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16 July 2004
COMING ATTRACTIONS will be on hiatus for the next two weeks. 
The next update is scheduled for August 6th.

Adventure House - Now available!
G-8 AND HIS BATTLE ACES #13 featuring The Spider Staffel by Robert J. Hogan.
“Be Warned!  Each night with the setting of the sun the giant Tarantula spider will spin his web across the Front.  If you send your ships out tonight--he will eat them!”  H. Q. scoffed at this warning.  But G-8 saw it carried out, saw four Yanks planes devoured by the most ghastly creature that ever stalked the skies.  What was this new horror?  How could Yank bombers hope to get past its net of death?   $9.95 plus $2.50 shipping (Media Mail) for a single copy.

G-8 AND HIS BATTLE ACES #13 should be available in comic shops on July 28th.

Coming soon:
G-8 AND HIS BATTLE ACES #14 featuring The Mad Dog Squadron. (October 2004)
G-8 AND HIS BATTLE ACES #15 featuring The Blizzard Staffel.  (January 2005)

Adventure House - Now available!
HIGH ADVENTURE #77  featuring the Green Ghost in The Case of the Clumsy Cat by G.T. Fleming-Roberts. 
When ghouls gather, the Green Ghost, avenging magician-detective, arrives to smash the grand plans of a diabolical fiend!  $7.95 plus $2.50 shipping (Media Mail) for a single copy.

HIGH ADVENTURE #77 will be available in comic shops on July 21st.

Coming soon:
HIGH ADVENTURE #78 features high seas adventures!  (September 2004)
HIGH ADVENTURE #79 features the Phantom Detective in The Crime of Fu Kee Wong.  (November 2004)
HIGH ADVENTURE #80 features the Green Lama in Babies for Sale.  (January 2005)
HIGH ADVENTURE #81 features Kigor in Night of the Wasuli Death & The Monster of Voodoo Isle. (March 2005)

Adventure House  - Coming in October!
Water -- Water!" As G-8 heard that pitiful cry, he knew that the strange plague had struck again, that more Yanks had been turned into cringing beasts who yelled and begged and killed - for water. Death stalks the Front as G-8 follows the devil's hounds straight into a madman's sky trap.Reprinting the entire story from G-8 and His Battle Aces, in facsimile format, The Mad Dog Squadron, originally published November 1934. 
Soft Cover, Magazine, 7x10, 112 pages,  $9.95

G-8 AND HIS BATTLE ACES #14 can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS (available July 21st). 
The Diamond Item Code is AUG043255.

ADVENTURES OF THE ESCAPIST #4 - Coming in October!

The Champion of Liberation triumphantly reappears at center stage! This classic character and his web of intriguing associates have been foiling diabolical evildoers since 1940, and in dozens of different "captivating" incarnations. The Master of Elusion, empowered by popular interest in Michael Chabon's Pulitzer-winning account of his creators, has evaded the shackles of history!

In our fourth fabulous issue, writer Stuart Moore (Lone) teams up with Astounding Space Thrills creator Steve Conley to present a glimpse of the future in "Escapist 3966"! Indie favorite Scott Morse beautifully illustrates Kevin McCarthy's story, "The Boy Who Would Be the Escapist," and Matt Kindt, creator of the critically celebrated Mephisto and Pistolwhip, shares the find of the decade with faithful fans: "Chain Reaction," a long-lost Escapist story that should never have existed! Also included for our lifelong enthusiasts and comics history buffs are the fascinating reflections of Roy Thomas, veteran comics scribe, on the Silver Age glory days of the Escapist.
On sale October 13, Soft Cover, 80 pages, Full Color, 7"x10", $8.95

ADVENTURES OF THE ESCAPIST #4 can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS (available July 21st). 
The Diamond Item Code is AUG040015.

THE ADVENTURES OF TARZAN - A 10-chapter Serial Squadron re-release adapted from the original 1921 serial Featuring Elmo Lincoln and Louise Lorraine.  Produced by Louis Weiss, Directed by Robert F. Hill, Restored and Designed by Eric Stedman, Music by Roderick Jackson, 

A new state-of-the-art digital transfer and reconstruction of one of the most popular serials of all time, in 10 chapters, tinted and with sound effects as presented in the re-release, and with a new musical score. 

This serial, a national sensation on its original release, has not been seen in serial form for many years. Adapted from the concluding chapters of Edgar Rice Burroughs' The Return of Tarzan, the serial's major players are Tarzan (Elmo Lincoln, in his second and final appearance as Tarzan), Jane (Louise Lorraine), Tarzan's arch enemy Rokoff and Queen La of Opar. Tarzan's companions are Tantor the elephant and two ape friends: a female called Ara and a male (from Opar) named Og. Tarzan, now allied with the French Secret Service, pursues his arch enemy, international criminal and blackmailer Rokoff (Frank Whitson) and his cohort, rogue French officer Gernot (George Momberg), who have come to Africa to plunder its treasures. Rokoff also steals from Tarzan the formula for a deadly gas and lusts after Jane (16 years old at the time of filming), complicating matters a great deal when he inscribes a map to the treasure room of the lost city of Opar on her back. After many adventures in the desert, jungle, and the city of Sagarone, the entire cast has it out in Opar under the eyes of Queen La (Lilian Worth), who wants Tarzan to lead her army of wild-men. Plenty of amazing stunts, earthquakes, fires, and deathtraps in this fast-paced serial involving live lions and other wild animals, and a memorable performance by the amazing vine-swinging, villain-bashing, chest-beating Elmo Lincoln, who had so much fun doing this he was willing to wrestle real lions onstage to promote the serial in 1921. Future Tarzan Frank Merrill appears in a "chorus" role in this serial as an Arab raider. 

This serial has been restored by The Serial Squadron where DVDs are presently being burned in preparation for shipment to customers.  Visit The Serial Squadron website for complete details and to order your copy today.

ART OF ALEX SCHOMBERG - Coming in October!
Thrilling, Wonder, Captain America, America's Best, Marvel, Exciting, Startling: Alex Schomburg produced the most dazzling array of high-quality comic-book covers in the Golden Age of American Comics. Stan Lee said, "Alex Schomburg was to comic books what Norman Rockwell was to The Saturday Evening Post." With Golden Age comic books with Schomburg covers selling for record prices in America's leading auction houses, this book collects, for the first time ever, a host of tantalizing Schomburg treasures in one volume! Superheroes, jungle girls, robots, wild animals, and space travelers abound in these romantic and nostalgic Pop-Art icons of the bygone WWII era. Slipcased edition, with 16 extra color pages! 
Hard Cover, 8x11, 184 pages,  $49.95
Hard Cover, 168 pages,  $34.95

This book can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS (available July 21st).
The Diamond Item Code is AUG043108 for the hard cover edition.
The Diamond Item Code is AUG043107 for the deluxe hard cover edition.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century on DVD
Universal has just announced that Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The Complete Series is coming on November 16. This 5 disc set will contain all 36 episodes of the series, including the 2 part pilot (which we assume will be 1 episode as originally aired). The set will carry an $89.98 SRP.  No information regarding bonus material has been released.


In the eight decades that have passed since prolific pulp writer Robert E. Howard created his seminal Sword and Sorcery adventurer, Conan, many other scribes have tried to recreate the passion and energy Howard infused into his stories.  Few have come as close as comics writer Roy Thomas did during his long and influential run on Marvel's monthly Conan the Barbarian series back in the 1970s. Collaborating with the most acclaimed and talented artists of the time, Thomas wove a narrative tapestry of action, intrigue, and heroism that's as powerful today as it was when it was published nearly 30 years ago. 

Featuring completely remastered color and text corrections, these stories have been unavailable in color since their original publication.  On sale November 24, Soft Cover, 160 pages, Full Color, 7" x 10", $15.95
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

CHRONICLES OF CONAN VOL 6 can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS (available July 21st). 
The Diamond Item Code is AUG040018 .

Clive Cussler's LOST CITY - Available July 27th!
LOST CITY, a new novel from The Numa Files featuring Kurt Austin will be available on July 27th.

An enzyme that will dramatically prolong life has been discovered two thousand feet down in the North Atlantic, in an area known as "Lost City." But why are the people attempting to harvest it getting killed? Why are the scientists in a remote Greek laboratory disappearing one by one? What does this all have to do with a body found frozen in the ice high up in the Alps? To Kurt Austin, leader of NUMA's Special Assignments Team, and his colleague Joe Zavala, it's clear they have their work cut out for them, but it may be even bigger than they think-in fact, it may be their greatest challenge of all. 

Hardcover, 416 pages, $26.95, ISBN: 039915177X 

THE COMICS BEFORE 1945 - Coming in October!
THE COMICS BEFORE 1945 by Brian Walker
In the five-decades after the Yellow Kid first appeared in 1895, the funnies became an essential element of American life. Comic strip characters - Buster Brown, Tarzan, Dick Tracy, Popeye, Blondie, Li'l Abner - where everywhere. This visually stunning, comprehensive survey - copiously illustrated with rare original art - is the most authoritative history of prewar American newspaper comics currently in print. It documents the major trends in the funnies business, decade-by-decade, and presents in-depth biographies of 21 of the most influential creators of the era. 
Hard Cover, 9x12, 336 pages, Full Color, $50.00
THE COMICS BEFORE 1945 can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS (available July 21st). 
The Diamond Item Code is AUG043347.

CONAN #6 - Available July 28th!

Once a slave, now an angry rebel, it’s Conan versus the full might of the sorcerous kingdom of Hyperborea! With the lives of his allies and his lover in the balance, the swordsman must triumph over the most ancient and corrupt kingdom of his world—or watch them die! Original Conan author Robert E. Howard showed that the barbarian held a deep hatred against this magical nation, and vowed one day to grind them into the dust. Now his reasons, and the grisly truth about Hyperborea’s most sacred rites, are finally revealed.

On sale July 28, Full Color, 32 pages, $2.99
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

CONAN #9 - Coming in October!
The second story arc in the monthly Conan begins here, with new cover artist Leinil Francis Yu!
In the first arc, Conan discovered the horrible secrets of Hyperborea, a land he imagined to be wondrous and beautiful. Now he ventures into an even more treacherous setting-civilization. The world of bar fights and women opens up to the barbarian, and he realizes that it's possible to thrive even in a world that disgusts you. However, powerful forces take note of Conan, and one of the greatest evils in the ancient world is about to enter his life.

On sale October 20, Full Color, 32 pages, $2.99
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
CONAN #9 can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS (available July 21st). 
The Diamond Item Code is AUG040016.

Jimmy Palmiotti and Mark Texeira team up for a stunning 48-page Conan oneshot, the first side project to complement the successful monthly series.  A king's favorite daughter is kidnapped by his sorceror advisor, and only Conan can save the girl-with the aid of the second daughter, who the king won't consider as a successor to the throne. Harsh terrain and the wizard's horde of zombie warriors-and other treachery-stand between Conan and the beautiful young heiress.  Fan favorite Mark Texeira delivers stunning art in this high-adventure one-shot, written and inked by Jimmy Palmiotti, one of the creative forces behind the original Marvel Knights, and co-creator of Beautiful Killer and The Pro, among many other hit titles. This is the hard-drinking, bare-knuckled, older Conan, in a story set years later than the events in the current ongoing series.
On sale October 6, Full Color, 48 pages, $4.99
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
CONAN AND THE DAUGHTERS OF MIDORA can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS 
(available July 21st).   The Diamond Item Code is AUG040017.
CONAN III T-SHIRT - Coming in October!
The art of Joseph Linser shares the spotlight on the new Conan III T-Shirt. 
Features Linser's art screenprinted in full-color on a black 100% cotton shirt. 
The Conan dynasty continues!     S-XL $17.95, XXL $20.95
CONAN III T-SHIRT can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS (available July 21st). 
The Diamond Item Codes are:
Small -  AUG043604;     Medium - AUG043605;  Large -  AUG043606
XLarge -  AUG043607;  XXXLarge -  AUG043608

Proclaim your loyalties to your friends, family, and the powers that be! Vote the Eldar Party! This high-quality 100% heavy cotton black tee boasts a large six-color silk-screened image of Mighty Cthulhu demanding your vote in the next election. Scheduled to ship in September 2004.
XLarge Only $22.95

CTHULHU FOR PRESIDENT T-SHIRT can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS (available July 21st). 
The Diamond Item Code is AUG044128.

CTHULHU PLASTIC Action Figure - Coming in November!
You've got the cute plushy, the RPG, the CCG, the statue, you even bought one of the books. Now, you can get Cthulhu the 3 ½” plastic figure! He's evil, he devours humans, and wants to destroy the world, and he would look so cute next to your computer or perched on your bookshelf. For the first time ever, limited production. 
Scheduled to ship in November 2004.  $9.95

CTHULHU PLASTIC Action Figure can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS (available July 21st). 
The Diamond Item Code is AUG043804.

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine

ShadowPDF:   Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online
Doc Savage: The Angry Canary

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 400 stories online!
Nothing new this week.

ELRIC MAKING OF A SORCERER #2 - Coming in October!
Written by Michael Moorcock, art by Walter Simonson. 
The mini-series shedding light on the early adventures of Elric continues! Young Elric embarks on a dream quest of two years: the dream of water, in which, known as White Crow, he confronts his rival Yrkoon as well as a powerful water elemental and a Lord of Chaos. Can dragons and armies restore a kingdom to its rightful heir? 
48 pages, $5.95, in stores on October 27.

ELRIC MAKING OF A SORCERER #2 can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS (available July 21st).   The Diamond Item Code is AUG040426.

Hippocampus Press - Special promotion!
Hippocampus Press is running a special promotion for the latest book in the Lovecraft's Library series -- books that H. P. Lovecraft read and admired, and that he commented upon in his letters or elsewhere. With every purchase of Algernon Blackwood's INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES, Hippocampus Press will throw in a FREE COPY of the first book in the Lovecraft's Library series -- A. Meritt's THE METAL MONSTER, the novel that Lovecraft said "contains the most remarkable presentation of the utterly alien and non-human that I have ever seen." 

This promotion is effective immediately and will only last until INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES is released in a few weeks, so don't delay! 

Algernon Blackwood (1869-1951) was author of one of the richest bodies of weird fiction in all literary history. H. P. Lovecraft regarded Blackwood as perhaps the greatest weird writer of his day and INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES (1914) as among Blackwood's finest works. This collection of five novellas not only presents weird scenarios of extraordinary richness, but also probes the characters' reactions to the bizarre with unfailing subtlety and acuteness. The result is a 
landmark in the history of weird fiction. This edition forms an integral part of our Lovecraft's Library series, and as usual, series editor S. T. Joshi provides a very fine introduction. 


Indiana Jones IV 
In an interview conducted July 9th, Frank Marshall said that the project is still very much alive, despite continual delays and rumors that the parties involved have given up on the long-anticipated fourth installment of the classic adventure series. "Indiana Jones IV is still in the writing stages; it's still a live project and Mr. Lucas is working on the script at this time," he told a group of journalists gathered at a press event for The Bourne Supremacy.

Online rumors that Pirates of the Caribbean scribe Stuart Beattie is working on a draft have persisted.  The previous draft, penned by Frank Darabont, was subsequently rejected by George Lucas.  He apparently felt that the character-driven story needed a faster pace.

According to The Sun, 37-year-old restaurateur and actor, Geoffrey Moore, is on the shortlist of candidates to replace current 007 Pierce Brosnan for the next film. He reportedly attended a script read-through with producer Barbara Broccoli following the collapse of contract negotiations between film bosses and Brosnan. 

A source told MovieHole  "Geoffrey is like a real-life Bond. He looks the part, too. He's a dashing upper-class restaurateur who lives a real jet-setting lifestyle. If anything, he is more like James Bond than his dad." 

CommanderBond.net reports: “Producer Barbara Broccoli became annoyed with Brosnan after he demanded a "Tom Cruise-level" paycheck for the next film and then publicly complained about being "snubbed". Upon learning that the producers were beginning to search elsewhere for their 007, Brosnan reportedly changed his tune, but it appears he missed his chance. …the script penned by screenwriters Robert Wade and Neal Purvis (erroneously referred to in the article as "Andrew Neal") is ready and signals a change of direction for the series. Purvis and Wade reportedly convinced Barbara Broccoli that the avenue to take for Bond 21 was that of an "old-style" Bond flick, as opposed to a special-effects-driven blockbuster. "Without all the special effects, the film will work best with a young, fresh actor," explains the insider. "Andrew and Robert have at last persuaded everyone at the production company, Eon, that a traditional Bond is the way forward. So now it looks like Brosnan's services won't be required." Whilst it is hard to believe that these two relatively new members of the Bond family have enough clout to persuade Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson to shift their focus for Bond 21, if a falling-out has occurred between Brosnan and the producers, there may not be much persuading needed after all.” 

JAMES BOND: GOLDFINGER - Coming in October!
Adapted by Henry Gammidge & John McLusky
Stand by for more adventures with the world's greatest secret agent! James Bond must use all of his rugged charms and brutal skills to stop Goldfinger ruining the economies of the Free World and bringing western civilisation to its knees! Also collects Risico, From A View To A Kill, For Your Eyes Only, and Thunderball
Soft Cover, 9x12, 128 pages, Black & White,   $16.95

JAMES BOND: GOLDFINGER can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS (available July 21st).   The Diamond Item Code is AUG042947.

JSA STRANGE ADVENTURES #3 - Coming in October!
Written by Kevin J. Anderson, art by Barry Kitson and Gary Erskine, cover by John Watson. 

The mad Lord Dynamo has offered a devil's bargain to mankind: He will cure the world's ills, but only if Green Lantern surrenders his Power Ring and Starman relinquishes his Gravity Rod. Will the rest of the nation turn against the Justice Society of America? 

40 pages, $3.50, in stores on October 20. 

JSA STRANGE ADVENTURES #3 can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS (available July 21st). 
The Diamond Item Code is AUG040398.

Written by Alan Moore; Art and cover by Kevin O'Neill

It's one month after the events in LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN VOL. 1, and the skies over England are filled with flaming rockets as Mars launches the first salvo of an invasion. Only our stalwart adventurers — Allan Quatermain, Mina Harker, Captain Nemo, Hawley Griffin, and Mr. Edward Hyde — can save mother England and the very Earth itself. But there are many startling revelations along the way, including the blossoming of love and the uncovering of a traitor in their midst!

228 pages, Softcover, Full Color, $14.95

LOVECRAFT Soft Cover - Coming in October!
Written by Hans Rodionoff and Keith Giffen, art and cover by Enrique Breccia. 

A softcover edition of the acclaimed original hardcover graphic novel. When young Howard Phillips Lovecraft becomes the reluctant guardian of the Necronomicon, his life veers into strange territory. Lovecraft maintains a tenuous balance between reality and the bizarre nightmares of his "fictional" horror. 

144 pages, $17.95, in stores on October. 27.

LOVECRAFT can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS (available July 21st). 
The Diamond Item Code is AUG040457.

Modern Pulp featuring DOCTOR SATAN and THE MOON MAN! 
For the first time, two characters from the pulp era, DOCTOR SATAN and THE MOON MAN, will meet face to face in a single adventure, as they go toe-to-toe against one another. When the canine population of Great City suddenly turns into an army of fanged killers, the Moon Man goes into action to solve the mystery. Thus begins his most dangerous mission pitting him against the merciless, evil mastermind known as Doctor Satan!

Hounds Of Hell by Ron Fortier & Gordon Linzner with spot illustrations provided by Rob Davis, Jim Schumaker and Bradley Walton is a classic pulp tale in 29 chapters.  Chapter 26, Angel Makes Amends, is now available on the Modern Pulp website. Visit the Modern Pulp website at http://www.modernpulp.com/ to read this new adventure.

Hounds Of Hell is copyright © 2003 Ron Fortier and Gordon Linzner.

Monsters Legacy Collection - Coming in October!
Universal has announced the second wave of their new Monsters Legacy Collections. On 10/19 (SRP $29.98 each), look for the following 2-disc sets: The Mummy: The Legacy Collection, The Invisible Man: The Legacy Collection and Creature from the Black Lagoon: The Legacy Collection. The Mummy set will include The Mummy (1932), The Mummy's Curse, The Mummy's Ghost, The Mummy's Hand and The Mummy's Tomb. The Invisible Man set will include The Invisible Man, Invisible Agent, The Invisible Man Returns, The Invisible Man's Revenge and The Invisible Woman. Finally, the Creature set will include Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Creature Walks Among Us and Revenge of the Creature.

PLANETARY #20 - Available July 28th!
Written by Warren Ellis; art and covers by John Cassaday
"Mystery in Space" concludes! A Planetary probe is sent to investigate an impossibly large object that has entered our solar system. It seems to be a spaceship — but what kind of creature could possibly need a ship that big? Also on course with the object is a terrestrial ship carrying Jacob Greene...charter member of The Four!

32 pages, Full Color, $2.95

PLANETARY #21 - Coming in October!
Written by Warren Ellis, art and cover by John Cassaday. 

The acclaimed series continues! Greenwich Village, New York City; the hub of the world. Elijah Snow has come here to take a trip through inner universes, looking for the invisible forces that hold us all together, for a way to defeat the three remaining members of the Four.  32 pages, $2.95, in stores on October 27. 

PLANETARY #21 can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS (available July 21st). 
The Diamond Item Code is AUG040442.

The Pulp Rack - Another new addition!
This week, I've added Part Five of THE CROWN OF COYOPAN, the H. Bedford-Jones serialized novel. This week's installment features Chapters 9 and 10. Incan gold and emeralds looted from a conquered people. Deadly intrigue. Arcane rituals and ancient evils mean danger for an American on the trail of treasure. Visit this URL to read the 
latest in this adventure! http://pulprack.com/i/crownchap9.pdf

Also: What was Frederick Faust up to on June 14, 1941? Find out at The Pulp Rack:

Enjoy! And thanks again for your patronage.
Duane Spurlock, proprietor, The Pulp Rack

RGK: THE ART OF ROY G. KRENKEL - Soft Cover Edition coming in October!
RGK: THE ART OF ROY G. KRENKEL will be published by Vanguard Productions in August.
This volume is Edited by J. David Spurlock & Barry Klugerman
Influenced by early masters J. Allen St. John, J.C. Coll, and Franklin Booth, Roy G. Krenkel has in turn inspired generations of fantasy artists with his portrayals of futuristic cities, prehistoric beasts, Mongol hordes, jungle men, and bodacious beauties. From pulp-styled drawings of the late '40s to early work on EC Comics' Weird Science, and defining art on Tarzan, Conan, and Wizard of Oz, RGK: The Art of Roy G. Krenkel will enthrall anyone whose imagination has been inspired by the stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs or Robert E. Howard! Profusely illustrated with over 250 illustrations (many never-before-published ) and photos that provide a rich overview of the artist's life and works. Featuring commentary by Krenkel's associates, including Star Wars illustrator Al Williamson.
Soft Cover, 8x11, 132 pages, $19.95

This book can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS (available July 21st). 
The Diamond Item Code is AUG043109.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - New trailer and film clip now available!
Paramount Pictures has released a new full trailer for Kerry Conran's Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, opening in theaters on September 17. Also now online is the first clip from the film, featuring an undersea battle.

In the action-thriller, famous scientists around the world have mysteriously disappeared and Chronicle reporter Polly Perkins (Gwyneth Paltrow) along with ace aviator Sky Captain (Jude Law) are on the investigation. Risking their lives as they travel to exotic places around world, can the fearless duo stop Dr. Totenkopf, the evil mastermind behind a plot to destroy the earth? Aided by Franky Cook (Angelina Jolie), commander of an all-female amphibious squadron, and technical genius Dex (Giovanni Ribisi), Polly and Sky Captain may be our planet's only hope.
Click here to see the trailer and clip.

TERRA OBSCURA VOL 2 #3 - Coming in October!
Written by Alan Moore and Peter Hogan, art and cover by Yanick Paquette and Karl Story. 

The bizarre time distortions worsen as the mysterious craft nears Terra Obscura. Tom Strange, while preparing to leave Earth, comes into contact with some old allies...and one nasty villain. 

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on October 20.

TERRA OBSCURA VOL 2 #3 can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS (available July 21st). 
The Diamond Item Code is AUG040445.

TOM STRONG #29 - Coming in October!
Written by Ed Brubaker, art by Duncan Fegredo, cover by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story. 

Part 1 of a fantastic 2-part story by two of comics' most exciting creators! Tom Strong's feats of bravery are world-renowned, but what if he weren¹t the idol of millions? If he didn't ascend to the role of hero, where would he be?

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on October 13.

TOM STRONG #29 can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS (available July 21st). 
The Diamond Item Code is AUG040446.

TOM STRONG'S TERRIFIC TALES #11 - Available July 21st!
Written by Alan Moore & Steve Moore; art by Bruce Timm, Alan Weiss, Chris Weston, Andrew Pepoy, and Arthur Adams; cover by Weiss

Animation superstar Bruce Timm tackles a tantalizing Tesla tale, while Jonni Future is pencilled with manic glee by Chris Weston and embellished with élan by arty Arthur Adams. All this plus a tale of Young Tom Strong, illustrated by Alan Weiss abetted by Andrew Pepoy!

32 pages, Full Color, $2.95

TOM STRONGS TERRIFIC TALES VOL 1 Hard Cover - Coming in October!
Written by Alan Moore and Steve Moore, art by Arthur Adams, Paul Rivoche, Alan Weiss, Jerry Ordway, Sergio Aragones, Jason Pearson and Jaime Hernandez, cover by Adams. 

Alan Moore¹s hero of Millennium City shines in this hardcover collecting Tom Strong's Terrific Tales #1-6. This volume features Strong in space-faring action, the debut of sexy heroine Jonni Future, and a tale of Young Tom Strong. 
176 pages, $24.95, in stores on October 27. 

TOM STRONGS TERRIFIC TALES VOL 1 can be pre-ordered from the August PREVIEWS (available July 21st). The Diamond Item Code is AUG040447.

V: The Complete Series - Available July 27th!
July 27th is the day you can get your DVD package of V: The Complete Series, featuring all 19-episodes of the original television series V for the first time ever in a 3-disc DVD collector's set. The list price is $39.98.

Episodes on this release are: 
Disc 1 - SIDE A: Liberation Day, Dreadnought, The Deception, The Sanction. 
Disc 1 - SIDE B: Visitor's Choice, The Overlord, The Dissident. 
Disc 2 - SIDE A: Reflections in Terror, The Conversion, The Hero. 
Disc 2 - SIDE B: The Beytrayal, The Rescue. The Champion 
Disc 3 - SIDE A: The Wildcats, The Littlest Dragon, War of Illusions. 
Disc 3 - SIDE B: The Secret Underground, The Return, Breakout. 

Note that the episode "Breakout" was actually supposed to be the 3rd one shown in the series, but was originally pulled because it was considered too violent for the audience, which consisted of many younger viewers. It was first broadcast when the series was in network reruns, and so it is "correctly" placed on the DVD set in it's actual "airdate" order. Chronologically, though, it will make more sense to watch that episode between "Dreadnaught" and "The Deception". The only confusing thing after that is the redundancy of a new character being introduced "twice".

The series is being correctly presented as originally broadcast: in 1.33:1 "fullscreen" video. Audio is the original 1.0 Mono as well. English, French, and Spanish subtitles are available, and it is closed captioned for the hearing impaired. The running time is 897 minutes. The packaging is going to be a "digi-pack" case, similar to V: The Final Battle.  There are no extras announced for this release.

Will Murray in ALTER EGO #38 - Now available!
ALTER EGO #38 is a special issue dedicated to the late Julius Schwartz.
Will Murray conducts a three part intterview with Schwartz that runs 20 pages.
The interview is illustrated with pictures, comic covers, and pulp covers.

ALTER EGO #38 retails for $5.95 and is now available in comic shops.
ALTER EGO can also be ordered from the publisher, TwoMorrows.

09 July 2004
ADVENTURE TALES from Wildside Press - Book paper edition now available!
ADVENTURE TALES #1 is available at Pulpcon this weekend. 
 A magazine of all classic pulp reprints. #1 (Winter 2004/5)  is a special Hugh B. Cave issue, with 2 unreprinted Cave stories (chosen by Cave as his best unreprinted work), an interview with Cave, and a review by Mike Chomko of all of Cave's recent collections and reissues. Also includes stories by H. Bedford-Jones, H. de Vere Stacpoole, Vincent Starrett, Harold Lamb, and others. Poetry by Clark Ashton Smith, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and others. Column on ERB by Mike Resnick.

This is a 68-page magazine, color covers, printed on newsprint (and in a special edition on book paper, with extra content -- a serialized novel by J. Allan Dunn -- at slightly higher price.)

The contents of the first issue include:
THE BLOTTER, by the Editor 
This is the editor’s fifth magazine—and the most fun of all!

Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Man Who Held the Hero’s Horse . . .

Pulp expert Chomko looks at Hugh B. Cave’s recent publications.

Author of more than one thousand stories, Cave is a legend in the field.

Letters from our readers

SKULLS, by H. Bedford Jones
Three explorers lost to savages . . . two bowls made from human skulls . . . and one gruesome revenge!

UNDER THE FLAME TREES, by H. de Vere Stacpoole
Armand Duplissis sailed to New Caledonia to break his brother from prison . . . at any cost!

RATS ASHORE, by Charles C. Young
After it finished off the rats, a writhing death came for the men . . .

THE EVIL EYE, by Vincent Starrett
A detective named Lavender vs. the mystic powers of the East—and bank robbery!

“WATSON!” by Captain A. E. Dingle
Sherlock Holmes finds a most unusual case aboard the steam yacht Vagrant . . .

ISLAND FEUD, by Hugh B. Cave
In port after port, in lie after lie, the island trader had done his best to destroy Harty. Now he had a chance to finish the job — if he could!

He was a beachcomber, a despised tropical tramp. She was a freak product of some teeming oriental slum, lovely, half-starved and wholly savage. Together they faced the mystery, the terror, and the stalking horror of Fortune Island!

THE SKULL IN THE CLOUDS, by Robert E. Howard
THE SINGER IN THE MIST, by Robert E. Howard
EXOTIQUE, by Clark Ashton Smith
AN OPEN WINDOW, by Robert E. Howard
BY ANOTHER SEA, by George Sterling
SOUTHWARD BOUND, by Edmund Leamy
OLD SONGS MODERNIZED, by Corine Rockwell Swain
THE STREAM, by Clinton Scollard

ADVENTURE TALES is available by subscription only from Wildside Press
Newsprint edition: 4-issues for $19.95
Bookpaper edition: 4-issues for $36.00

ADVENTURE TALES #1 (Book paper edition) can be ordered from Mike Chomko.
Contact Mike by email at chomko@enter.net to check availability.
Orders over $30 are discounted 10% and shipped postpaid.
Orders under $30 are no discount and add $2 for shipping and handling.
Michael Chomko, 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA  18104-6542 

By Brian K. Vaughan, Marv Wolfman, Kevin McCarthy, Roger Petersen, Joe Staton, Dean Haspiel and Bob Sikoryak, cover by Mike Mignola. 

In this third issue, Brian Vaughan pens the captivating story, To Reign in Hell, told in classic 1940s style, and former Swamp Thing artist Roger Petersen richly illustrates this spotlight on Big Al. Marv Wolfman writes Heil and Fear Well, a story in the infamous EC horror style With art by veteran cartoonist Joe Staton and indie stalwart Bob Sikoryak, this tale of nefarious post-war Nazis shocks and chills. Finally, the mysterious powers of Luna Moth may be up for grabs ... is our favorite mild-mannered librarian worthy of them? Kevin McCarthy and Dean Haspiel serve up a tribute to Jack Kirby's 1960s Marvel work in The Trial of Judy Dark. Don't miss out on this thrilling third issue of the (now back on schedule!) quarterly anthology MICHAEL CHABON PRESENTS THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF THE ESCAPIST, edited by the dynamic duo of Schutz and Chabon! 

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics, 80 pages, $8.95

Argosy Magazine
Lou Anders has resigned his position as Senior Editor of ARGOSY MAGAZINE in order to devote his full attention to his new duties as Editorial Director of Pyr, a new SF&F Imprint from Prometheus Books.

Bison Books - New Robert E. Howard titles in 2005! 
Last week, I reported that three new Robert E. Howard books from are now available for pre-order from Bison Books. All three are listed as 2005 releases. Click here for details.

There will be two other books in the Bison series, a complete collection of Howard's Oriental historicals (LORD OF SAMARCAND AND 
OTHER ORIENTAL TALES), edited by Rusty Burke with an introduction by Patrice Louinet, and a collection of fantasy and weird fiction set in the Americas (the title is not yet set), edited with an introduction by Steve Tompkins.

Thanks to Rusty Burke for the information.

Blackmask Online - New pulp reprint series!
Blackmask Online has started a series of pulp reprints.  Now available are:
Doc Savage:  The Man of Bronze and The Land of Terror - 292 pages, 6x9 perfect bound, $11.85.
Doc Savage:  Quest of the Spider and The Polar Treasure - 268 pages, 6x9 perfect bound, $11.85.

Conan Mini-figure - Available only at Comic Con International & Wizard World!
Dark Horse will be selling an exclusive repaint of the Conan figure from the coming Frost Giant's Daughter Conan PVC set (on sale in September) at Comic Con International in San Diego later this month.   This figure comes packed in a full-color window box and is limited to 2,000 pieces with a portion to be sold at Wizard World Chicago in August. 


CONAN OF VENARIUM by Harry Turtledove - Now available!
Master alternative historian Turtledove (American Empire) authors this coming-of-age story of Robert E. Howard's barbarian hero! Cimmeria is at war with the invading Aquilonian Empire. On the verge of adulthood, Conan lives in a Cimmerian hamlet, caring for his ailing mother, working in his father's smithy, and courting the weaver's daughter. Yet, he burns to join the fight, but is deemed too young. Every Cimmerian longs to drive the intruders out with fire and sword, but they must stay their hands, for the Aquilonians have promised savage reprisals. Then, intolerably, the Aquilonian commander takes a wholly dishonorable interest in the young woman who has captured Conan's favorable eye. It's not a recipe for a peaceable outcome, as the forces of the Aquilonian imperialism have no idea what they're about to go up against!  Mass Market Paperback, 272 pages, $6.99

This is a July 2004 release from TOR books as a 272 page paperback (ISBN: 0765343886).

Crippen & Landru - The Danger Zone and Other Stories by Erle Stanley Gardner
Crippen & Landru is proud to publish a collection of never previously reprinted stories from pulps, slicks and digests by Erle Stanley Gardner (1889-1970) the great creator of Perry Mason. Here we meet such Gardner characters as Snowy Shane, an unorthodox P.I.; Slicker Williams, an ex-convict who uses the tricks of crookery to rescue a damsel in distress; Major Copely Brane, a freelance diplomat; George Brokay, wealthy man-about-town, who becomes a gentleman burglar – with unanticipated results; and others who show Gardner’s mastery of unusual situations, lighting-paced prose, and ingenious gimmicks and plot twists. 

THE DANGER ZONE is the 13th in the Crippen & Landru “Lost Classics” series and the first of our series of Erle Stanley Gardner collections. The volume is edited by the modern master of the private-eye story, Bill Pronzini. 

Clothbound (ISBN: 1-932009-22-1) $29.00. 
Trade softcover (ISBN: 1-932009-23-1X) $19.00. 
The Crippen & Landru website is now secure for online ordering. 

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine
Voice of Death is reviewed this week.
The Crimson Scimitar by Adam Younce is this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

ShadowPDF:   Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online
Doc Savage: No Light to Die By
Doc Savage: Colors for Murder
Doc Savage: The Monkey Suit 

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 400 stories online!
Nothing new this week.

Fritz Leiber - Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser - Now available!
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser: Book Four - Swords Against Wizardry featuring a cover illustration by Jim Steranko is now available from IBooks!

This is a 432 page trade paperback for $14. ISBN: 0743493001

Horror Classics - Graphic Classics Volume Ten
Coming in September 2004 from Eureka Productions is Graphic Classics #10: Horror Classics.
Stories by H. P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith are featured.
Graphic Classics #10 will be on sale September 15th with a stunning cover painting by Mark A. Nelson 
Stories from the original masters of horror in comics. 

EDGAR ALLAN POE - Some Words with a Mummy
Poe's satiric tale adapted by Rod Lott and illustrated by Kevin Atkinson

H.P. LOVECRAFT - The Thing on the Doorstep
Obsession, possession and terror by Michael Manning

SAKI - The Open Window
An impressionable man meets The Bad Seed, illustrated by Gabrielle Bell

W.W. JACOBS - The Monkey's Paw
Nothing comes for free, as illustrated by John Pierard

BRET HARTE - Selina Sedilia
A gothic farce from the great Western author, adapted by Antonella Caputo and illustrated by Nick Miller

JACK LONDON - Keesh, Son of Keesh
Terror on the Tundra, illustrated by "Johnny Jihad" creator Ryan Inzana

OLIVE SCHREINER - In a Far-Off World
A nightmare fantasy by the South African author, illustrated by Jackie Smith

HOWARD GARIS - Professor Jonkin's Cannibal Plant
The precursor to "Little Shop of Horrors" from the creator of "Uncle Wiggly", rendered in comics by Onsmith Jeremi

BALZAC - The Thing at Ghent
A horrific tale retold in one page by Mark Dancey

A simple "what-if" goes to extremes, as pictured by Milton Knight

CLARK ASHTON SMITH - The Beast of Averoigne
Medieval terror adapted by Rod Lott and illustrated by Richard Jenkins

James Doohan
James Doohan, who portrayed Montgomery Scott in the original “Star Trek” series and subsequent films, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. The 84 year old actor began his career in the television series “Space Command.” In was also among the forces which landed in Normandy on D-Day. A tribute to Doohan is scheduled to be held in Hollywood in August. 

Jim Van Hise Facsimile Pulp Reprints - New titles are now available!
Now available from Jim Van Hise are the following facsimile pulp reprints.

Three S. F. novels by J. U. Giesy:
Palos of the Dog Star Pack from ALL-STORY July 13 to August 10, 1918
The Mouthpiece of Zitu from ALL-STORY July 5 to August 2, 1919
Jason, Son of Jason from ALL-STORY April 16 to May 21, 1921
One of the earliest Edgar Rice Burroughs pastiches about a man who uses astral projection to journey to the planet Palos and begin a new life there, and win a princess.  All the chapters as they originally appeared in the pulp magazine ARGOSY ALL-STORY WEEKLY. Each reprint is 100 to 120 pages in length with a full color cover from the pulp featuring chapter one of the serial.  Back covers are from the FAMOUS FANTASTIC MYSTERIES reprints.  Each facsimile is 8.5 by 11 in size and has the original pages enlarged 20%.  Each facsimile reprint is $25.  Shipping is $7 priority mail or $3 media mail.  Add $1.00 shipping for each additional reprint.

The last eight issues of THE THRILL BOOK:
Available now are facsimile photocopy reprints of the last eight issues of THE THRILL BOOK, beginning with the July 1, 1919 issue.  This issue is regarded as the first "new look" issue which set the tone of fantasy and science fiction content for the remainder of the magazines short run.  Each issue is 8.5 by 11 in size, 160 pages, side-stapled with full color front and back covers. Shipping is $8 priority mail or $3 media mail. Add $1.00 shipping for each additional reprint.

Jim Van Hise, 57754 Onaga Trail, Yucca Valley, CA 92284. 
Check, money order, or PayPal: Jimvanhise@aol.com

John Cullen Murphy Passes
I am sorry to report that John Cullen Murphy, artist on Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant died July 2nd of undisclosed causes. Born in 1919, Murphy had a career as a sports cartoonist and illustrator before being tapped by Foster in 1970 to succeed him on the Prince Valiant strip. He studied under such legends as Norman Rockwell, Franklin Booth, George Bridgman, and Charles Chapman, developing a classic illustrative style that stood him in good stead for Prince Valiant's medieval adventures.  Murphy was 85.

JUDGMENT NIGHT by C.L. Moore - Now available!
JUDGMENT NIGHT by C.L. Moore from Red Jacket Press is now available.
Originally released in 1952 from Gnome Press, JUDGMENT NIGHT collects five Moore novellas from the pages of editor John W. Campbell, Jr.’s ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION magazine. Chosen by the author herself as the best of her longer-form writing, these stories show a gifted wordsmith working at the height of her talents: JUDGMENT NIGHT (first published in August and September, 1943) balances a lush rendering of a future galactic empire with a sober meditation on the nature of power and its inevitable loss; “The Code” (July, 1945) pays homage to the classic Faust with modern theories and Lovecraftian dread; “Promised Land” (February, 1950) and “Heir Apparent” (July, 1950) both document the grim twisting that mankind must undergo in order to spread into the solar system; and “Paradise Street” (September, 1950) shows a futuristic take on the old western conflict between lone hunter and wilderness-taming settlers. Except for “Judgment Night,” all of these pieces were originally published under the pen name Lawrence O’Donnell.

JUDGMENT NIGHT is 352 pages for $39.95.
Each limited edition "facsimile" reprint volume is a complete reproduction of the original first edition, and includes a full-color dust jacket, protective slipcase, and biographical information about the author.

CHILDREN OF THE ATOM by Wilmar Shiras, also featuring material from ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION magazine is also now available. Originally published by Gnome Press in 1953, 224 Pages, $39.95. 

All Red Jacket Press titles are available from Pathway Book Service at 1-800-345-6665.
JUDGMENT NIGHT and CHILDREN OF THE ATOM can also be ordered from Mike Chomko.
Contact Mike by email at chomko@enter.net to check availability.
Orders over $30 are discounted 10% and shipped postpaid. 
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Checks and money orders can be sent to Michael Chomko, 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA  18104-6542 

Lost pulp art - Reward offered!
Last weekend, Doug Ellis (Uncovered: The Hidden Art of the Girlie Pulps) brought some of his original art to work in a small portfolio, to make copies of.  When he got off the train in downtown Chicago, Doug inadvertently left the portfolio behind, a mistake he realized about an hour later.  Doug made four trips during the day to the station's lost and found, but the portfolio was not turned in.  It did have Doug's business card in it, but 12 hours later, no one had called.  There were 5 pieces of art in the portfolio, as follows:

1.  Hannes Bok - portrait of green alien girl with reddish hair, used as the back cover to WHISPERS March 1982.  I bought this from 
Illustration House this past February and it can be seen as lot 25 in their February 2004 auction catalog.

2.  Frank Kelly Freas - unpublished piece, with note that it's from 1948 or 1949; depicts a woman being chased by an alien; they're both mounted on alien horse-like creatures.

3.  Tim Truman - interior art from the story "The Hedge Knight" by George R.R. Martin; this depicts a young man sitting, head down, holding a sword.

4.  Artist unknown - illustration to part 3 of "Minions of Mars" by William Grey Beyer from ARGOSY 1/27/40; 2 men swordfighting, in background are 2 guards at a table and a prisoner behind bars.

5.  Artist unknown - illustration to part 5 of "Minions of Mars" by William Grey Beyer from ARGOSY 2/10/40; group battle scene, central figure has an axe, the others have swords.

Scans of the lost artwork are posted at http://www.windycitypulpandpaper.com/lostart.htm along with an email address to contact Doug.  Doug is offering a reward for the artworks return. 

Lost Treasures from the Pulps - Now Available!
THE COMPLEAT ADVENTURES OF BILL BRENT by Frederick C. Davis, introduction by Robert Weinberg
Bill Brent works for a newspaper, and as punishment he is assigned the "Lorna Lorne's Lost Lover's Advice Column" by his editor. However, inquiries for advise addressed to Lorna often result in misadventures, murder, and mayhem. The fifteen stories to be published in THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES OF BILL BRENT, by Frederick C. Davis, introduced by Robert Weinberg, were originally published in DIME DETECTIVE MAGAZINE from May 1941 through June 1946. A folio-sized hardcover, this "Lost Treasure from the Pulps" will retail for $75. 

THE COMPLEAT MOON MAN by Frederick C. Davis 
The Moon Man was Stephen Thatcher, the son of the city police chief, Peter Thatcher. Stephen was a 25-year-old police Sergeant with what seemed to be a normal life, including a fiancee (the gutsy Sue McEwen, an amateur sleuth who often got involved in the Moon Man’s cases) and friends. But at night he put on a domed helmet (with one-way Argus glass) and a long black cloak and did the Robin Hood thing, robbing from the criminals to pay the poor.  This two volume set will include all of the Moon Man stories ever published.  The price is $175. 

Click here or on the image at the right for a larger image.

Lost Treasures from the Pulps can be ordered from: 
The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, PO Box 204, Shelburne, Ontario Canada L0N 1S0.
For inquiries and orders, contact George A. Vanderburgh, Publisher
email: gav@bmts.com     FAX: 519-925-3482

Lost Treasures from the Pulps are also available from Mike Chomko.
Mike Chomko ordering information:
Orders over $30 are discounted 10% and shipped postpaid. 
For shipments to Canada, please add $4 to your order.
Orders under $30 are no discount and add $3 ($5 for Canada) for shipping and handling.
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Checks and money orders can be sent to Michael Chomko, 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA  18104-6542 
Contact Mike by email at chomko@enter.net.

By Max Allan Collins, Rich Oberg, Jim Heimann (Editor) 
Men's magazines first appeared in great numbers after World War II and the Korean War. Sometimes sexy, sometimes violent, sometimes shocking, these striking color images of cover art and interior illustrations fully capture the heyday of American male popular culture, showcasing the heady violence and sensual sex drive that distinguished the hot-selling and sometimes disreputable periodical publications. 
Soft Cover, 7x10, 576 pages, Full Color, $39.99
THE MOON POOL by A. Merritt - Now available!
Wesleyan University Press will publish THE MOON POOL in July 2004.
One of the most gripping fantasies ever written, THE MOON POOL embodies all the romanticism and poetic nostalgia characteristic of A. Merritt’s writings. Set on the island of Ponape, full of ruins from ancient civilizations, the novel chronicles the adventures of a party of explorers who discover a previously unknown underground world full of strange peoples and super-scientific wonders. From the depths of this world, the party unwittingly unleashes the Dweller, a monstrous terror that threatens the islands of the South Pacific. Although Merritt did not invent the lost world novel, following in the footsteps of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Burroughs and others, he greatly elaborated upon that tradition. This new edition includes a biography of the author, and an introduction detailing Merritt’s many sources and influences, including the occult, mythological, and scientific discourses of his day.
352 pages, 8 illustrations, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
$24.95 Paper, 0-8195-6707-8 
$65.00 Cloth, 0-8195-6706-X 
The Cloth edition is un-jacketed. Cover illustration is for paperback edition only.
The Pulp Rack - Another new addition!
THE CROWN OF COYOPAN -- Part Four of our serialization of the novel by H. Bedford-Jones. Youthful romances. Greed. Deadly intrigue. Murder. All for a fortune in Inca gold and emeralds. The suspense continues in Chapters 7 and 8. Visit this URL to read this latest installment!

Enjoy! And thanks again for your patronage.
Duane Spurlock, proprietor, The Pulp Rack

Red Jacket Press - Sequels to E.E. "Doc" Smith's LENSMEN series!
Red Jacket Press is pleased to announce brand new editions of three fully-authorized sequels to E.E. "Doc" Smith's LENSMEN series: THE DRAGON LENSMAN, LENSMAN FROM RIGEL, and Z-LENSMAN, written by David A. Kyle and originally published in paperback by Bantam Books in the early 1980s (and long since out of print). These new editions will be available in September.

Each book is a complete and unabridged reprint of the original novel, and features new cover art and interior illustrations by Hugo Award-winning artist Ron Miller, and a new introduction by the Author.

These books will be available individually in paperback, but available in hardcover only as a limited edition of 250 sets, packaged in a deluxe slipcase, with each enclosed book individually numbered and signed by the author on a special bound-in plate. Both versions will be introduced and available first at Worldcon in September (where an exhibit on E.E. "Doc" Smith's work is planned), and author David A. Kyle will be available at our dealers' table to sign copies of the book.  The prices are have not been determined yet.  More details to come!

These titles can be pre-ordered from Mike Chomko.
Orders over $30 are discounted 10% and shipped postpaid. 
For shipments to Canada, please add $4 to your order.
Orders under $30 are no discount and add $3 ($5 for Canada) for shipping and handling.
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Checks and money orders can be sent to Michael Chomko, 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA  18104-6542 
Contact Mike by email at chomko@enter.net to reserve a copy.

Now available from Wildside Press is TREASURE OF TARTARY AND OTHER HEROIC TALES by Robert E. Howard.  The book is edited by Paul Herman with an Introduction by James Reasoner.
ISBN: 0-8095-1558-X, 218 pages, hardcover
This is a limited edition (600 copies), smythe-sewn, with a full-color dust jacket. Wildside Press used the book printer employed by Nightshade Books and Cemetery Dance Publications, so expect a top quality book. 
TREASURE OF TARTARY includes 5 stories: Treasure of Tartary, Son of the White Wolf, Black Vulmea's Vengeance, Boot Hill Payoff, and The Vultures of Whapeton.
This collection retails for $35 plus shipping.

TREASURE OF TARTARY can also be ordered from Mike Chomko.
Contact Mike by email at chomko@enter.net to check availability.
Orders over $30 are discounted 10% and shipped postpaid.
Orders under $30 are no discount and add $2 for shipping and handling.
Michael Chomko, 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA  18104-6542

SAHARA - Upcoming Dirk Pitt movie!
ETOnline did a brief interview with Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz on the set in the harsh Moroccan desert for their new action-adventure, SAHARA. In what is intended to be the first of numerous adaptations, SAHARA finds Dirk (Matthew) searching for Confederate gold coins that have inexplicably materialized in Nigeria. When he thwarts the attempted assassination of World Health Organization scientist Dr. Eva Rojas (Penélope), Dirk discovers a nefarious plot involving a deadly disease that could spread to epidemic proportions. With the help of his long-time partner, Al Giordino (the always plucky STEVE ZAHN), and state-of-the-art equipment provided by his boss, Admiral Sandecker (WILLIAM H. MACY), Dirk sets out to save the world from an environmental catastrophe.  Click here to read the interview.

Subterranean Press - New Robert Bloch title!
Forthcoming is Robert Bloch's THE FEAR PLANET AND OTHER UNUSUAL DESTINATIONS: THE READER'S BLOCH. Edited with an Introduction by Stefan R. Dziemianowicz.

It's no secret that a hefty helping of Robert Bloch's fiction remains unreprinted or uncollected since its original publication in pulp magazines, digests and anthologies of original stories. What many readers don't know is how good much of this fiction is. These stories run the full gamut of genres for which Bloch wrote--fantasy, horror, science fiction, mystery--and all showcase Bloch's inimitable style. We can't presume to know why Bloch never collected them in his lifetime, even though he sanctioned the reprinting of some in anthologies. Possibly, he felt they didn't fit the scheme of specific books. Regardless, the stories provide interesting snapshots of Bloch's career at the time they were written, and the evolution of story markets where they appeared.

This is planned to be the first book in a series of two or three volumes collecting unreprinted Bloch short fiction from such pulps as AMAZING, STARTLING STORIES, FANTASTIC ADVENTURES, DIME MYSTERY, DETECTIVE TALES and MAMMOTH  MYSTERY. Only 750 copies of this first volume are being done, so get your reservations in now. The limited edition retails for $40 and the lettered edition retails for $150.

You can reserve a copy on the Subterranean Press website where the complete contents are listed.
This title can also be pre-ordered from Mike Chomko.
Orders over $30 are discounted 10% and shipped postpaid. 
For shipments to Canada, please add $4 to your order.
Orders under $30 are no discount and add $3 ($5 for Canada) for shipping and handling.
Mike accepts cash payments (but not credit card payments) through Paypal at chomko@enter.net.
Checks and money orders can be sent to Michael Chomko, 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA  18104-6542 
Contact Mike by email at chomko@enter.net to reserve a copy.

Web Mystery Magazine 
The Summer 2004 issue of Web Mystery Magazine is now available online at http://www.lifeloom.com/webmysterymagazine.htm
This issue features a brief article on DETECTIVE BOOK MAGAZINE by Virginia E. Johnson.

Will Murray
Will Murray has a 5-page article on Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow in STARLOG #325 (now available).
Will Murray has an 8-page article, The Amazing Acorn of Atlas Horror, in COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE #112 (now available).

02 July 2004
2004 Film Release Dates
June 30
July 7
July 16
July 23
August 13
September 17

Adventure House
Adventure House has announced the contents of HIGH ADVENTURE #81 and G-8 #15.
HIGH ADVENTURE #81 will feature KI-GOR The Jungle Lord in two great novelette length stories from the pages of JUNGLE STORIES.  HIGH ADVENTURE #81 ships in March 2005.
Night of the Wasuli Death - Africa was arming for war!  From the land of the Zulu plains to the heart of the perilous Congo bewitched tribesmen flocked to the blood-red banner of Iban Byzof, ruthless, self-made jungle emperor.  And first to be trapped in that fierce tide of revolt was Ki-Gor, son of the jungle, and his flamed-haired mate, Helene.

The Monster of Voodoo Isle - Power-mad M'membo had united the fifty tribes of the fierce Bantu bowmen.  Bewitching, raven-haired Tabitha, pagan goddess, was spurring them to battle pitch.  But how could Ki-Gor, great white lord of all the jungles, move against them when his very first step meant death to his golden mate, Helene, a fated prisoner of his jackal-like twosome?

G-8 #15 will feature The Blizzard Staffel.  Cut off from Allied lines, the 162nd American division was in a death spot.  There was only one way of reaching them—and that was by air.  But it was practically impossible to fly through the blizzard even then raging along the front.  Yet G-8 and his buddies defied doom to try to work out a suicide plan to rescue thousands of Yanks!  G-8 #15 ships in January 2005.

Previously announced and coming soon:
HIGH ADVENTURE #77 features the Green Ghost in The Case of the Clumsy Cat.  (July 2004)
HIGH ADVENTURE #78 features high seas adventures!  (September 2004)
HIGH ADVENTURE #79 features the Phantom Detective in The Crime of Fu Kee Wong.  (November 2004)
HIGH ADVENTURE #80 features the Green Lama in Babies for Sale.  (January 2005)

G-8 AND HIS BATTLE ACES #13 featuring The Spider Staffel.  (July 2004)
G-8 AND HIS BATTLE ACES #14 featuring The Mad Dog Squadron.   (October 2004)

Arkham House - Now shipping!
You can order your copy now on the Arkham House website.
Price: $33.95
June 21, 2004: Argosy #2 has finally shipped.
The single volume 'Proletarian Edition' will be appearing in bookstores and newsstands nationwide any day now, and the two-volume slipcased 'Connoisseur Edition' is currently shipping to primary distributors, direct retail customers, subscribers, and contributors.

Bison Books - Three new Robert E. Howard titles in 2005!
Three new Robert E. Howard books from are now available for pre-order. 
All three are listed as 2005 releases.  Unfortunately, there are no contents listings.

Boxing Stories
by Robert E. Howard Edited and with an introduction by Chris Gruber
Hardcover $29.95  ISBN : 0-8032-2423-0
Paperback $14.95  ISBN : 0-8032-7352-5

The End of the Trail Western Stories 
by Robert E. Howard Edited and with an introduction by Rusty Burke
Hardcover $35.00  ISBN : 0-8032-2423-0
Paperback $17.95  ISBN : 0-8032-7352-5

The Riot at Bucksnort and Other Western Tales 
by Robert E. Howard Edited and with an introduction by David Gentzel
Hardcover $29.95  ISBN : 0-8032-2425-7
Paperback $14.95  ISBN : 0-8032-7354-1

Charlie Chanthology - Available July 6th!
The Charlie Chan Collection DVD boxed set (SRP $69.95) will be available on July 6th.

Suspense-filled thrills! Laugh-out-loud humor! And some of the sharpest-tongued proverbs ever uttered in the Western world! This Chanthology boasts the best adventures of the greatest detective ever to unravel a wartime mystery or foil a high-profile heist: the inimitable Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler)!

The 6-disc set includes The Chinese Cat, Charlie Chan in the Secret Service, The Jade Mask, Meeting at Midnight, The Shanghai Cobra and The Scarlet Clue.  Each of these films will also be available separately for $14.95 each. All are in their original full frame aspect ratio with mono audio.

The Cimmerian - Now available!
THE CIMMERIAN Volume 1, Number 2 (June 2004) is now available.
This 40 page issue features an essay on El Borak, another on Howard’s boxing tales, two reviews of Don Herron’s new book of Howard criticism, poetry by Darrell Schweitzer, Announcements, Howard History, Letters, and more.
There are two editions available. The deluxe edition, numbered 1–75, uses a black linen cover with foil-stamped blood-red text. The limited edition, numbered 76–225, uses a blood-red cover with solid black text.
Deluxe edition:  $15 
Limited edition: $10 
Shipping is $2 per every 4 books shipped. Send check or money order to:
THE CIMMERIAN, P. O. Box 1245, DOWNEY, CA 90240

Visit THE CIMMERIAN website at http://www.thecimmerian.com/

CONAN OF CIMMERIA Volume 2 Limited Edition - Special Offer!
Neither Bud Plant nor Diamond has CONAN OF CIMMERIA Volume 2 available just yet. 
However, the official R. E. Howard online store reports that the book is now available and it has a special offer!

The Official Robert E. Howard online store is giving away a limited number of the 32 page illustrated book THE ILLUSTRATED WORLD OF ROBERT E. HOWARD with any order for the Limited Edition of CONAN OF CIMMERIA Volume 2. Plus, if you order now you will receive FREE SHIPPING in the US. 

Visit the links below for more info and to order. 
The bookstore also has 12 images from THE ILLUSTRATED WORLD OF ROBERT E. HOWARD posted online.

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine
Murder by Moonlight is reviewed this week.
Isle of Death by John Olsen is this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

ShadowPDF:   Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online
Doc Savage:  The Screaming Man
Doc Savage:  Measures for a Coffin
Doc Savage:  Five Fathoms Dead
Doc Savage:  Se-Pah-Poo
Doc Savage:  The Pure Evil
Doc Savage:  The Disappearing Lady
Doc Savage:  The Devil is Jones
Doc Savage:  Target for Death
Doc Savage:  Death in Little Houses
Doc Savage:  The Exploding Lake
Doc Savage:  Death is a Round Black Spot
Doc Savage:  The Thing That Pursued

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 400 stories online!
No Cause For Alarm by John L. Benton from DETECTIVE NOVELS [April 1938]
Patrolman Tim Brady Is Torn Between Fire and Loot--and Finds the Answer to a Riddle!
Live Bait by Harley L. Court from SPICY DETECTIVE STORIES [November 1935]
Minor (spicy) classic; mistaken identities in flimsy pajamas.

ERBville Press announced the forthcoming publication of the next volume in the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Uniform Edition Hardcover Collection: UNDER THE MOONS OF MARS. The original magazine version!  First time in Hardcover with all new illustrations! 

The new artwork is by Jeff Doten and you can view all the new artwork pieces on Jeff's website at http://www.jeffdoten.com.  Jeff works in both acrylics and digital media with a focus in science fiction and fantasy art.  He is presently working on a short, heavily illustrated novel set in 1928, The Fire Gods of Venus. Artwork from The Fire Gods of Venus is also on display on the website.  Stop by for look.

The price: $40 postpaid in the United States, $44 postpaid in Canada and $55 postpaid for the rest of the world. 
The pre-publication order deadline is August 30, 2004. 
The publication date is September 31, 2004. 
You can order online at the ERBville Press website at http://www.angelfire.com/film/locationbooks/sept.htm

Fading Shadows - Now Available!
The Lone Eagle in Sky Patrol by Lt. Scott Morgan (house name), originally published April 1937
Captain Death in The Doom Club  by Joel T. Rogers, originally published in AIR STORIES, Winter 1937

BEHIND THE MASK #69 featuring:
Ki-Gor and the Cannibal Kingdom by John Peter Drummond 
  Originally published in JUNGLE STORIES, Summer 1940 V1 N6
Elephant Law by Paul Annixter -  Originally published in JUNGLE STORIES
Tomorrow by Leo Zagat - Originally published in ARGOSY, May 27, 1939
Front Cover by Ron Wilber

DETECTIVE MYSTERY STORIES #50 featuring The Mystery on Logan Lane by Eugene C. Flinn, Electric Dreamland by Tom Condacure, Identity by Kenneth M Austin, and The Pharoh's Chickens (Part 2 of 5) by Don Wynne.

Click here or on the images to the right for a look at larger cover images.

Each issue is 5.5 by 8.5 inches in size and runs approximately 80 pages.
One issue is $6.30 postpaid. Two or more issues are $6 each postpaid.
Not responsible for packages lost in the mail.
Insurance is $1.10 per $50.00 value and highly recommended.

Order from: 
Fading Shadows, Inc.
504 E. Morris Street
Seymour, TX 76380-2212

Fading Shadows - Coming Soon in ACTION ADVENTURE STORIES!
Death In The Desert (Phantom Detective) by Robert Wallace

Girasol Collectables - July Pulp Replicas!
Girasol Collectables is pleased to announce three more issues in its ongoing series of Pulp Replicas.
Click here or on the images to the right for a look at larger Pulp Replica cover images.

Girasol Collectables Inc. is pleased to announce our three new Pulp Replicas for the month of July. Anyone that purchases all three of this month's Replicas will pay a reduced price of $85 versus the actual total of $95.  Girasol Collectables will be at PulpCon later in the month and will honour the monthly special at the show for those that plan to attend. See you in Dayton!

Just a note of trivia for our REH fans that have purchased the Howard SPICY ADVENTURE Replicas, the pen name Sam Walser comes from Howard's great-great grandfather, Samuel Walser.

We lead off the month with the next issue of THE SPIDER featuring City of Flaming Shadows. The date is January 1934, issue #4. 

Our second Replica this month is the July 1936 issue of SPICY MYSTERY, Her Demon Lover.

Girasol is also pleased to offer another bedsheet WEIRD TALES. March 1924 is the date, featuring another Houdini cover and also containing HP Lovecraft's The Rats in the Walls. This is issue #11 and will allow those with our
previous issues to complete three serials and add another part of Draconda to their repertoire. 

Coming Soon:  SPICY DETECTIVE #2 (First Dan Turner), SPIDER #5 and up, TERROR TALES #5 and up.

As always, these reprints are exact copies including the illustrations, ads and back-up stories and have been printed on off-white paper, staple-bound and finished off with a high quality reproduction of the original cover.
The only thing missing is the smell (alas) and the flaking newsprint.

Here is a complete listing of the Pulp Replicas currently available for $25 or $35 each postpaid within North America. Overseas will be a few dollars more.

CIVIL WAR STORIES ($25 each postpaid within North America)

DAN TURNER  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
Dan Turner Hollywood Detective No. 1 (January 1942)

THE OCTOPUS ($35 each postpaid within North America)
February/March 1939

ORIENTAL STORIES ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#1  (Oct./Nov. 1930) featuring the Robert E. Howard story, TheVoice of El-Lil.

THE SCORPION ($35 each postpaid within North America)
April/May 1939

SPICY ADVENTURE  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#8   (May 1935) featuring a Great Middle Eastern motif cover
#19 (April 1936) featuring She Devil by Robert E. Howard (writing as Sam Walser) 
#22 (July 1936) featuring a Parkhurst cover
#26 (November 1936)

SPICY DETECTIVE  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#7   (November 1934)
#10 (February 1935)
#17 (September 1935) featuring Dan Turner and a terrific HJ Ward cover
#20 (December 1935) featuring a HJ Ward cover and a Dan Turner story
#30 (October 1936) featuring an incredible, truly classic HJ Ward cover
#76 (August 1940) featuring a great HJ Ward cover, Dan Turner, Eel stories

SPICY MYSTERY  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#2   (June 1935) featuring Fangs of the Bat
#3   (July 1935) featuring a nice Parkhurst cover
#4   (August 1935)
#8   (December 1935) featuring a nice Parkhurst cover
#10 (February 1936) featuring Batman
#15 (July 1936)

SPICY WESTERN  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#14 (December 1937)  Great HJ Ward cover

THE SPIDER  ($35 each postpaid within North America)
#1  The Spider Strikes! (October 1933)
#2  The Wheel of Death (November 1933)
#3  Wings of the Black Death (December 1933)
#4  City of Flaming Shadows (January 1934)

STRANGE TALES  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#1  (September 1931)
#2  (November 1931)
#3  (January 1932) featuring Wolves of Darkness by Jack Williamson
#4  (March 1932)
#5  (June 1932)
#6  (October 1932) Famous 'Worm Monster' cover
#7  (January 1933)

TERROR TALES  ($35 each postpaid within North America)
#1 (September 1934)
#2 (October 1934)
#3 (November 1934)
#4 (December 1934)

WEIRD TALES  ($35 each postpaid within North America)
#1   March 1923
Available in 2 cover choices: the 'regular' cover, or the recently discovered 'rarer' version.
Exactly the same, except the black and orange of the cover illustration are switched.
#2   April 1923
#5   July/August 1923
#9   December 1923/January 1924 
#10 February 1924
#11 March 1924
#12 April 1924

Email Girasol Collectables at: girasol@interlog.com.
A complete listing, along with other items such as books, fanzines and of course pulps, can be found on
the Girasol Collectables website at http://www.girasolcollectables.com/

All payments must be made in $US payable to Girasol Collectables and mailed to:
Neil Mechem c/o Girasol Collectables
3501 Glen Erin Drive, Apt. 1409, Mississauga, ON, Canada L5L 2E9

Last Months Replicas



Hippocampus Press
Our edition of Algernon Blackwood's classic collection INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES is almost ready to ship! This is part of our Lovecraft's Library series, and S. T. Joshi has written a very fine introduction to the book. Cover art is derived from a 1916 edition of Blackwood, and as the frontispiece, we present a rare Neil Austin portrait of the author from a 1948 issue of Famous Fantastic Mysteries.

By Algernon Blackwood
Introduction by S. T. Joshi
June: ISBN 0-9748789-0-1: 224 pages: Pb: $15.00

Algernon Blackwood (1869-1951) was author of one of the richest bodies of weird fiction in all literary history. H. P. Lovecraft regarded Blackwood as perhaps the greatest weird writer of his day and Incredible Adventures (1914) as among Blackwood's finest works. This collection of five novellas not only presents weird scenarios of extraordinary richness, but also probes the characters' reactions to the bizarre with unfailing subtlety and acuteness. The result is a landmark in the history of weird fiction. This edition forms an integral part of our Lovecraft's Library series, and as usual, series editor S. T. Joshi provides a very fine introduction.

THE EVOLUTION OF THE WEIRD TALE by S.T. Joshi is nearly ready to go to the printer. This collection of trenchant essays will doubtless appeal to all weird fiction enthusiasts! S. T. Joshi, a leading authority on supernatural literature, traces the development of the weird form. Examining the entire weird output of authors from the "Golden Age" of 1880-1940 as well as contemporaries such as Rod Serling and Poppy Z. Brite, Joshi attempts to grasp their overall literary aims and purposes. Also provided is a special section on Lovecraft and his influence, featuring diverse articles not collected elsewhere.

Remember, by placing an advance order for the Loveman collection OUT OF THE IMMORTAL NIGHT, you will be automatically entered in the contest to win a first edition of Samuel Loveman's THE HERMAPHRODITE, printed by W. Paul Cook's Recluse Press (Athol MA, 1926) in a limited edition of 350 copies. So far, very few people have entered the contest, meaning that those who do have a decent chance of winning! 

Unfortunately, Hippocampus Press will no longer be publishing Richard Tierney's novel DRUMS OF CHAOS. We wish the author every success in getting this novel published, and we do hope to work with him on another project in the future.

Visit the Hippocampus Press website at http://www.hippocampuspress.com/

H.P. Lovecraft Birthday Con - August 27-29!
All the usual eldritch party favors can be found at this year's annual H.P. Lovecraft's Birthday Party gaming convention in Vancouver BC Canada (at the Marpole Curling Club), August 27-29. Lots of Call of Cthulhu, Hills Rise Wild, Mythos and other Lovecraftian pastimes will be run in addition to the usual RPG & Clix favorites that one can find at these Vancouver Gaming Guild events, plus some Cthulhoid movies will be shown. For more info visit http://www.vancouvergamingguild.com

Hugh B. Cave
I am sorry to report that Hugh B. Cave passed away on Sunday, June 27th.
According to Doug Greene (Crippen & Landru), there will be no funeral.  Hugh will be cremated and his ashes mixed with his wife Peggie's.  Hugh was one of the last of the great pulpsters -- a fine storyteller but  more than that a good person. He had a very long and a very full life.  He will be missed.

LOCUS online published the following:
Horror writer Hugh B. Cave, born 1910, died June 27. Cave published stories in pulp magazines beginning in 1929, and wrote at least 45 books from 1942 through 2003, including 1977 World Fantasy Award winning collection MURGUNSTRUMM AND OTHERS.  He received a Bram Stoker Life Achievement Award in 1990, a World Fantasy Special Convention Award in 1996, a Living Legend Award from the International Horror Guild in 1997, and a World Fantasy Life Achievement Award in 1998.  The Official Hugh B. Cave website is at http://www.hughcave.com/

James Bond
It was previously reported that EON has decided to keep Pierce Brosnan on for the next Bond film.
Commander Bond  is reporting that Adrian Paul [Highlander : End-Game] is being poised to take over from Brosnan. In addition, Dame Judi Dench has apparently suggested to Sean Connery [ex-Bond] that he should take over the role of ‘M’ from her. 

James Bond
Charlie Higson, Fast Show writer, is to publish two novels about a teenaged James Bond. The first 'young' James Bond novel will be published by Puffin with rights acquired from Ian Fleming Publications Ltd in March 2005

Jurassic Park 4
ComingSoon.com reports that the plan now by the big execs is to release the film Winter 2005 or Spring 2005. Between December-April. The script is being rewritten by John Sayles, but is based on an earlier draft by a man called William Monahan.  A majority of the animals will be marine reptiles.  The Spinosaurus is back, but she'll be badder in this version. The raptors are also back.  Sam Neill is not returning for this movie, but Jeff Goldblum and Richard Attenborough are. The rumours that scenes have already been filmed are false. There is not even a director signed to the project yet. Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City, I,Robot) may be under consideration. Although nothing has been signed on the dotted line yet, Steven Spielberg and Lord Richard Attenborough have made a "gentlemen's agreement" to bring the John Hammond character back to the fold.

King Conan
According to Moviehole, Warner Brothers doesn't want to greenlight KING CONAN unless Arnold plays the character to ensure the film be financially successful at the box-office. 

The Arnold Fans put in a call to the John Milius camp to see what was up and learned that Arnold called John Milius about three or four months ago and ASKED JOHN TO WAIT for him according to a source close to Milius.  John Milius is still unsure if he wants to wait a couple more years for Arnold to return or if he should have wrestling star Triple H fill his boots and begin filming sooner. Although Arnold asked Milius to wait for him, Arnold is still not 100 percent sure if this will be his last term. If the constitution changes, I am told Arnold said he will seriously consider running for president. One way or another, Arnold will be “king”.

Another interesting bit of news is that WB’s Conan rights are expiring soon and if they do not renew the rights, Milius may go venture into new waters. Currently Milius is working with Electronic Arts, a billion dollar video game company, on a Conan video game. If WB passes, we may see Electronic Arts buying the rights to the “King Conan: Crown of Iron” MOVIE!

King Kong
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hanks has been signed to star in Peter Jackson's "King Kong". He'll play a production assistant to filmmaker Carl Denham (Jack Black). Hanks and Black previously co-starred together in the aforementioned "Orange County". 

"Early Edition" star Kyle Chandler has also joined the cast. He'll play a 1930s B-movie actor opposite Watts' character, Ann Darrow. 

Andy Serkis is providing the reference for the character of Kong, who will be a completely CGI character, as well as playing the role of Lumpy the cook. Jackson said he is excited to work with Hanks and Chandler. 
Source: Moviehole

Michael William Kaluta - New Shadow, Doc Savage, and John Carter artwork!
Michael William Kaluta has posted images of sketches that he has been commisioned to draw online.  Included are sketches of The Shadow, Doc Savage, John Carter of Mars, and more! Visit Michael William Kaluta's website at http://www.kaluta.com/pages/commissions/

Mission Impossible 3 
Paramount Pictures has moved the Tom Cruise sequel Mission: Impossible 3 back seven weeks, to June 29. The film was previously scheduled to open on May 6.  The shift sets up a confrontation between Paramount's spy franchise and 20th Century Fox's comic book actioner Fantastic Four over next year's Fourth of July weekend. "M:I-3" will open on a Wednesday, while Fantastic Four is set to debut two days later.  Filming will begin next month.

Night Shade Books - Now available!
Night Shade Books trade hardcover of Red World of Polaris by Clark Ashton Smith is now available.  The trade hardcover is $27.
Prelude to Space
Screenwriter Michael McGruther has optioned the rights to Arthur C. Clarke's first published novel, Prelude to Space. Prelude to Space, published in 1954, is a prophetic space adventure about man landing on the moon.  Clarke is expected to be a consultant on the picture. 

PULPCON 33 - Next weekend:July 8-11, 2004!
PULPCON 33 will be held July 8-11, 2004 at the Dayton Convention Center in Dayton, Ohio.
Mike Nevins, Jr., legal advisor and worker in copyright law and reprint rights has accepted the invitation to be Guest of Honor at Pulpcon 33. Mike has been working with authors, editors and anthologists for more than 30 years.

The second confirmed Guest is Don Hutchison who began having articles about pulps and pulp heroes published more than 40 years ago. Since then he has become a leading anthologist, writer, editor and publisher about pulps.

Watch the PULPCON website for the latest information as it becomes available.

PULPCON 33 - Bookery Fantasy Announcement!
Bookery Fantasy will have extended hours on Wednesday July 7 (9am to 7pm)  and Thursday July 8 (9am to 7pm).  Regular hours resume Friday and Saturday  (11am to 7pm) and Sunday (noon to 5pm).

Directions: From the Dayton Convention Center  come over 4 blocks and turn right (east) onto First Street, continuing as it  becomes Springfield Street, on past the Air Force Museum and up the short hill  under the railway bridge.  Still continue on toward Fairborn (the Air Force  Base is on your left at this point), and just inside the city limits go just  past the abandoned movie theater on your right (tallest structure on that  street) to the streetlight and turn right (Main Street)... this is the first  turn you need to make since you got on First Street in downtown Dayton.   Main Street is only a few blocks long-- we're on the right (comics &  collectibles shop) and left (gaming division) just before the huge flag in the  center of town... all in all about 10-15 minutes from Pulpcon depending upon  traffic.  (You can also use Third Street instead of First, as long as you  eventually take the "V" to the left which is Springfield Street).

We are offering a 15% discount off all collectibles (back-issue comics,  pulps, paperbacks, collectible hardbacks, movie posters, magazines) during  PulpCon (sorry-- this is the best we can do this year, regardless of quantity  purchased).  In addition to about 25 long-boxes of miscellaneous pulps, I  will be breaking open the vault and putting my personal collection up for sale--  about 200 pulps including some of the rarest issues on the planet, a few select  high-grades, "hot" cover art issues, and misc. oddities.  Many of these  were purchased at premium prices and so it comes with fair warning these may not  be as "reasonably" priced as is typical of our general stock (though the 15%  discount still applies).  These items will NOT be made available for  mail-order or reserve until AFTER Pulpcon-- I simply won't have time to deal  with it, as I will be pricing these right up until that morning... begining that  Wednesday they are offered on a first-come first-serve basis.  In addition  I will be making available as many early and pulp-related paperbacks as I can  get to, a newly acquired collection of 50+ Arkham House editions, plus  pulp-author hardbacks, limited/signed editions, and of course a room-full of  gold & silver-age comics ranging from $1.25 cheap-reads to Marvel Comics #1  and lots 'o stuff inbetween.

I'm looking forward to seeing any and all that can make it up this way (no  purchase required-- really) and will make it to the show myself when I can get  free.  I also believe that Bonnett's will have some new stock available as  well, so there should be lots of pulps in the Dayton area this year!  -- Tim Cottrill

PULPDOM #39 (June 2004) is now available. 
The contents of this issue include:
All About A. P. Terhune by Bill Garwood, Caz, and divers hands
The Planeteer Part 2 from THE ALL-STORY, March 9, 1918
The Argosy: January 1910 to December 1911
The Paperback Collector #51 and #52 by Gary Lovisi

This issue has full color front and back covers and is profusely illustrated with full color and black & white illustrations throughout.  Copies are $6 each (postpaid) anywhere in USA.  Six issue subscriptions are $30.
Contact C. Cazedessus II, P.O. Box 2340, Pagosa Springs, Colorado 81147, email: cazbooks@frontier.net

The Pulp Rack - Another new addition!
THE CROWN OF COYOPAN: PART THREE by H. Bedford-Jones. An Incan treasure. An old city tucked into the Andes, ruled by the heirs of the conquistadores. A secret society. Murderous plots. Can one man survive the intrigues to capture fortune in gold and emeralds. Visit this URL to read Chapters 5 and 6!

Enjoy! And thanks again for your patronage.
Duane Spurlock, proprietor, The Pulp Rack

Red Sonja - Available July 6th!
RED SONJA is a semisequel to CONAN THE BARBARIAN and CONAN THE DESTROYER. The film is directed by Richard Fleischer and based on characters created by Robert E. Howard. After suffering at the hands of Queen Gedren (Sandahl Bergman), warrior Red Sonja (Brigitte Nielsen) seeks vengeance. When the queen seizes a talisman that yields immense power, Sonja sets out to thwart her. On her journey, Sonja is aided by the mysterious Kalidor (Arnold Schwarzenegger), and meets the 12-year-old Prince Tarn (Eddie Reyes, Jr.) and his bodyguard, Falkon (Paul Smith). After many trials, the quartet arrives in the Land of Perpetual Night where they confront Queen Gedren in her stronghold.

Retail Price: $14.97

THE SAVAGE TALES OF SOLOMAN KANE - Available in comic shops July 8th!
THE SAVAGE TALES OF SOLOMAN KANE is a June 29, 2004 release from Del Rey books as a 432 page paperback. The SRP is $15.95. ISBN: 0345461509

Collected in this volume, lavishly illustrated by award-winning artist Gary Gianni, are all of the stories and poems that make up the thrilling saga of the dour and deadly Puritan, Solomon Kane. Together they constitute a sprawling epic of weird fantasy adventure that stretches from sixteenth-century England to remote African jungles where no white man has set foot. Here are shudder-inducing tales of vengeful ghosts and bloodthirsty demons, of dark sorceries wielded by evil men and women, all opposed by a grim avenger armed with a fanatic's faith and a warrior's savage heart.

Tom Strong #27 - Available in comic shops July 8th!
Written by Steve Aylett; art by Shawn McManus; cover by Chris Sprouse
A surreal journey of self-discovery brought to you by British science fiction author Steve Aylett and fan-favorite artist Shawn McManus. Several mysterious deaths, coupled by an unannounced visit from an enigmatic stranger, prompt Tom Strong to investigate a woman with odd powers that shift realities. 
32 pages, Color,  $2.95

Wildside Press
Now available from Wildside Press is a reprint of FAR BELOW AND OTHER HORRORS by Robert Weinberg.
Editor Robert Weinberg has assembled a stellar collection of rare horror stories from the weird fiction pulps, including contributions from Robert Barbour Johnson, Julius Long, G.G. Pendarves, Mary Elizabeth Counselman, Mearle Prout, Mindret Lord, Robert E. Howard, Earl Pierte, Jr., Seabury Quinn, J. Wesley Rosenquest, and Robert Nelson. Originally published by FAX Collectors Editions. This title is available as a 152 page trade paperback for $15.95 or a hardcover for $29.95.

Visit the June News Archive for older stories.