Magazines are reproduced here, many for the first time since their original publication, complete with corresponding source information and a bibliography. 

This book is published by Flesk Publications. Visit their website at http://www.fleskpublications.com/.
The book can be pre-ordered from Flesk Publications or it can be ordered through your local comic shop from the July PREVIEWS, which will go on sale the 25th of June. 
The Diamond order codes are: Hardcover - JUL032719; Softcover - JUL032720.

168 pages, 8.5”x 11”, over 220 illustrations
$19.95 softbound trade edition, ISBN 0-9723758-1-3
$39.95 hardbound limited edition of 800 copies, ISBN 0-9723758-2-1

HEROES AND MONSTERS: THE UNOFFICIAL GUIDE TO THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN by Jess Nevins is now available.  This book length celebration and analysis of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen features an exclusive interview and introduction by creator/writer Alan Moore, commentary by co-author and illustrator Kevin O'Neill, detailed panel-by-panel annotations of the comic series, plus numerous essays on the literary and historical origins of the various members of the League and their creators. 
Paperback, 232 pages, 6.14" x 9.21", ISBN: 1-932265-04-X, List Price: $18.95

This book arrived in comic shops this week. 
The book can also be purchased through Amazon.com or via the publisher's web site at: 

Future books by Jess Nevins include:
An encyclopedia of characters from Victorian genre (sf, fantasy, detective, horror, Gothics, story papers, dime novels) fiction. That'll be out fall/winter 2004. 

An encyclopedia of genre heroes who appeared from 1902-1944 (including sf, fantasy, and detective fiction but focussing primarily on the pulps, including international pulps). That'll be out in winter 2005.

Jess Nevins has a great website that provides information on hundreds of Pulp and Adventure Heroes of the Pre-War Years. The website is located at http://www.geocities.com/jjnevins/pulpsintro.html.

IGN FilmForce has scored a first look at a series of individual characters posters for the seven leads in "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" comic book adaptation opening on July 11th. TV spots for the adventure epic are expected to begin screening shortly. 
The Phantom
Friends of Phantom recently talked with Steven De Souza about how the new film incarnation is progressing.
"My story was turned in at the end of last year and the script was finished in May 2003. The script has only been read by the Producers so far. I have finished my contract with them...The fictional film takes place in New York, and in Bengalla, in both Mawitaan and the jungle. I've tried to write a modern, smart and arrogant villain in the spirit of Hans Gruber. Circumstances force him to work with the Sengh, who he views as a particularly superstitious lot. The Sengh in my script are more than pirates - they are a globe-spanning, ancient order making a comeback in the 21st century via an uneasy alliance with an American industrialist who is seemingly above reproach". De Souza reveals he also keeps the costume with the same dark purple colouring and mask which covers his eyes, in regards to weapons - "My approach is that the hero should always be the underdog. So while there will be gadgets and weaponry galore, most of this should be in the hands of the villains. On the other hand, certainly in an exotic, mysterious land like Bengalla, there could be all sorts of unique, unusual and very deadly local weaponry of which the famous Bandar poison dart is only the tip of the iceberg ... there's much more to be seen in this arena". 
Pulp Cover Website
John Martin has been collecting the published work of Ellis Parker Butler for several years now. Butler was the author of more than 2,200 stories, books and poems from the 1890s to his death in 1937. Not only a pulp author, his work also appeared in women's magazines, children's magazines and as political commentary.  As a pulp author he appeared in AMAZING STORIES, ARGOSY, BLUE BOOK, and others.

John has posted 300+ covers (most in both low-res ~30k and higher-res ~100k versions) on the Ellis Parker Butler website at http://www.ellisparkerbutler.info/epb/coverart.asp.

If you're interested in the old pulp magazines, the PulpMags newsgroup is the place to be!  PulpMags deals with OLD pulps only!  If you're looking for a newsgroup dealing with modern "pulp fiction" style writing, you will be bored with PulpMags. This is a moderated list and all pulp fans across the world are welcome. 

When you join PulpMags, you will be asked to post a short introductory message to the list that reveals your name and something about your interest in pulp magazines. You might mention what titles you are particularly interested in, whether you consider yourself a collector or are just interested in learning more about the pulps, and so on. If you have any questions about this or desire to join, contact e-mail moderator Curt Phillips at Absarka@naxs.com.

Pulp Rack
The Pulp Rack website has been updated with the following new additions:
The biggest addition is a 5,000 word article on the historical context for a Talbot Mundy story, The Soul of a Regiment. This story first appeared in ADVENTURE magazine and was voted one of the most popular ever to appear in the publication by its readers. It may be Talbot Mundy's most-reprinted tale. Duane Spurlock researched and wrote this essay over the past few months.

There are three articles about author William Makin from the pages of BLUE BOOK. These contributions come from Peter Ruber.

The Max Brand Photo-Bibliography was updated. This is a work in progress and Frederick Faust was so prolific, this project might never be complete. If you have cover scans for issues that are missing and that you would be willing to contribute, they will be gladly accepted with gratitude.

The C.H. New bibliography has also been updated, thanks to Victor Berch.

Bud Plant is offering a three issue set of Spider reprints for $16.95!  You save $13!
The set includes: THE SPIDER Vol. 31: The Cholera King, Vol. 69: Rule of the Monster Men, and Vol. 70: The Spider and the Slaves of Hell.
TERRA OBSCURA #1 will arrive in comic shops on Wednesday from DC Comics. 
The issue is written by Alan Moore and Peter Hogan, with art and cover by Yanick Paquette and Karl Story. 

Here's how DC describes the issue: 
"A new ABC adventure begins. The heroes of Terra Obscura continue to adjust to life after 30 years in suspended animation - their world has become a different place. Can they come together to defeat a mysterious threat that could overtake the western United States?" 

TERRA OBSCURA #1 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.95. 

The characters who appeared in the story (Pyroman, Miss Masque, The American Crusader, The Black Terror, the Fighting Yank, and Doc Strange) are real comic characters that were published in the 1940s by Ned Pines under the Standard/Better/Nedor imprint(s). 

13 June 2003
Conan: Crown of Iron
While visiting the Los Angeles comic book and Science Fiction Convention to promote Terminator 3, Arnold Schwartzenegger told fans that he is indeed involved in the new Conan film. He is just waiting to see the script.  Schwarzenegger said that development on the project is moving slowly due to the Wachowski brothers “Matrix” commitments. "Warner Brothers has the rights to Conan, and the Wachowski brothers are supposed to be in charge of it," Schwarzenegger said. "But obviously, as you can see, they're heavily involved in bringing out their next movie. I think as soon as they come to me and say we have a new script, and it's ready to go to the next stage, we'll sit down and talk about it."
Doc Savage Name Plate
Michael Bare has produced a Doc Savage name plate.  It is approximately 2" x 4" but can be cut down to any size up to the name itself. The price is $8.00, postage paid. Click here to visit the website for a larger image

Money Orders sent to:
Michael Bare
11870 Mansa Court
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

The July 2003 issue of ELLERY QUEEN'S MYSTERY MAGAZINE features a cover by Norm Saunders.
Tim Cottrill has identified the cover as coming from DETECTIVE TALES, October 1952.
Phil Stephensen-Payne has contributed a scan of the DETECTIVE TALES cover.
Click here to see both covers side by side.
E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine
Treasures of Death (12/15/33) 
The Hidden Robbers by Elanor Mathesonis this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

Robert Mullen's Shadow PDF
The Death Sleep (10/15/34), The Mardi Gras Mystery (09/01/35), The Chinese Tapestry (11/01/35), 
The Wasp Returns (02/01/41), The Crimson Death (08/01/41), Dictator of Crime (10/15/41), 
Temple of Crime (11/15/41), Murder Mansion (12/01/41), Room of Doom (04/01/42), and 
The Northdale Mystery (05/01/42)

The Shadow Magazine Interior Artwork:
The Chinese Tapestry (11/01/35), The Wasp Returns (02/01/41), 
The Shadow Meets The Mask (08/15/41), and The Toll of Death (03/44)

ShadowPDF:  Nothing new this week.

Doc Savage PDF: Land of Always Night (March 1935)

The Shrevnitz Memorial Library:  Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online: Nothing new this week.

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 200 stories online!
A Meal For the Devil by K. Christopher Barr from the October, 1930 issue of ACTION NOVELS. 
Private War by Norman A. Daniels from the Summer, 1943 issue of ARMY-NAVY FLYING STORIES. 
The Moon Riders by Laurence Donovan from the October, 1936 issue of THE FEDS. 
   Undercover agents battle a KKK-like menace. 
Don't Frame a Red Head by Clarence E. Mulford from the August, 1935 issue of WESTERN FICTION MONTHLY. 
   A Hopalong Cassidy story. 
The Big Squawk by Thomas Thursday from the July, 1956 issue of SMASHING DETECTIVE. 

Fox may begin production on the Firefly feature film within the next year. 
A DVD boxed set will be released later this year that includes the unaired episodes and many extras.
Flash Gordon Volume 4 by Mac Raboy
Continuing Dark Horse Comics' tradition of finer reprint books, the fourth volume in the archival collection of Mac Raboy's lengthy Flash Gordon run will be available on 19 October. This series marks the first time that Raboy's Flash Gordon strips have ever been collected. Beginning his comics career in 1940, Emanuel "Mac" Raboy is perhaps best known for his work on Captain Marvel, Jr. and the Green Lama in the 1940s. He graduated from a government-funded art class, was heavily influenced by Alex Raymond's style, and, in the Spring of 1948, he signed on with King Features to illustrate the "Flash Gordon" Sunday page. Following in the footsteps of his idol, Mac Raboy's run on this serial was actually longer than Raymond's. Raboy drew the strip until his death in December of 1967, and several of his early wood engravings (from his fine art days) remain in the permanent collection of New York's Metropolitan Museum.  This is a 256 page, black and white, trade paperback for a retail price of $19.95.

Flash Gordon Volume 4 can be ordered at your local comic shop from the July PREVIEWS, which will go on sale the 25th of June.

Hippocampus Press - Forthcoming titles! 
By George Sterling
Edited by S. T. Joshi
August 2003: 0-9721644-6-4: Paper, $15.00
Once hailed by Ambrose Bierce as the future "poet of the skies, prophet of the suns," George Sterling is best remembered today as mentor of the young Clark Ashton Smith. Sterling's best poetical work, compared to that of Spenser, Milton and Keats during his lifetime but now undeservedly forgotten, finds its renaissance in this new edition.

By S. T. Joshi
December 2003: 0-9721644-0-5: Paper, $15.00
Acclaimed Lovecraft scholar S. T. Joshi's best pieces on H. P. Lovecraft are collected for the first time in one volume, resulting in an exciting tour-de-force for fans and scholars alike.

By Clark Ashton Smith
January 2004: 0-9721644-5-6: Paper: $15.00
We are working hard in preparing this new volume of previously unpublished writings by the young Clark Ashton Smith. The volume will contain his recently discovered fantasy/adventure novel THE SWORD OF ZAGAN, plus never-before seen short stories, poems and fragments. Edited by Dr. W. C. Farmer, a close friend of Clark Ashton Smith in his later years, this volume will be a must-have for Smith fans and those who thrilled to THE BLACK DIAMONDS. It will be released in a uniform edition with THE BLACK DIAMONDS, complete with new original artwork by Jason C. Eckhardt. 

By H. P. Lovecraft
Edited by David E. Schultz
March 2004: 0-9721644-7-2: Paper: $15.00
This book is a real marvel! David Schultz has been working on it for decades, and it will be a monument of scholarship. We're assembling an all-star team of artists to illustrate the sonnets, including Robert H. Knox, Joe Shea aka The Joey Zone, Allen Koszowski, and Jason C. Eckhardt. 

By H. P. Lovecraft
Edited by S. T. Joshi and David E. Schultz
2004: Cloth: $40.00/Trade paper: $20.00
The first two volumes of our COLLECTED ESSAYS series by H. P. Lovecraft will roll out simultaneously in 2004. 
Hippocampus Press is offering the chance to purchase the entire set in advance for a discounted price, and receive each volume as it is released. 

COLLECTED ESSAYS will be a five volume series:
Volume I. Amateur Journalism
Volume II. Literary Criticism 
Volume III. Travel
Volume IV. Science
Volume V. Philosophy; Autobiography

After the entire series has been published, Hippocampus Press will also be releasing a CD-ROM of the entire 5-volume set. This CD-ROM will also have, as a bonus, a complete text of all 13 issues of HPL's amateur magazine, THE CONSERVATIVE (not just the portions HPL wrote, but the entire text). 
Visit the Hippocampus Press website to purchase a subscription package:

5 volumes (hardcover): $150
5 volumes (hardcover + CD-ROM): $175
5 volumes (softcover): $80
5 volumes (softcover + CD-ROM): $100
CD-ROM only: $50

By H. P. Lovecraft
Edited by David E. Schultz
2004: 0-9673215-6-5: Paper, $15.00
This annotated volume will contain all of Lovecraft's "commonplace book" plus all his other writings on the craft of weird fiction, including Lovecraft material published here for the first time. 

Contact Hippocampus Press, P.O. Box 641, New York, NY 10156, 
Phone: 212-681-9120, Fax: 212-681-9126.
Visit the Hippocampus Press website at http://www.hippocampuspress.com/

The Table of Contents  for the first issue of H.P. LOVECRAFT'S MAGAZINE OF HORROR (Spring 2004) has been posted on the Wildside Press Bulletin Board.  Click here to view the Table of Contents.  Click here to subscribe.

The first issue is being published in a special book paper edition for distributors. 
Wildside Press will produce a few extras to meet any early reader demand. 
The price of this special book paper edition is $15. 
Prior to 31 July, you may use coupon code HPL to save 20% on the first issue's book paper edition. 

A four issue (one year) subscription (U.S. only) is $19.95.
An eight issue (two years) subscription (U.S. only) is $36.

I, ROBOT will be filmed in New Westminster - part of Greater Vancouver - in July and August, 2003. Two city blocks are being shut down to accomodate the building of a futuristic set over the existing structures in the city's downtown waterfront area.
Illustration Magazine
ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE #7 will contain features on The Art of Reynold Brown, The Artists of the Revell Model Kit Boxes, The Art of Frank E. Schoonover, The Art of Turn-of-the-Century Sheet Music, and more!
This issue will be available in July.

ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE, 540 Wooddell Court,Kirkwood, MO 63122.
48 pages in black and white and full color for $9.
Four issue subscriptions are available for $36. 

ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE is also available from:
Adventure House
Bud Plant Comic Art
Michael Chomko (chomko@enter.net )

Illustration Magazine
ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE #8 will contain features on The Art of Ernest Chiriacka, The Art of William George, The Artists of the Aurora Model Kit Boxes, The Art of Gerald Gregg and the Dell Mapbacks, and much more!
This issue will be available in October.

ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE, 540 Wooddell Court,Kirkwood, MO 63122.
48 pages in black and white and full color for $9.
Four issue subscriptions are available for $36. 

ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE is also available from:
Adventure House
Bud Plant Comic Art
Michael Chomko (chomko@enter.net )

Illustration Magazine
Coming up in ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE are features on Harvey Dunn, Robert Fawcett, Enoch Bolles, Robert Bonfils, Johnny Gruelle, Frank Kelly Freas, John Berkey, Raphael DeSoto, H.J. Ward, Walter Baumhofer, Wm. Mead Prince, Al Parker, Sleaze Paperbacks and Sexy Digests, The Cooper Studio,The Famous Artist's School, The History of the Society of Illustrators, and many more!
Robert E. Howard Celebration Days 
Robert E. Howard Celebration Days in Cross Plains, Texas is scheduled for June 13 and 14.
Expected are a number of REHUPANS (Robert E. Howard United Press Association), as well as Michael Scott Myers (screenwriter of “The Whole Wide World”) and Don Herron (a pioneer figure in modern Howard studies and editor of The Dark Barbarian).  Firm plans are made for the Howard House to be open both Friday and Saturday from 10 AM to 4:30 PM with Project Pride members available in each room. In addition, the Library will be open from 1 PM to 5 PM on Friday and from 1 PM to 3 PM on Saturday to display Howard’s original manuscripts, first editions and original WEIRD TALES. Some Howard publications will also be for sale.  Click here for full details and a schedule of events.
Robert Weinberg - Bram Stoker Award winner!
Each year, the Horror Writer's Association presents the Bram Stoker Awards for Superior Achievement, named in honor of Bram Stoker, author of the seminal horror work, Dracula.  The 2002 Bram Stoker Awards were presented on 07 June 2003.  Robert Weinberg was named a Bram Stoker Award winner for his script for Nightside # 1-4, published in 2001-2002 by Marvel Comics. The story was a nominee in the Graphic Novel/Illustrated Narrative Category. This was the second nomination in that category for Weinberg in the past three years.  His Cable story, The Undying, was a nominee for the 2000 award.  This is Bob's second Bram Stoker Award.  He previously won as Best Editor in 1999 for his anthology, HORRORS, 365 SCARY STORIES. 
Science fiction drama V, which began as an NBC miniseries in May 1983 and aired in a weekly format in 1984-85, has received a script commitment from NBC for a three-hour follow-up movie called V: The Second Generation. Original creator Kenneth Johnson will return to write, direct and serve as the executive producer for the sequel. 
The new telefilm will pick up the story 20 years later. The characters played by Marc Singer, Faye Grant, Jane Badler and Robert Englund may return, but there will be plenty of new faces.
06 June 2003
Back in February/March, several publications from Bifrost Books and Bifrost Press were advertised on COMING ATTRACTIONS.   I have had several complaints from individuals that placed orders for these publications and never received them.  All attempts to contact Bifrost Books and Bifrost Press have gone unanswered.  I regret that this has happened and discourage anyone from placing any further orders with Bifrost Books or Bifrost Press.
Bison Books
Now available in Bison Book's Frontiers of Imagination series is GULLIVAR OF MARS by Edwin L. Arnold. 

Whisked away to the legendary red planet, the intrepid Lieutenant Gullivar Jones is caught up in the adventure of a lifetime. To win the love of a beautiful princess, he fights his way across a dying and savage planet of desolate cities, lost races, utopian societies, and the haunting and unforgettable River of Death.

This classic, influential tale of Mars, written in the utopian tradition of H. G. Wells’s THE TIME MACHINE, is also considered a possible inspiration for the immortal Barsoom of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Both reflective and imaginative, GULLIVAR OF MARS celebrates the acuity and storytelling power of science fiction writers of the early twentieth century and continues to influence writers and to entertain readers today. 

This commemorative edition includes the full text of the classic 1905 edition, a new introduction by Richard A. Lupoff, an illustration by Thomas Floyd, and an afterword by Gary Hoppenstand. The retail price is $15.95.

Bison Books
Now available in Bison Book's Frontiers of Imagination series is SKYLARK THREE by E. E. "Doc" Smith.

In this exhilarating sequel to THE SKYLARK OF SPACE, momentous danger again stalks genius inventor and interplanetary adventurer Dr. Richard Seaton. Seaton’s allies on the planet Kondal are suffering devastating attacks by the forces of the Third Planet. Even worse, the menacing and contemptuous Fenachrones are threatening to conquer the galaxy and wipe out all who oppose them. And don’t forget the dastardly machinations of Seaton’s arch-nemesis, DuQuesne, who embarks on a nefarious mission of his own. Against such vile foes and impossible odds, how is victory possible? 

Featuring even more technological wizardry, alien worlds, and all-out action than its predecessor, SKYLARK THREE is hailed by many as the imaginative high point of the Skylark series.

The book is illustrated by A. J. Donnell with an introduction by Jack Williamson. The retail price is $12.

Bison Books
Now available in Bison Book's Frontiers of Imagination series is Edgar Rice Burroughs' UNDER THE MOONS OF MARS.  The first three books of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s brilliantly conceived Barsoom series, A Princess of Mars, The Gods of Mars, and The Warlord of Mars, are brought together here for the first time. The trilogy follows the saga of John Carter from his unexpected arrival on Barsoom through hair-raising adventures and startling discoveries from pole to pole of the planet. The trade paperback has an introduction by James P. Hogan and illustrations by Scott Beachler.  The retail price is $16.95.
Conan and the Spider God 
Conan and the Spider God  is now available.
Conan returns in a reprint of the late L. Sprague de Camp's Conan and the Spider God, a "Conan pastiche" (originally published in 1980). When Conan is accused of abducting a queen, he follows her kidnappers to the temple of Zath, the spider-god of Yezud, where an epic battle ensues. 
This is a mass market paperback from TOR Books for $6.99.
E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine
City of Fear  (10/15/40) 
The Stolen Pearls by Tiffany M. Braford is this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

Robert Mullen's Shadow PDF
The Wasp (10/01/40), City of Fear (10/15/40),  Forgotten Gold (01/01/41), 
The Green Terror (01/15/41),  The Chinese Primrose (02/15/41), 
Mansion of Crime (03/01/41),  The Time Master (04/01/41), The Blur (07/15/41),
The League of Death (05/01/41),  and The Thunder King (06/15/41)

The Shadow Magazine Interior Artwork:
The Death Sleep (10/15/34), The Mardi Gras Mystery (09/01/35), and The League of Death (05/01/41)

ShadowPDF:  Nothing new this week.

Doc Savage PDF: The Mental Monster (August 1943)

The Shrevnitz Memorial Library:  Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online: Nothing new this week.

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 200 stories online!
The Thing That Killed by Paul Chadwick from the May, 1940 issue of THRILLING WONDER STORIES. 
Death Takes the Wheel by G. Wayman Jones from the April, 1939 issue of THRILLING DETECTIVE. 
Greased Brakes by Barry Lyndon from the January, 1929 issue of EVERYBODY'S. 
   An auto-racing story of the French Grand Prix. 
Kwa and the Ape People by Paul Regard (Perley Poore Sheehan) from the January, 1933 issue of 
   THRILLING ADVENTURES.  This is actually the second in a series. 
Top It Off With Death by Basil Wells from the June, 1946 issue of TEN DETECTIVE ACES. 
    A locked room mystery with an odd solution. 

Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Silver Screen 
Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Silver Screen Volume 4 - The Locations by Jerry L. Schneider is now available.

Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Silver Screen is an exhaustive illustrated multi-volume history of the fifty-six feature length films and serials, the television films, and over 185 television episodes that have been created based on the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. It is the FIRST book to deal with all the authorized American films and television shows based on his writings. The author has gone to original sources for much of the material in the book: the films, the filming scripts, the media trade papers, the newspapers, and other sources.

Volume 4 - The Locations is a hardbound book with an illustrated color cover, and contains over 300 pages and over 350 illustrations. You will find histories and information (including driving directions to many of the locations) on over 85 locations utilized in the films and television shows including the movie ranches and the studios and their backlots. Illustrated with then and now photos, 10 maps, and 10 pages of color photographs.  Click here for a list of the locations covered in Volume 4.

The book retails for $75 plus shipping and handling.
Shipping and handling is $6 for U.S. & Canada and $20 for All Other Orders 

Fading Shadows - Now Available!
   The Lone Eagle in Warriors Wings  by Lt. Scott Morgan 
   Six Gun Scorn by Arch Whitehouse from FLYING ACES November 1939.

BEHIND THE MASK #64 featuring:
   Vindex in Mask of Vindex by Tracey French
   The Creeps by G. T. Fleming Roberts
   The Griffin in The Seventh Griffin by J. Allan Dunn

ALIEN WORLDS #39 featuring Percom-5 (serial, part 2 of 2) by Shawn Madison, Justice as a Diamond by Douglas Empringham, The Severn Sink by Lionel Butcher, Circuits by Michael Bracken, The Waters Above by Mary Streblow, The Queen of Jur (serial part four of four) by Tom Johnson, and A Partial Listing of the Ape Language of Jur.  FINAL ISSUE

DOUBLE DANGER TALES #63 featuring The Scarlet Claw by John Zukaitis, Feast of the Devil by Kasper Hauser, Midnight Phantom by Jemir Johnson.  FINAL ISSUE

DETECTIVE MYSTERY STORIES #37  featuring Hank Bledsoe, Private Eye by Mark Broucek, Death Casts No Shadow by Robert Difrancesco, Death in Russia by Gay Toltl Kinman, A Watchful Eye by John M. Floyd, Payment in Kind by Carol Gursky, Memento by Sandra Levy Ceren, and A Matter of Teamwork by Patricia Harrington

Each issue is 5.5 by 8.5 inches in size and runs approximately 80 pages.
One issue is $6.30 postpaid. Two or more issues are $6 each postpaid.
Not responsible for packages lost in the mail.
Insurance is $1.10 per $50.00 value and highly recommended.
Order from: Fading Shadows, Inc., 504 E. Morris Street, Seymour, TX 76380-2212

Girasol Collectables - New Pulp Replicas!
Girasol Collectables is pleased to announce two more issues in its ongoing series of Pulp Replicas.
Click here or on the image to the right for look at some Pulp Replica covers.

Calling all Dan Turner fans and those who don't know they are …yet. Girasol Collectables is offering issue #1 of Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective in Replica format. This is not a book you see every day and a great way to get a collection of Dan Turner stories in one magazine. We also are carrying John Wooley's excellent book on Dan and our Aug. /40 Spicy Detective Replica also has a Dan Turner story in it.

The Shadow for this month is The Book of Death (01/15/42) featuring skeleton cover artwork reminiscent of the earlier great covers.l

As always, these reprints are exact copies including the illustrations, ads and back-up stories and have been printed on off-white paper, staple-bound and finished off with a high quality reproduction of the original cover.
The only thing missing is the smell (alas) and the flaking newsprint.

Here is a complete listing of the Pulp Replicas currently available for $25 each postpaid within North America. Overseas will be a few dollars more.

The Living Shadow (April 1931)
The Five Chameleons (11/01/32)
The Shadow's Justice  (04/15/33)
The Black Hush (08/01/33)
Gray Fist  (02/15/34)
The Green Box  (03/15/34)
The Plot Master (02/01/35)
The Chinese Tapestry (11/01/35)
Strange Disappearance of Joe Cardona (11/15/36)
Intimidation Inc (12/15/36)
House of Silence  (07/15/37)
The Golden Dog Murders  (09/01/38) 
The Voice (11/01/38)
House of Shadows (12/15/39) 
The Book of Death (01/15/42)
Death About Town  (07/15/42) 

May 1935:  Great Middle Eastern motif cover

October 1936:  Incredible, truly classic HJ Ward cover
August 1940:   Great HJ Ward cover, Dan Turner, Eel stories

February 1936: Batman

Dan Turner Hollywood Detective No. 1 (January 1942)

January 1932: Wolves of Darkness
October 1932: Famous 'Worm Monster' cover
November 1932 
January 1933

Dec 37:  Great HJ Ward cover

WEIRD TALES   ($35 each postpaid within North America)
March 1923:  WEIRD TALES #1 
Available in 2 cover choices: the 'regular' cover, or the recently discovered 'rarer' version. 
Exactly the same, except the black and orange of the cover illustration are switched.

April 1923:WEIRD TALES #2
July/August 1923:WEIRD TALES #5

Email Girasol Collectables at: girasol@interlog.com to purchase any of these Pulp Replicas.
A complete listing, along with other items such as books, fanzines and of course pulps, can be found on
the Girasol Collectables website at http://www.girasolcollectables.com/

All payments must be made in $US payable to Girasol Collectables and mailed to:
Neil Mechem c/o Girasol Collectables
3501 Glen Erin Drive, Apt. 1409, Mississauga, ON, Canada L5L 2E9

Last Months Replicas



Indiana Jones IV
Harrison Ford told SCI FI Wire that Frank Darabont has completed his script for a proposed fourth Indiana Jones movie. "Steven [Spielberg]'s quite happy with it," Ford said in an interview. "I'm expecting to see it in a couple of weeks."  Ford added that he worked closely with director Spielberg, Darabont and executive producer George Lucas on the story. "The way the process works is that George and Frank work together, then Steven gets the script, then I get the script, and we all work together. We all met together and talked about it before they started writing."  Ford said that he remains eager to reprise his most famous role because of fans' demands for a fourth installment in the franchise. "It pleases me to play a character that audiences want to see," he said. "I know that it's eagerly anticipated, and I want us to do a good job, make a film at least as good as the ones we've made before." The fourth as-yet-untitled Indy movie is slated to begin filming in the summer of 2004, with an eye to a July 2005 release.
Jack Williamson 
Kevin Anderson has delivered to DC Comics all six scripts of a 1940's-era Justice Society of America series, LORD DYNAMO, which features the golden Age incarnations of the Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Dr. Fate, and others.  The team's mascot and historian Johnny Thunder, who wants to become a writer for the pulp magazines, teams up with real-life science fiction author Jack Williamson to develop superhero tales for AMAZING STORIES magazine.  Anderson obtained permission from Jack Williamson and AMAZING STORIES to create this thrilling and heartwarming miniseries.  Barry Kitson is the artist tentatively assigned to the project. Barry is presently illustrating EMPIRE by Mark Waid for DC Comics.  EMPIRE is a six issue miniseries that begins shipping in July.  I would not expect to see LORD DYNAMO before 2004 if Kitson remains the artist.
Information obtained from Kevin Anderson's website at http://www.wordfire.com/.
Modern Pulp featuring DOCTOR SATAN and THE MOON MAN! 
For the first time, two characters from the pulp era, DOCTOR SATAN and THE MOON MAN, will meet face to face in a single adventure, as they go toe-to-toe against one another.  When the canine population of Great City suddenly turns into an army of fanged killers, the Moon Man goes into action to solve the mystery. Thus begins his most dangerous mission pitting him against the merciless, evil mastermind known as Doctor Satan!

Hounds Of Hell by Ron Fortier & Gordon Linzner with spot illustrations provided by Jim Schumaker and Bradley Walton is a classic pulp tale in 29 chapters.  Chapter 5: The Blue Roadster is now available on the Modern Pulp website. Visit the Modern Pulp website at http://www.modernpulp.com/index.htm to read this new adventure.

Hounds Of Hell is copyright © 2003 Ron Fortier and Gordon Linzner.

Necronauts Volume 1
NECRONAUTS is an intelligent and genuinely creepy horror tale by prolific 2000 AD writer Gordon Rennie (Judge Dredd, Missionary Man, Caballistics Inc.) with stunning artwork by breakthrough artist Frazer Irving (Judge Death, The Authority). Of recent years, this is 2000 AD readers' most requested reprint, and features two talents who are certain to make a huge U.S. impact this year.

Harry Houdini must join three famous aficionados of the uncanny - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Fort and H.P. Lovecraft - to defeat an evil force which wants to enslave humanity. But this intrepid group must not only face the enemy's terrifying agents on Earth, but also a traitor in their midst.

Necronauts will be released in a high quality European-format paperback edition with a brand new cover image by Frazer Irving, plus a six-page sketchbook, script and covers gallery.
The publication date is 28 August 2003
Price: $12.95
Format: Black and white paperback, 64 pages

Visit the artist's website for a sample of his artwork at http://www.frazerirving.com/folio/necronauts.html

NECRONAUTS can be pre-ordered at your local comic shop from the June PREVIEWS. 
The Diamond Item Code is JUN032472.

Night Shade Books 
The Boats of the "Glen Carrig" and Other Nautical Tales is the first volume of our eagerly awaited Collected Works of William Hope Hodgson.  Night Shade is happy to report that it's shipping in a few weeks.  Expect all preorders to be shipped before the end of the month!

Next month Night Shade hopes to start shipping The Midnight Sun, the Collected Kane stories of Karl Edward Wagner.  Ken Kelly is wrapping up the cover now, and it's 440 pages of rippling manflesh!

Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame
The Board of Directors of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame announced the 2003 inductees at ConQuesT 34 in Kansas City. The inductees will be Wilson Tucker and Kate Wilhelm. Posthumous inductees will be Damon Knight and Edgar Rice Burroughs. 

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame was founded in 1996 by the J. Wayne and Elsie M. Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction (at the University of Kansas) and the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society. The induction will take place at the University of Kansas on July 11th, as part of the same ceremony as the awarding of the John W. Campbell and Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Awards.

Information obtained from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America web site. 

Pulpcon 32
PULPCON 32 will be held July 31-August 3, 2003 at the Dayton Ohio Convention Center. 
Guests of Honor this year are:

Joe L  Hensley
Mystery and science fiction author, Joe's short story "Eyes of the Double Moon" in the May, 1953 Planet Stories was followed by many others in science fiction pulps and digests, numerous appearances in mystery and detective titles including Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery Queen, and a long series of novels about attorney-detective Robak.

James Steranko
Illustrator, editor and publisher, Jim early became a stage magician and escape artist and enjoyed a close friendship with fellow prestidigitator Walter Gibson, an early Pulpcon guest.  He is a self-taught artist who has worked as illustrator and art director for an ad agency, as a movie illustrator and as a writer-illustrator in comics. He has painted dozens of cover illustrations for paperback reprints of hero pulp novels. His love for those heroes is much in evidence in Mediascene, which he edits and publishes to widely cover the entertainment field.

Registrations prior to July 20 are $30.  Registrations received after July 21 will be held for at-the-door registration -$40.  A one-day registration in advance for Saturday only is $20.00 (at the door it will be $25).

Visit the Pulpcon website for complete information.

The Shadow Fan website
The Shadow Fan website has started a petition to release a widescreen edition of the 1994 Shadow film on DVD with extra features.  There is also a petition for a new Shadow film. The site also features many other Shadow attractions such as Winamp skins, downloadable desktops, comic and pulp covers, plus much more!  Stop in for a visit at http://www.theshadowfan.com
VISCO - The Visual Index of SF Cover Art 
Visco Version 2.04a was uploaded on 05 June 2003 at http://www.sfcovers.net
The strange and complex history of the British reprint editions of GALAXY and IF unfolded - nine distinct series in all, including some not described anywhere else on the Net.  All are depicted with a complete set of cover 
images and cross-reference to the original US titles. There are just over 200 new images in this release, bringing the  total now to nearly 2100.
Wildside Press
The following titles are now available from Wildside Press (http://www.wildsidepress.com/):

OUT OF TIME'S ABYSS by Edgar Rice Burroughs

This is the tale of Bradley after he left Fort Dinosaur upon the west coast of the great lake that is in the center of the island. Upon the fourth day of September 1916, he set out with four companions through the heavy Caspakian air. About them upon the ground, among the trees and in the air over them moved and swung and soared the countless forms of Caspak's teeming life. They had taken a dozen steps, perhaps, when a hideous growl broke from a dense thicket ahead, the leafy branches parted, and the hideous head of a gigantic bear emerged. "Lie still!" shouted Bradley. "Can't waste ammunition." Like a bolt of lightning the bear flashed down upon the Englishman. "Now run!" Bradley called to Tippet and himself turned in flight toward a nearby tree. The other men, now safely ensconced upon various branches, watched the race with breathless interest. Would Bradley make it? It seemed scarce possible. And if he didn't. . . ! 

136 pages, Trade Hardcover,  ISBN: 1-59224-781-4.  $27.95

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