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24 December 2004

Happy Holidays to all!   Next weeks update will be on Saturday, January 1st!

The Adventures of Superman on DVD
According to TV Shows on DVD, Warner Bros recently emailed the press some upcoming TV-DVD releases that are being promoted as part of their Warner 50th Anniversary celebration, and The Adventures of Superman was mentioned in the list. An official announcement could be coming within a matter of weeks, though the title is still in the "rumor" stage at this point. 

The Cimmerian - #5 Now available!
THE CIMMERIAN Volume 1, Number 5 (December 2004) is now available.
This issue features a symposium on the twentieth anniversary of The Dark Barbarian, including detailed critical reminiscences from Darrell Schweitzer, Charles Hoffman, and Don Herron, a comprehensive series of historical commentaries and reviews, plus verse from poetic maestro Donald Sidney-Fryer, a huge Letters column, art, and more.

THE CIMMERIAN Volume 1, Number 5  was printed in two editions. The deluxe edition, numbered 1–75, uses a black linen cover with foil-stamped blood-red text. The limited edition, numbered 76–225, uses a blood-red cover with solid black text.

Deluxe edition:  $15 each.
Limited edition:  $10 each.

Shipping is $3 per every 4 books shipped in the US. Canadian shipping is $5, UK and Australian and French shipping is $10. Send check or money order, made payable to THE CIMMERIAN, to:

P. O. Box 1245
DOWNEY, CA 90240

Conan  mini-series in 2005!
WIZARD #160 spills the beans on Dark Horse Comics' Conan plans for 2005. 
Three Conan mini-series are announced that will have two Conan titles shipping every month for most of the year.

The first is P. Craig Russell's three-issue series CONAN AND THE JEWELS OF GWALUR
A summer release is planned.

This is a four-isue series with covers by Pat Lee that puts a decidedly manga spin on Conan as he heads into the Far East.
The writer and interior artist are not named.  A summer release is planned.

The third is CONAN: THE BOOK OF THOTH by Kurt Busiek, Len Wein, and Kelley Jones. 
This is an four-issue (40 pages each) series planned for fall.
In WIZARD, Busiek says:
"Think of this as a big sprawling creepy-ass horror novel set in the Hyborian Age, about a street kid who grows up to be the biggest bad-ass in the world."  "We give Thoth a flicker of ambition, and then fan it into a forest fire."

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine: 
City of Crime is reviewed this week.
Chinatown Trial  by Jonathan Blade is this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

Shadows of the Pulps:   Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online: Nothing new this week.

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 550 stories online!

The Man Marked for Slaughter by Charlton L. Edholm from THRILLING MYSTERY, January 1936
Goals of Fate by Edgar Wallace from SHORT STORIES, April 10, 1926
Machiavelli--Salesman! by Henry S. Whitehead from POPULAR FICTION MAGAZINE, March 1932
Power the Ball Plateward by Michael Avallone from SUPER SPORTS, 1957 Issue

ELRIC MAKING OF A SORCERER #2 - Available December 29th!
Written by Michael Moorcock, art by Walter Simonson. 

The mini-series shedding light on the early adventures of Elric continues! Young Elric embarks on a dream quest of two years: the dream of water, in which, known as White Crow, he confronts his rival Yrkoon as well as a powerful water elemental and a Lord of Chaos. Can dragons and armies restore a kingdom to its rightful heir? 

48 pages, $5.95

JAMES BOND: GOLDFINGER - Available December 29th!
Adapted by Henry Gammidge & John McLusky

Stand by for more adventures with the world's greatest secret agent! James Bond must use all of his rugged charms and brutal skills to stop Goldfinger ruining the economies of the Free World and bringing western civilisation to its knees! Also collects Risico, From A View To A Kill, For Your Eyes Only, and Thunderball

Soft Cover, 9x12, 128 pages, Black & White,   $16.95

JSA: STRANGE ADVENTURES #5 - Available December 29th!
The issue is written by Kevin J. Anderson, with art by Barry Kitson and Gary Erskine and a cover by John Watson.

Here's how DC describes the book:
"While the JSA works to rebuild a devastated city, Johnny Thunder stands alone, barely clinging to the hope that Thunderbolt is alive. And Lord Dynamo has aspirations of his own, as two normal men are faced with the responsibility of saving the world."

32 pages,  $3.50.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
DC Comics has announced that the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen will return in 2005!
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Dark Dossier is a hardcover graphic novel from Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neil due in late 2005.  The story is set primarily in the 1950s when the League and the British government no longer see eye to eye. Surviving League members infiltrate MI:5 to steal a closely guarded book, the Dark Dossier compiled by MI:5 over hundreds of years, detailing the League, who the members are, what they do, what they've done, everything about them.  As the story unfolds in 1950's  London, the main characters - whose identities are a closely guarded mystery - peruse the Dark Dossier while eluding the agents of MI:5.  
The story takes place in the 1950s, the teens (1911 - 1919), in the 1800s, 1600s, and possibly one story is set in 2000 BC.

Old Tiger Press - New Robert E. Howard and ERB small press publisher!
OLD TIGER PRESS is going to be putting out some very cool books.   Dennis McHaney (HOWARD REVIEW) announced that he is proud to be part of this new company, spearheaded by Darrell Richardson.  Darrell has an incredible backlog of projects to release.  McHaney is especially looking forward to one project planned for next year.  This is an Edgar Rice Burroughs project and OLD TIGER PRESS is hoping that ERB fans will embrace the Burroughs small press book Richardson and McHaney have kicked around for a long time.

ROBERT E HOWARD'S STRANGE TALES, which got held up because of a computer breakdown, is going
to be available the first week of January, from OLD TIGER PRESS. 
A  100 copy limited edition hardcover will be available. 
More details and ordering information will be available soon.

OLD TIGER PRESS will also publish a series of books on J. Allen St. John. 
The first volume, a biography of St. John, by Darrell C. Richardson, will be available in January 2005.

Next from
McHaney will be a book on Howard and WEIRD TALES during the Conan era. 
That should be done mid-February.  

Volume 2 of the J. Allen St. John series will also be available in February.   This is a great look at St. John's art through the eyes of a number of his students (great volume with a TON of unpublished art).  Pro artists who studied under St. John in his later years in Chicago relate personal stories that make this a really fascinating insight to the artist.

The third volume will be all Burroughs (April 2005) and the sixth, an update of the bibliography. 
The J. Allen St. John books are all in full color.

HOWARD REVIEW 14 will be out in February or March of 2005.
100 pages, full color and black and white versions available.

Red Sonja
Dynamite Entertainment is launching a new "Red Sonja" book, starting with a zero issue, at 25 cents.
Covers for the series will be by Art Adams, Greg Land, Alex Ross, Michael Turner, JG Jones, Adam Hughes, Michael Kaluta, Joseph Michael Linsner. Dynamic Forces will produce an Adam Hughes variant for the issue zero.

Repairman Jack - Coming in July 2005!
The ninth Repairman Jack novel , INFERNAL, brims with murder, international terrorism, sibling rivalry, and a truly infernal device.  A mutual tragedy throws Jack together with his brother Tom, a judge from Philadelphia. They've never been close, and it doesn't take Jack long realize that's a good thing. Tom and he are antipodes. Jack, the career criminal, cleaves to a higher ethical standard than his brother the judge.

Tom convinces Jack to go on an "adventure" to get to know each other better. He has a map locating a wreck off the coast of Bermuda and they go in search of it. Instead of treasure they find a strange object, partly organic, part manmade, known as the Lilitongue of Gefreda. Ancient lore claims that it is a means "to elude all enemies and leave them helpless."

Why does Tom want such a thing?  But there's another, bigger question: If the Lilitongue lives up to the legend, where does it take you? No one seems to know. Matters take a bizarre and dangerous turn when someone accidentally activates the Lilitongue.

The chapbook will be the outline F. Paul Wilson wrote for the book.  Read the book, then the outline to see how they differ.  Another rare treat for fans of the creator of Repairman Jack.

Once Gauntlet begins taking orders for this book you will want to act quickly -- the last three Repairman Jack books have sold out before or on publication.

The cost of the Numbered edition is $50.  The cost of the Lettered edition is $200 and includes an original page from the outline F. Paul Wilson will be using for the book.  

Gauntlet will begin taking orders for this title January 1, 2005
Set for publication July 2005.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is just one of the seven films eligible for the achievement in visual effects Oscar for the upcoming Academy Awards. The remaining contenders include Spider-Man 2, The Aviator, The Day After Tomorrow, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, and I, Robot.
Three of these films will be up for Oscar consideration after a nominating committee screens 15-minute clips of each project. Nominations will be announced on Tuesday, Jan. 25. The 77th Academy Awards will be televised live from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood on Sunday, Feb. 27.

McFarland Publishers - Now available!
Space Patrol by Jean-Noel Bassior
Missions of Daring in the Name of Early Television
The classic television series Space Patrol was a stellar success for ABC from 1950 to 1955. As a pioneer in the hair-raising world of live television, the show had a huge fan base of both children and adults. The magic hinged on the cast: Commander Buzz Corry, Cadet Happy, Carol, Major Robertson and Tonga—five 30th-century personalities whose lives entwined with soap opera strength as they undertook “missions of daring in the name of interplanetary justice.” A personal appearance by the cast at a Los Angeles department store drew 30,000 fans. But TV viewers had no idea that the actors and crew faced dramatic as well as galactic peril. In the course of producing an action-packed show live before the nation, with special effects in their infancy, what could go wrong usually did. Ed Kemmer, a real-life World War II fighter pilot shot down and captured by Nazis, who later starred as Commander Corry, learned to improvise for nervous, tongue-tied guest actors and to lean casually against scenery about to fall.

This book recounts stories of early television and the risk-taking ABC crew who invented equipment and ingenious special effects that laid the groundwork for TV today. It tells of the personal heroics of Kemmer and other cast members, both on- and off-screen. Included are interviews with Kemmer, as well as TV writer Norman Jolley (who penned many classic series, including Wagon Train); director Dick Darley; radio writer Lou Huston; and veteran announcers Jack Narz and Dick Tufeld, who occasionally used a men’s restroom as an announcer’s booth (the tile walls and floor provided a great reverberating acoustic venue). The book also profiles William “Mike” Moser, the show’s creator, and provides details about how the early shows came together and the events in the first year that took Space Patrol from a local station to the network. Many details are given about the adventure that was putting on a live television show along with live commercials. Stories from fans demonstrate how Space Patrol gave them ideals and values they still hold today. The book explores changes in television that led to the demise of action-adventure shows that featured strong role models and tells how Kemmer, who portrayed the heroic Buzz Corry, came to terms with his impact on countless young lives. (Fifty years later, he still receives letters from grateful fans.) Included are episode guides covering the 210 half-hour network TV shows, as well as the radio shows, and memorabilia collectors can feast on the galaxy’s most complete guide to Space Patrol premiums.

ISBN 0-7864-1911-3
200 photographs, notes, appendix, bibliography, index
448 pages, illustrated case binding (7 x 10), $49.95

There is a new website online at http://www.swordandsorcery.org.
It's still in its infancy, but there are a number of articles online that might be of interest, including a great piece about Bran Mak Morn by Joe McCullough.

TOM STRONG #30 - Available December 29th!
Written by Ed Brubaker; Art by Duncan Fegredo; Cover by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story

The conclusion of "The Terrible Life of Tom Strong!" Tom Strong, hero of Millennium City, is no more. One day Tom wakes up to discover he's a middle-aged man in a loveless marriage, working at a meaningless job. Will this new direction be any closer to our own version of Tom Strong?

32 pages, $2.95

Vanguard Productions - Schedule Update!
I have schedule updates for several books from Vanguard Productions.

The Thrilling Comic Book Cover Art of Alex Schomburg will arrive in comic shops in early February.

Grand Master of Adventure Art: J. Allen St. John will also arrive in February.

RGK: The Art of Roy G. Krenkel will arrive in April.
Orders for RGK: The Art of Roy G. Krenkel through Diamond Distribution have been cancelled.
The book will be resolicited in the February PREVIEWS.

Wild Cat Books - Now Available!
SHADOW SEASON by Everette Bell

This is a spell-binding collection of Dark Fantasy and Strange Worlds that only the brave would enter. This up-and-coming writer is the freshest voice in pulp adventure I've run across in a long time... Sample this anthology and I'm sure you'll agree... He's been compared to such masters of the macabre as Richard Matheson, Robert E. Howard, and Stephen King... Includes: "Shadow Season", "Deadlands", "Ironhorse", "The Mourning Edge Of Iron", "Nystagmus", "A Child Shall Lead Them", "No Sanctuary", and several more chilling tales...

303 pages, Perfect Bound, 6" x 9", Trade Paperback, ISBN: 1-4116-1990-0,  Price $14.99
Edited by Ron Hanna, Cover Art by Ver Curtiss

Look for this fantastic book at http://www.lulu.com/wildcatbooks

The latest issue in a new line of classic pulp fiction!

A full-length novel of supernatural intrigue and ancient evil reincarnated... by the creator of Fu-Manchu.
195 pages, 6.0 x 9.0 in. (Trade Paperback), perfect-bound, black and white interior, Price $12

Look for this fantastic book at http://www.lulu.com/wildcatbooks

A crime-solving detective in the tradition of Secret Agent X and The Shadow, Jimmie Dale was a millionaire man-about-town who donned a black silk mask to fight crime. He had alter-egos like "Larry the Bat" and "Smarlinghu". His hide-out was called "The Sanctuary". More great pulp fiction from Wild Cat Books, presented for your reading enjoyment!

392 pages, 6.0 x 9.0 in. (Trade Paperback), perfect-bound, black and white interior, Price $14.99

Look for this fantastic book at http://www.lulu.com/wildcatbooks

This edition contains 3 stories of mystery and intrigue, by the creator of one of pulp fiction's most evil villains: Dr. Fu Manchu... Rohmer wrote many other adventures as well, and this book includes: "THE GREEN EYES OF BAST"... "THE MYSTERIOUS MUMMY" (his first published short story!)... and "BAT WING"... 2 full-length novels and a classic short story for your reading enjoyment!
482 pages, 6.0 x 9.0 in. (Trade Paperback), perfect-bound, black and white interior,
Price $16.99

Look for this fantastic book at http://www.lulu.com/wildcatbooks

Wildside Press
SHADOW KINGDOMS - THE WEIRD WORKS OF ROBERT E. HOWARD Volume 2 is scheduled for February.
Volume 2 will contain:Skull-Face; Dead Man's Hate (Verse); The Fearsome Touch of Death (first appearance in hardback); Song Out Of Midian (Verse); Shadows on the Road (Verse); Moon of Skulls; Hills of the Dead; Black Chant Imperial (Verse); The Voice of El-Lil.
This will cover Howard's weird material first published between October 1929 to October 1930. Intro by Mark Finn.
Thanks to the The Robert E Howard Comics Group and Paul Herman for the tip.

Xena: Warrior Princess - 6th & Final Season on DVD
Xena: Warrior Princess comes to a conclusion in 2005, with the March 8th release of the 6th season on DVD. Official details have not yet been announced, but the SPR is $79.98.

17 December 2004

Adventure House - Coming in March!
In "Night Of The Wasuli Death," Africa is arming for war! From the land of the Zulu plains to the heart of the perilous Congo, bewitched tribesmen flocked to the blood-red banner of Iban Byzof, ruthless, self-made jungle emperor. And first to be trapped in that fierce tide of revolt was Ki-Gor, son of the jungle, and his flamed-haired mate, Helene!

Then, in "The Monster Of Voodoo Isle," power-mad M'membo had united the fifty tribes of the fierce Bantu bowmen. Bewitching, raven-haired Tabitha, pagan goddess, was spurring them to battle pitch. But how could Ki-Gor, great white lord of all the jungles, move against them when his very first step meant death to his golden mate, Helene, a fated prisoner of his jackal-like twosome?
Soft Cover, 7x10, 112 pages, B&W    SRP: $7.95

HIGH ADVENTURE #81 will be solicited in the January PREVIEWS (available December 22nd).
The Diamond Item Code is JAN053154.

Bold Venture Press - Spider Update!
Bold Venture Press has announced that THE SPIDER #7: SERPENTS OF DESTRUCTION will be shipping from the printer to distributors next week.

An underworld fiend pillages the city — from Macy's to Madison Square Garden.
Cover by John Newton Howitt, interior illustrations by John Fleming Gould.  

Soft Cover, b&w, $10

Hopefully Spider #7 will arrive at Diamond Distribution's warehouses in time for shipment to comic shops on December 29th or January 5th.

Visit the Bold Venture Press website at
P .O. BOX 64


Books in your future
The following titles have been announced for publication in 2005!
Transformations: The History of the Science Fiction Magazine Volume 2: 1950-1970 by Mike Ashley -
     Liverpool University Press - February 2005
by E. E. (Doc) Smith -  ibooks - February 2005
One Station of the Way by Fritz Leiber - Darkside Press - March 2005
The Stonehenge Gate by Jack Williamson - Tor Books - April 2005
First Lensmen by E. E. (Doc) Smith -  ibooks - May 2005
Map of Bones by James Rollins - HarperCollins - May 2005
Crash Course by Matthew Reilly - Simon & Schuster - June 2005
Dance of Death by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston - Warner Books - June 2005

Bran Mac Morn by Robert E. Howard - Del Rey - June 2005
Ayesha by H. Rider Haggard - Doubleday - June 2005
The White Wolf's Son by Michael Moorcock - Warner Books - June 2005
   The final book in the new Elric trilogy!
The Age of Conan: Legends of Kern Book 1: Blood of Wolves by Loren L. Colemen - Ace Books - June 2005
The Age of Conan: Legends of Kern Book 1: Cimmerian Rage by Loren L. Colemen - Ace Books - July 2005
The Age of Conan: Legends of Kern Book 1: Songs of Cimmeria by Loren L. Colemen - Ace Books - August 2005
Star Changes by Clark Ashton Smith - Darkside Press - July 2005
Adepts & Arkham by Fritz Leiber - Midnight House - July 2005
The Cthulian Singularity - Darkside Press - September 2005
Tyrannosaur Canyon by Douglas Preston - Tor Books - September 2005
The Art of James Bama - Paper Tiger - September 2005
The Stories of Clifford D. Simak Volume One: Eternity Lost & Other Stories - Darkside Press
The Stories of Clifford D. Simak Volume Two: Physician to the Universe - Darkside Press

Burroughs Bulletin  #60 - Now Available!
The Fall 2004 issue (#60) of the The Burroughs Bulletin is now available. 
This issue features articles on Burroughs’ 60th story, The Resurrection of Jimber Jaw
It is profusely illustrated in black & white with full color front and back covers.
Articles include:
The Resurrection of Jimber Jaw: The Cave Man in American Society by David A. Adams
Jimber Jaw in Braille by Darrell C. Richardson
Picture Gallery: Sketches from Jimber Jaw
An Interview with Edgar Rice Burroughs Wherein a New Source for 'Tarzan of the Apes' is Revealed by Robert B. Zeuschner
Fort Grant: Then and Now by Frank Puncer
How John Carter Became Flash Gordon by Robert R. Barrett

Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Early Married Years by Dugald Warbaby
When Tarzan went to Harvard by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Letters to the Editor and Bibliographer's Corner

Subscriptions are $35 for four quarterly issues from: 
The Burroughs Bibliophiles, University of Louisville Library, Louisville, KY 40292. 

COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE #117 - Now available!
COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE #117 features an article by Will Murray, Forging the Metal Men.
The article discusses the origins of DC Comics Silver Age series created by Robert Kanigher.
The illustrated article runs 7 pages.

This issue also features an interview with Jim Steranko, Steranko Arouses the Domino Lady, by Bill Baker.
The interview runs 7 profusely illustrated pages.
Illustrations include the Domino Lady from COMPLIMENTS OF THE DOMINO LADY, Steranko's rendition of Doc Savage, and three illustrations of The Shadow including one of The Shadow rescuing Batman!

COMPLIMENTS OF THE DOMINO LADY is now available from Bold Venture Press and Vanguard Publications.
Click here for details.
 This is one beautiful book that you do not want to miss!

COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE #121 - Coming in April!
COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE #121 will delve into the secret world of The Phantom. Created by writer Lee Falk and artist Ray Moore for the comic pages back in 1936, this mysterious character has appeared in movies, serials, pulps, on the radio, and is currently undergoing a resurgence of interest because of artist Paul Ryan's great Phantom art for European publisher, Egmont. We'll have an interview with Paul from John R. Stuart, plus our usual assortment of features and color pages. You better be there, or Devil will bite you! You'll enjoy our regular columns too!: Nolan's Notebook and That Wonderful Year
by Michelle Nolan; Inspiration Central by Bill Baker; Weird Words by Pat Calhoun; CBM Market Reports by our Advisors; The Naiman Report by Michael Naiman; Marketplace Mail and much, much more!  SRP: $6.95

COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE #121 will be solicited in the January PREVIEWS (available December 22nd).
The Diamond Item Code is JAN053132.

THE COMING OF CONAN OF CIMMERIA - Affordable hardcover edition in 2005!
THE COMING OF CONAN OF CIMMERIA will be released in hardcover by Del  Rey.  Originally available only in a $200 limited edition format, this new edition will feature Howard’s earliest short stories, and artwork by Mark Schultz.  When we released it in trade paperback, we printed the color plates in black and white, and for the hardcover we’re restoring them to glorious full color.  Some of the most famous of the stories that will appear are “The Phoenix on the Sword,” “The Tower of the Elephant,” “Queen of the Black Coast,” ”Black Colossus,” and “The Devil in Iron.”  The edition also features various synopses by Howard, including the first submitted draft for the first Conan story, “The Phoenix on the Sword,” and Howard’s own hand-drawn map of the Hyborian world.

The release date for this hardcover is 11/22/05, a week before our release for THE CONQUERING SWORD OF CONAN, the third and final trade paperback edition in the complete Robert E. Howard Conan adventures.

Conan #11 - Available December 22nd!
It's the fateful finale of Dark Horse's adaptation of Robert E. Howard's classic Conan story, "The God in the Bowl!" A Hyborean, locked-room murder mystery explodes in horror and death, as Conan comes face-to-face with the inhuman machinations of the dread sorcerer Thoth-amon. Plus, threads build that will embroil Conan in a continent-spanning conflict that will change the direction of his life forever.

Writer: Kurt Busiek; Artist: Cary Nord, Thomas Yeates; Cover Artist: Leinil Francis Yu; Colorist: Dave Stewart
Dark Horse Comics has posted a preview of CONAN #11.

Conan #14 - Coming in March!
Dark Horse Comics has released solicitation information for CONAN #14.  
Kurt Busiek (W), Cary Nord (P), Thomas Yeates (P), Dave Stewart (C), and Leinil Francis Yu (Cover)

Thoth-amon, the legendary sorceror who will plague Conan throughout his life, launches his first attack, as the second story arc of this award-winning, critically lauded series concludes.  A magical battle explodes, tearing up a forgotten temple as Conan and his assassin cohort take on the most evil man of the ancient world.

On sale March 23, Full Color, 32 pages, $2.99

Conan #14 will be solicited in the January PREVIEWS (available December 22nd).
The Diamond Item Code is JAN050052.

Available in comic shops December 22nd!
The Frost Giant’s Daughter PVC set is the first of an ongoing series of boxed sets of non-articulated PVC figures based on the Conan stories by Robert E. Howard. Each boxed PVC set will be true to the original stories, and will feature exquisitely detailed sculpting and painting. The debut offering is inspired by one of the greatest of Conan’s adventures.

Four figures, comprise the set: young Conan is dressed for the snowy northern climes, the beautiful and ephemeral maiden who tempts him to follow her across the frozen waste, and her two savage trollish brothers, who close the savage trap she has baited.  Figures designed by noted artist Arthur Suydam. Conan stands approximately 4 high; the giants are a massive 7" high. 

4 figure, full color PVC set, $44.95

Order online at tfaw.com

Doc Savage Reprints - Two more books (4 more stories) are now available!
The Blackmask Online Store has more Doc Savage reprints available.
Each volume is
6x9, perfectbound, and
features two stories for $11.85.
01 The Man of Bronze and The Land of Terror       
02 Quest of the Spider and The Polar Treasure      
03 Pirate of the Pacific and The Red Skull      
04 The Lost Oasis and The Sargasso Ogre      
05 The Czar of Fear and The Phantom City     
06 Brand of the Werewolf and The Man Who Shook the Earth      
07 Meteor Menace and The Monsters      
08 The Mystery on the Snow and The King Maker 

09 The Thousand-Headed Man and The Squeaking Goblin
10 Fear Cay and Death in Silver
11 The Sea Magician and The Annhilist
12 The Mystic Mullah and Red Snow
13 Land of Always-Night and The Spook Legion
14 The Secret in the Sky and The Roar Devil 
15 Quest of Qui and Spook Hole

16 The Majii and Dust of Death  - NEW!
17 Murder Melody and The Fantastic Island  - NEW!

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine: 
No Shadow review this week.
The Watery Grave
by John Olsen is this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

Shadows of the Pulps:   Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online: Nothing new this week.

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 500 stories online!

Death Is Too Easy by Arthur J. Burks from THRILLING DETECTIVE (Canada), February 1942  
Cellar of Skulls by Will Garth from THRILLING MYSTERY, May 1940  
Bombs for the General by Horace McCoy from POPULAR FICTION MAGAZINE, February 1932  
Hoodwinked by C. S. Montanye from DETECTIVE STORY MAGAZINE, April 30, 1919

Trade paperback by Frank Frazetta & James R. Silke
In an age rife with sorcery and violence, the earth trembles beneath the hooves of the all-conquering Kitzaak Horde. To save his people from the onslaught, Gath of Baal must don the Horned Helmet and become death made flesh!

Inspired by the pulse-pounding fantasy imagery of Frank Frazetta, this omnibus reprints the beginning of the Death Dealer series: Prisoner of the Horned Helmet and Lords of Destruction.
Soft Cover, 5.5x8.25, 480 pages    SRP: $14.95

THE RISE OF THE DEATH DEALER will be solicited in the January PREVIEWS (available December 22nd).
The Diamond Item Code is JAN053263.

The Gray Nemesis - Now available!
THE GRAY NEMESIS is a history of The Avenger pulp character written by Howard Hopkins complete with color photos of all pulp and paperback covers, over 50 pages worth of interior art from the pulp. Revised and updated from the print version this is in electronic book format (PDF). It is a 16 meg file and requires Adobe Acrobat reader 4.0 or above. (As it is a large file some photos may load slowly on older, low memory PCs). Pages (152pgs) are easy to read, single column (unlike GP), completely reset.

Price is $12.95 on disc, pp. $18.95 including issues 21-35 of Golden Perils.
Paypal, check or Money Order.

See http://www.howardhopkins.com/page4.htm for more info.
Scroll down to the new Gray Nemesis montage.
Enquiries to goldenperils@aol.com

ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE #13 - Coming in March!
Featured on the cover and inside are the works of legendary illustrator Alex Schomburg, known for his groundbreaking comic book covers, and for his slick science fiction magazine cover illustrations. The article is profusely illustrated with scores of never-before-seen artworks, sketches and photographs. Also featured this issue is a long article on John R. Neill, known for his fantastic pen and ink illustrations for the numerous Oz books. Rounding out the issue is an extensive feature on W.T. Benda, known for his exquisite theater masks, and pastel paintings of glamourous women. Also included are book reviews, and a guide to events and exhibitions and much more! 
Magazine, 8x11, 80 pages, Full Color    SRP: $9.00

ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE #13 will be solicited in the January PREVIEWS (available December 22nd).
The Diamond Item Code is JAN053155.

ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE, 3640 Russell Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63110
80 glossy pages in black and white and full color for $9.
Four issue subscriptions are available for $36.

KONG: KING OF SKULL ISLAND - Available in comic shops December 22nd!
JOE DEVITO (Created and illustrated) and BRAD STRICKLAND (W)
Hard Cover, 160 pages, Full Color, 8 1/2" x 11", $24.95

In 1933, American showman Carl Denham returned from a mysterious, hidden island with a priceless treasure. A treasure not gold or jewels, but the island’s barbaric god, a monstrous anthropoid called “Kong.” The savage giant escaped and wreaked havoc among the man-made canyons of Manhattan, but within hours of the giant ape’s death plummet from the peak of the Empire State Building, his body—and Carl Denham—disappeared. Twenty-five years later, the son of Carl Denham makes a shocking discovery that leads him back to the site of his father’s greatest adventure and to the answers that will unlock the century's greatest mystery and history’s greatest miracle.

Authorized by the Cooper Estate and based on the original novel that inspired the all-time classic film, KONG: KING OF SKULL ISLAND is a lavishly illustrated, all-new novel that acts as both prequel and sequel to the classic fantasy tale, King Kong. Acclaimed fantasy artist Joe DeVito and top fantasy and science-fiction writer Brad Strickland join forces via innovative layout and design to make for an interactive visual-narrative storytelling experience unlike any other, remaining true to the classic Kong legend while illuminating new discoveries and additional layers of characterization that will deepen the resonance of the original story for readers young and old. Introduction by film special-effects master Ray Harryhausen (Mighty Joe Young, The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad).

KONG: KING OF SKULL ISLAND is published by Dark Horse Comics.
Visit Joe Devito's website for a look at the amazing artwork in this book.

LEGEND #2  - Coming in March!
Written by Howard Chaykin, art and cover by Russ Heath.
The engaging 4-issue drama by Howard Chaykin and Russ Heath continues!
Inspired by Philip Wylie's novel GLADIATOR, LEGEND is a 4-issue mini-series telling the story of Hugo Danner, a man blessed with super-human strength and invulnerability, but cursed with all-too-human failings.
Hugo Danner's powers are both a blessing and a curse -- a fact that becomes more apparent as he reaches his adolescent years! Invulnerability and incredible strength can¹t help him when it comes to dealing with love, heartache and human failings.
48 pages, $5.99, in stores on March 23.

LEGEND #2  will be solicited in the January PREVIEWS (available December 22nd).
The Diamond Item Code is JAN050349.

Moonstone Books - Coming in March!
by Lord & Kozoll; Adapted by Gentile, Figueroa, Hunt & Hale
Moonstone has done it again! We have uncovered another Kolchak TV script that was never produced! Carl Kolchak is hot on the story of a scientist who is mysteriously, and quite violently, murdered. With his patented skills as a world class snoop, he discovers that the laboratory, and the shadowy figures that fund its experiments, have much to hide. But when a seemingly unrelated murder takes place with Kolchak as its only witness, there is no power on earth than can stop our man from uncovering the horrible truths behind these deaths. Cover: David Michael Beck
Soft Cover, 7x10, 48 pages, Full Color    SRP: $5.95

THE NIGHT STALKER EVE OF TERROR will be solicited in the January PREVIEWS (available December 22nd).
The Diamond Item Code is JAN052871.

Written by CJ Henderson, art by Doug Klauba, Tom Gianni and Richard Clark, cover by Klauba.
Novelist and comics scribe CJ Henderson returns to comics with his quintessential loner PI, Jack Hagee. Now the hardboiled star of numerous short stories and novels has his very own TPB. Ex-military Intelligence, former police detective, and the last honest man in New York City: Jack Hagee is bad news for the bad guys. Three all-new tales of the mean streets around us today, plus the previously published "The Little Voice Inside."
96 pages, black and white, $9.49.

JACK HAGEE, PRIVATE EYE will be solicited in the January PREVIEWS (available December 22nd).
The Diamond Item Code is JAN052869.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Hong Kong action star Chow Yun-Fat may appear in the forthcoming Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, the Chinese-language newspaper Apple Daily reported.   The paper claims that Chow's wife, Jasmin Chan Wui-nin, recently revealed that the actor would play infamous 15th century Chinese pirate Cheung Po Tsai for the second and third installments of the swashbuckling film franchise.

Chan says that producers first contacted Chow's management a couple of months ago and that director Gore Verbinski recently paid a personal visit. "The director was very sincere about it and specially flew to Hong Kong and discuss[ed] the script with [Chow] ... but we cannot talk about the details until we sign the contract," she's quoted as saying.

Chow would join returning cast members Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom.  Rumor has it that Keith Richards may be joining the cast as Jack Sparrow's father.  There are also unsubstantiated rumors that Salma Hayek could star in the sequels.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer is pushing to have both sequels filmed back-to-back. The saavy filmmaker says, "We hope that we can do it as well as Lord of the Rings did it. That's what you shoot for. You only learn through making mistakes, so we'll watch what Back to the Future did and Matrix did and hopefully not repeat what they did."

Pulpdom - Now available!
PULPDOM #40 (December 2004) is now available. 
The contents of this issue include:
Epic Pulps: MARVEL SCIENCE STORIES by Mike Taylor
The Planeteer Part 3 by Homer Eon Flint from THE ALL-STORY, March 1918
Homer Eon Flint - Parting Shots by Divers Hands

This issue has full color front and back covers and is profusely illustrated with full color and black & white illustrations throughout.  Copies are $6 each (postpaid) anywhere in USA.  Six issue subscriptions are $30.
Contact C. Cazedessus II, P.O. Box 2340, Pagosa Springs, Colorado 81147, email: cazbooks@frontier.net

Coming up next: The sequel to The Planeteer, The King of Conserve Island by Homer Eon Flint .
Originally published in THE ALL-STORY, October 12, 1918.

SECRET SKULL #4 (OF 4) - Available December 22nd!
SECRET SKULL by Steve Niles and Chuck BB.
A mysterious killer is on the loose in the city, but this killer only kills bad guys...or those about to be bad.  This book is described as a new horror pulp, bringing all the fun and action of the classic pulp adventures to a modern audience.  This is a 32 page, full color comic for $3.99 from IDW Publishing.

WEIRD TALES  - Now available!
The fiction contents include:
THE GHOST OF ME Melinda Thielbar
OOPS! Batya Swift Yasgur & Barry N. Malzberg
HEARTS AND MINDS Barbara Krasnoff
TWO CENTS WORTH Alan Dean Foster
THE UPPER BERTH F. Marion Crawford

THE EYRIE, THE DEN by John Gregory Betancourt, and THE CLASSIC HORRORS: THE UPPER BERTH Allen Koszowski

ORACLE Jill Bauman
ESCAPE Nicholas Ozment
CEMETERY TOUR Darrell Schweitzer
I HAVE NEVER . . . Paul Crumrine

Wildside Press has established a new website for WEIRD TALES.
To order and for the latest news on back, current and forthcoming issues, visit http://www.weirdtalesmagazine.com

Wildside Press - Now Available!
Wings over Tomorrow: The Collected Science Fiction of Philip F. Nowlan by Philip F. Nowlan
If the name Phil Nowlan is not well-known today, it is because it has been eclipsed by that of his most famous creation, Buck Rogers. Buck began life as Anthony Rogers, in Nowlan's first published story, "Armageddon 2419 AD.," and its sequel, "Airlords of Han," quickly became a phenomenon that popularized science fiction in the first half of the twentieth century in the same way that Star Trek and Star Wars popularized it in the second half. But until now, Nowlan's other science fiction stories have been forgotten in the wake of Buck's immense popularity. Collected here with the original Anthony Rogers stories are "The Time Jumpers," "The Onslaught from Venus," "The Prince of Mars Returns," and "Space Guards," as well as the 1940 radio script "Wings over Tomorrow."

Graveyard Rats and Others by Robert E. Howard (now in trade paperback!) - $16.95
Robert E. Howard came into the fiction magazine scene virtually on Dashell Hammett's heels. By that time Howard was a full-fledged professional writer; he was willing to try any marketplace to make a living. Despite an aversion to the detective formula, he wrote the tales in Graveyard Rats during the same years he chronicled the adventures of Conan. This collection features a new introduction by scholar Don Herron, editor of The Dark Barbarian, the definitive look at the life and work of Robert E. Howard.

Waterfront Fists and Other Stories by Robert E. Howard (now in trade paperback!)
- $19.95
It is impossible to ignore the sheer number of boxing stories that Robert E. Howard wrote. Serious or funny, spooky or adventurous, these stories represent a fierce creative outburst that would pave the way later for his western hero, Breckenridge Elkins. In these stories we see Howard's craft pushed from mere construction to passionate involvement.

10 December 2004

by Philippe Ward; adapted by David Kirshbaum

Arnaud, the grandson of Jules de Grandin, returns to the small village nestled in the heart of the Pyrenees Mountains where he grew up. There he begins to realize that the rogue bear terrorizing the village is, in actuality, a supernatural being - Artahe, the legendary Bear-God worshipped and feared in the mountains for thousands of years! But, what can the ancient pagan cult of Artahe want with the young man? This 1997 horror novel by award-winning French author Philippe Ward introduces the grandson of Seabury Quinn's legendary, supernatural investigator from WEIRD TALES.

will be available in comic shops on December 15th!
Request Diamond Item Code OCT043371.

Soft Cover, 304 pages, $22.95

Publisher: Black Coat Press

Do you remember Big Little Books, those tiny tomes teeming with thrilling tales of adventure and excitement? Most measuring around 4 inches square and packed with 400+ pages, Big Little Books (and their many cousins and variants) have entertained children since 1932 with their large text stories and captioned pictures starring popular comic characters like Mickey Mouse, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Dick Tracy, Orphan Annie, The Phantom, Donald Duck, The Gumps, and even superheroes like Batman, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and Aquaman. Costing just a dime all those years ago, many of these miniature treasures now command thousands of dollars in the collectibles market. This exhaustive, full-color pictorial guide also features "Better Little Books," "Dime Action Books," and many other variation on the theme, and many of these books are presented for the first time in a unique three-angle view that showcases the vibrant artwork and distinctive designs on the front, back and spine of every volume. This beautiful volume includes historical overviews of the BLBs and their many publishers, a guide to grading BLBs with notes on storage and preservation, a wealth of trivia tidbits and a BLB market report for 2004. The BIG Big Little Book Book, presented in a format that closely approximates the proportions of a classic BLB (but at twice the size), is an indispensable guide to one of the Twentieth century’s most enduring formats of pop literature.
Soft Cover , 360 pages,  $19.95

Publisher: Gemstone

THE BIG BIG LITTLE BOOK BOOK will be available in comic shops on December 15th!
Request Diamond Item Code OCT042747.

Bold Venture Press edition:  
On Tuesday of this week, BVP announced 
that the printer had bound the DOMINO LADY trade paperbacks and requested shipping addresses where to send them.  SO, if you've ordered the trade through your friendly neighborhood pulp dealer -- Mike Chomko, Adventure House, Girasol Collectibles, Vintage Library, or any of the other fine dealers, they should have their copies to ship to customers next week."

If you ordered a copy of  COMPLIMENTS OF THE DOMINO LADY through your local comic shop, you should inquire if they will be getting their copies.  Diamond Distribution cancelled my order for COMPLIMENTS OF THE DOMINO LADY weeks ago and probably cancelled orders to other comic shops as well.  My understanding is that the book WILL be resolicited to comic shops, but if you do not want to wait any longer you can order direct from the mail order pulp dealers mentioned above.

Vanguard Productions editions:  - Now available!
Vanguard Production editions will be available in comic shops on December 15th!
Hardcover Edition - Request Diamond Item Code JUN042887.
a. New STERANKO Cover Painting
b. All 6 original pulp stories with original illustrations
c. ALL-NEW STERANKO 2 page spread art for each story
d. Entire book design by STERANKO
g. ALL-NEW 18 page DOMINO LADY origin story by STERANKO!

j.  8 ¼" X 11" trim
k. $29.95 (+ $6.95 U.S. S/H)

Deluxe Slipcase Hardcover Edition -
Request Diamond Item Code JUN042888.
All of the above plus:
a. Special Silver Foil Protective Slipcase
c. Limited Edition Endpapers
f . $49.95 (+ $6.95 U.S. S/H)

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine: 
The Shadow Meets The Mask is reviewed this week.
The Chinese Masks by John Olsen is this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

Shadows of the Pulps:   Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online: Nothing new this week.

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 500 stories online!

Jungle Wires by Carl Jacobi from COMPLETE STORIES, September 24, 1934  
The Staffel Invisible by Donald Keyhoe from FLYING ACES, May 1939  
The Death Kiss by Lew McCoy from DOUBLE-ACTION GANG, February 1939  
The Angry Dead by Chandler H. Whipple from THRILLING MYSTERY, April 1936

ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE #12 - Now available!
ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE returns with another spectacular issue, lavishly printed in full-color on the highest quality glossy paper stocks. Featured on the cover and inside are the works of legendary illustrator Harry Anderson, known for his breathtaking gouache and watercolor paintings featured on the covers of slick magazines throughout the 1940s and 1950s. Also featured this issue is a long article on R.G. Harris, another slick illustrator from that era. Neither of these illustrators have ever been discussed so extensively in any other publication, and the stunning reproductions of original paintings will take your breath away. Also included are book reviews, and a guide to events and exhibitions and much more! 
90 pages, Full Color,  $9.00

ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE #12 will be available in comic shops on December 15th!

Request Diamond Item Code OCT043266.

ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE, 3640 Russell Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63110
80 glossy pages in full color for $9.
Four issue subscriptions are available for $36.

John Carter of Mars - Film Update!
Director Kerry Conran, along with brother Kevin and a team of production personnel, met with Danton Burroughs at the Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. offices in Tarzana December 2nd, to discuss the Paramount John Carter of Mars film project.

Danton shared Edgar Rice Burroughs' vision for Barsoom adventures on film, while longtime ERB fan and Hollywood writer Tracy Griffin added his expertise to the discussions.  A plethora of Barsoom reference material was presented to the Conran team: pulp magazines, comics, American and foreign editions of the Mars series, the Library of Illustration volumes, Trendmaster and other toys and memorabilia, games, fanzines, biographies and bibliographies.  Artwork from a broad cross-section of Mars artists, old and new, was also on display: St. John, Schoonover, Burroughs, Marsh, Frazetta, Krenkel, Whelan, D'Achille, Boris, Jusko, Kubert, Kane, Yeates, Stout, etc.  

Adding to the uniqueness of this meeting was the showcasing of the artistry of Danton's father, John Coleman Burroughs. This included many of the materials JCB had created to serve as models for his John Carter art projects: a full-scale hand-carved Martian sword, a thark head, a large model of a thoat with moveable parts, and photographs of wife Jane Ralston posing in full Dejah Thoris costume.

Danton followed this up by bringing out rare samples of his father's Martian art, which included original panels from the John Carter of Mars Sunday pages, art from the ERB Mars novels, samples from the JCB/Clampett animation project, as well as stacks of big little books and comics containing JCB Mars art.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
VARIETY reports that Layer Cake director Matthew Vaughn is in talks to helm the feature version of the classic TV series The Man From U.N.C.L.E. for Warner Bros. Pictures.

Created in 1964, "Man From U.N.C.L.E." starred Robert Vaughn and David McCallum as superagents Napoleon Solo and Ilya Kuryakin, operatives for the United Network Command for Law & Enforcement. The show ran on NBC until 1968.  VARIETY says that the film is expected to be a big-budget action thriller centered on the TV show's premise, which pitted Solo and Kurayakin against international crime syndicate THRUSH.

Mystery*File - #46 is now available!
Steve Lewis has revived his fanzine, MYSTERY*FILE. 
MYSTERY*FILE consists of reviews of mysteries and detective novels, of commentary on mystery and crime fiction, of checklists and matters of bibliographic interest, and of letters.  MYSTERY*FILE is a "print" magazine only.  None of the material in it will appear on-line.  The Internet has revolutionized the world, but there's still nothing like the feel of paper in your hands and the thrill of seeing printed words on the page.
The primary focus of MYSTERY*FILE is not to be an up-to-date newsletter for the field, but a place where old and new works co-exist, where older mysteries can be brought up and discussed as well as those by the most recent hot authors, and where the careers of writers can be looked at in perspective.  MYSTERY*FILE is for those fans who love to read and talk about mysteries and series characters, and those who love to make checklists and those who love to have them, and if you can assist in  accomplishing any of these goals, then so much the better.

The efforts of a number of people helped produce each issue, and they'd appreciate your comments, both on their work and on the books and the movies they talk about.  Letters are not only accepted for publication, they are requested, if not demanded.

MYSTERY*FILE #46 is now available.
You can sample the first two pages of this issue at

The contents include:
ADDENDA TO CRIME FICTION IV, Part 7 - by Alien J. Hubin
INTERVIEW WITH MARCIA MULLER - conducted by Steve Lewis
GENEALOGICAL MYSTERIES - Reviews by Christine McCreedy
GET CHRISTIE LOVE! - Viewed and Reviewed by Steve Lewis & Vince Keenan.
AN INTERVIEW WITH JONATHAN LATIMER: Introduction to the 1982 Edition of Solomon's Vineyard.

FIRST YOU READ, THEN YOU WRITE - Mystery Commentary by Mike Nevins
FRED CROCKETT, PRIVATE EYE - A Profile by Gary Warren Niebuhr
INTERVIEW WITH BRAD LANG, conducted by Steve Lewis
IT IS PURELY MY OPINION - Reviews by L. J. Roberts
CINEFEST/CINEVENT REPORTS, 2004 - by Walter Albert.
MYSTERY ZONE - Book Reviews by Michelle L. Zafron
THE GORMAN DISTRICT - Ruminations and Reviews by Ed German
THE INNOCENT MRS. DUFF by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding - A Review by Barry Ergang
GO AHEAD, MAKE MY DAY - Mystery Reviews by Harry Shannon.
THE CRIME OF MY LIFE by Marv Lachman
CRIMINAL AFFAIRS - Reviews by Jeffrey Marks
PULP FICTIONEERS - A Review by Alfred Jan.
IN THE FRAME, Reviews by Vince Keenan

MYSTERY*FILE is published approximately eight times a year (every six weeks) by
Steve Lewis, 62 Chestnut Road, Newington CT 06111. 
Subscriptions are available at $3.50 an issue, or four for $13 U.S.
Canada: $4.00 an issue, or four for $15
Overseas: $5.50 an issue, four for $21

REH: TWO GUN RACONTEUR - Now available!
Contents Include:
•Bran Mak Morn cover by award winning artist Charles Keegan
•Inside front and back covers from "The Shadow Kingdom" by Newton  Burcham
•Back cover featuring El Borak by Bill Cavalier
•"The Haunted Hut" by Robert E. Howard, Illustration by Newton Burcham
•"REH, HPL and the Cthulhu Mythos" by Glenn Lord
•"Brothers of the Night" by Benjamin Szumskyj, Illustration by Joe Wehrle
•"Robert E. Howard's The Four Kings Portfolio" by David Burton

•"A Woman Looks at Cross Plains" by Linda Melchione
•"A Dark Gray Heritage" by Danny Street, Illustration by Stephen Fabian
•A review of Del Rey's The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane by Don Herron
•Plus additional artwork, features and more!

Price is $13.95 ($10.95 + 3.00 for US postage and handling).

Order from and make checks and money orders payable to:
Damon C. Sasser
905 Littleport Lane
Channelview, Texas 77530

Payment also accepted via PayPal through orders@rehtwogunraconteur

Visit the REH: TWO GUN RACONTEUR website at http://rehtwogunraconteur.com.

The Robert E. Howard Companion - Now available!
The first issue of THE ROBERT E. HOWARD COMPANION is now available.
The contents are:
The Voice of El-Lil and the Lost Race Tradition by Morgan Holmes
The Trouble with Swords? (The Road of the Eagles) by Fred Blosser
North by Southwest (The Marchers of Valhalla) by Steve Tompkins
Travels with Robert E. Howard by Rusty Burke
Pike Bearfield: An Appreciation by Joe Marek
King Kull of Lost Atlantis (an art portfolio) by Bryan Laub
News and Reviews

Retail price: $12.00

48 interior pages, plus color covers. The front cover art is by Kelly Everaert.
The back cover art is by Mel White. This issue will also have art by Steve Trout and Bob Barger.

THE ROBERT E. HOWARD COMPANION is available from Seele-Brennt Publications upon publication.

Wandering Star has announced that  KULL OF ATLANTIS is coming next year!
Justin Sweet is the fantastic illustrator who has been working tirelessly to bring you the Kull of Atlantis Wandering Star book, his painterly work perfectly expresses the poetry of Robert E. Howard's barbarian king. See his first painting of Kull in the Illustrated World of Robert E. Howard poster book.

Also Greg Manchess is working furiously on his paintings for the Conan Volume 3 from Wandering Star Books. Unlike Mark Schultz and Gary Gianni, all Greg's black and white work are paintings!. We can assure you another  amazing interpretation of Howard's greatest hero!

A teaser trailer is now available for viewing online at http://www.waroftheworlds.com/

The Steven Spielberg film stars Tom Cruise and will be in theaters Summer 2005.

Wildside Press - Now available!
The March 1930 issue of the rare pulp magazine SUBMARINE STORIES, which lasted for thirteen issues and so must count as one of the more successful of the hyper-specialized pulps. Long prized by collectors as a curiosity, too scarce and valuable to be actually read, it turns out to be quite an entertaining magazine, containing stories by such pulp stalwarts as George Fielding Eliot (author of the grisly WEIRD TALES classic "The Copper Bowl") and Alan R. Bosworth, a prolific pulp writer who appeared in everything from ARGOSY to UNKNOWN WORLDS. Here too is a vivid first-hand account of undersea warfare by a genuine German U-boat captain. You can now order this book directly from Wildside Press.

- $35
Robert E. Howard's professional career spans a dozen years, from his first story sale, "Spear and Fang" in 1924, to his western masterpiece, "The Vultures of Wahpeton" shortly before his death in 1936. He wrote for a wide spectrum of magazines, from Argosy to Jack Dempsey's Fight Magazine, but the one constant in his varied and interesting career is WEIRD TALES magazine.

Collected here are the first of several volumes of Howard's poetry and prose for 
WEIRD TALES, in the order of publication. For fans and scholars, it's a treat to be able to watch Howard's development of themes, ideas, and style as he produced some of the most memorable characters - Solomon Kane, King Kull, Bran Mac Morn, and ultimately, his greatest character of all - Conan the Cimmerian!

Volume one of Shadow Kingdoms reprints Howard's first sale ever, "Spear and Fang," in July 1925, through his fantasy output for September 1929. This includes the first appearances of Solomon Kane ("Red Shadows") and King Kull ("The Shadow Kingdom"), as well as several of Howard's early supernatural tales, such as "Wolfshead" and "The Hyena." SHADOW KINGDOMS is both a testament to Howard's dedication to his craft and a unique collection from one of the most famous pulp magazines of all time.  Edited by Paul Herman. Introduction by Mark Finn. Cover by Stephen Fabian.

You can now order this book directly from Wildside Press.

You can also order a subscription to the entire 10 volume set!
Steve Fabian will be doing the covers for all ten volumes!

Recent releases:
Pulp Classics: WEIRD TRAILS (April 1933 issue)
This is a "facsimile" of the April 1933 issue of Weird Trails: The Magazine of Supernatural Cowboy Stories, edited by the legendary Abner Gibber. This issue has all the usual features ("The Haunted Corral" etc.) plus such stories as "Riders of the Purple Ooze," "Trouble in Cthulhu Canyon," "Dry Days in Yellow Gulch," etc. Highly recommended, especially for Lovecraft fans!  $19.95.

OPERATOR 5 #12 - The Army of the Dead
ZOMBIES MARCHED . . . soulless storm troops of a sinister madman's plot. Freedom was in mortal peril - as was Jimmy Christopher, Operator 5 of the nation's spy service, battling the bloody tide that swirled on land and sea. Into Death's Temple Jimmy rushed headlong . . . where the archfiend awaited, eager to sacrifice him on the bloody altar of tyranny . . . and resurrect him as a mindless recruit in . . . THE ARMY OF THE DEAD!

is number 12 in the Operator 5 series.  It was originally published in March 1935.
The Wildside Press trade paperback is $12.95 plus shipping.  

03 December 2004
2004 & 2005 Film Release Dates
December 10, 2004
January 14, 2005
February 18, 2005
March 11, 2005
March 25, 2005
April 01,2005

May 19, 2005
June 17, 2005
June 29, 2005
July 1, 2005
September 23, 2005
September 30, 2005
December 14, 2005


ARGOSY magazine is once again about to be among the living, though with a slightly different name.
In a statement released by Coppervale, Publisher James A. Owen outlined the problems and frustrations the magazine has had to overcome including jumping through distribution hoops and losing its editor, Lou Anders. Now, ARGOSY QUARTERLY emerges with a new distributor, Publishers Group West, increased page-count, upgraded cover and slipcase stock, no advertising, and extra volumes to each release. Additionally, guest editors will be onboard in forthcoming issues. Owen himself takes the editor's seat in the spring 2005 issue which will feature "144 pages, with a 112-page second volume, printed in Sepia ink on heavy Ivory stock, to better present the line art of our feature illustrator, Bill Sienkiewicz." Mark Summers will contribute the cover and slipcase art. William F. Nolan will offer a long piece on the death of John Dillinger, with Steve Rasnic Tem, Jim Fusilli, Richard A. Luphoff, Zoran Zivkovic, Charles Coleman Finley, Chris Nakashima-Brown, and Christopher Chambers presenting fictional pieces. The novella will come from John Grant's "massive, brilliant satirical novel, THE DRAGONS OF MANHATTAN." Parts Two and Three are set to be published in ARGOSY QUARTERLY's Summer and Fall issues. "Upcoming issues will be featuring novellas by Zoran Zivkovic, Alan Dean Foster, Allan Gross (with Frank Cho illustrating), Marly Youmans, and others." Owens added that single copies and subscriptions will increase, but that he will honor the current subscription prices for any subscriptions sent in before December 31, 2004.

Battered Silicon Dispatch Box  - LOST TREASURES FROM THE PULPS!
Two new titles are now available to order:
#7 MAGICAL MYSTERIES OF DON DIAVOLO (Rawson/Roberts/Weinberg) Hard Cover
ISBN 1-55246-532-2  $50.00
#10 THE ADVENTURES OF THE GOLDEN AMAZON Volume 1 of 3 (Fearn/Harbottle/Colombo)
Hard Cover
ISBN 1-55246-554-3  $75.00
Orders can be placed on the Battered Silicon Dispatch Box website at http://www.batteredbox.com/
These titles are also available from Mike Chomko.

Coming in 2005!
#8 COMPLEAT GADGET MAN STORIES (Dent/Murray/Weinberg) Folio Hard Cover 400 pages
ISBN 1-55246-536-5  $50.00  Spring 2005 - Available for pre-order!
#9 THE MAGICAL MYSTERIES OF THE GREEN GHOST (Fleming-Roberts/Roberts) 2 Volume Folio 
Hard Cover
ISBN 1-55246-534-9  $150.00  Spring 2005  
- Available for pre-order!
#10 THE GOLDEN AMAZON (Fearn/Harbottle) Volumes 2 and 3 Fall 2005
Hard Cover
ISBN 1-55246-593-4  $150.00   Summer 2005
#12 THE GREAT MERLINI OMNIBUS (Rawson/Roberts/Weinberg) 
Hard Cover  $80.00 Fall 2005
Hard Cover ISBN 1-55246-530-6

Still available!
#1 COMPLEAT ADVENTURES PETER THE BRAZEN (Worts/Weinberg/Lai) 2 Volume Folio 
Hard Cover  800 pages
ISBN 1-55246-412-1  $160.00
plus postage.
#2 MINIONS OF THE SHADOW AND OTHER NOVELS (William Gray Beyer/Weinberg) Hard Cover 435 pages
ISBN 1-55246-502-0    $55.00
plus postage.
#3 MEMOIRS OF HORATIO HUMBERTON (J. Paul Suter/Weinberg) Folio Hard Cover 386 pages
ISBN 1-55246-514-4  $55.00
plus postage.
#4 COMPLETE ADVENTURES OF THE DEAN (Constiner/Weinberg) Folio Hard Cover 430 pages
ISBN 1-55246-515-2  $80.00
plus postage.
#5 COMPLETE ADVENTURE OF BILL BRENT (F.C. Davis /Weinberg) Folio Hard Cover 370 pages
ISBN 1-55246-517-9  $80.00  
plus postage.
#6 COMPLEAT MOON MAN (F.C. Davis/Roberts&Hoppenstand) 2 Volume Folio Hard Cover 700 pages
ISBN 1-55246-516-0  $160.00
plus postage.
Click here for the latest BSDB catalog.

Lost Treasures from the Pulps can be ordered from: 
The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, PO Box 204, Shelburne, Ontario Canada L0N 1S0.
For inquiries and orders, contact George A. Vanderburgh, Publisher
email: gav@bmts.com     FAX: 519-925-3482
Visit the Battered Silicon Dispatch Box website at http://www.batteredbox.com/ to order.

Battered Silicon Dispatch Box - Coming in 2005!
Announcing a work in progress: 
Here is a bird's-eye view of this mammoth undertaking:
This is the most comprehensive index ever published of contributions to magazines in the field of Crime, Mystery, Detective, and Espionage Magazines. The baseline Table of Contents Index has been compiled alphabetically and chronologically for Mystery. Detective and Espionage Fiction, 2 Volumes (1988) by Cook and Miller; Monthly Murders (1982) by Michael Cook; and up to date data from additional periodical publications compiled by Bill Contento.
* Over 480 different publications are represented with chronological name changes, mergers and revivals.
* [Magazine not found] entries are at a minimum and a Want List of missing data is available upon request.
* The Title Index and The Author Index will be generated only after The Table of Contents Index is completed.
* The Series Character Index has been compiled by familiarity with the stories listed sequentially in
  The Table of Contents Index. Suggestions for improvements and additions are most welcome.
* Each volume measures 8.5" x 11" and is red, white or blue buckram with gold leaf lettering
* Each page is double- or triple-columned and highly readable

The number of volumes in this set and the price has not yet been determined.
For a look at the impressive Table of Contents for this collection, click here.

Battered Silicon Dispatch Box - Coming in January 2005
Pre-order before December 31st and save $160!


This is the most comprehensive index ever published of contributions to magazines in the field of fantastic literature (speculative fiction including science fiction, fantasy and weird fiction). "It is so comprehensive that it cannot be surpassed, it can only be supplemented," writes Sam Moskowitz in his Foreword to this "fabulous guide."

"Few fields have been more remarkably indexed than science fiction and fantasy," he adds. "This compendium, of course, updates all previous such bibliographies, and prints complete contents in chronological order as well as by author and title. But where it stands utterly unique is, in addition, recording the contents of perhaps hundreds of semi-professional and amateur publications which carried an important regimen of fantasy fiction."

This mammoth index - actually, there are five separate indexes - Author, Title, Artist, Series and Contents - is being issued as a set of eight volumes. Indexed are contributions to 1,120 different magazine titles, a total of 15,818 separate issues, with contributions by 25,911 writers. Indexed are 103,171 stories and serial segments, 20,463 poems, and 39,939 articles and columns.

Here is a bird's-eye view of this mammoth undertaking:

* Each volume measures 8.5" x 11" and is red, white or blue buckram with gold leaf lettering
* Each page is double- or triple-columned and highly readable
* Set of 8 volumes, to a total of 3950 pages
* Total number of words: 4.1 million
* Author Index: Volumes 1, 2 and 3 (red buckram)
* Title, Artist & Serial Indexes: Volumes 4 and 5 (white buckram)
* Content Index: Volumes 6, 7 and 8 (blue buckram)
* 276 page Checklist of SF Magazine Index available as paperback edition.
"In all of science fiction history there is nothing like this index," co-compiler Stephen T. Miller explains in his Preface.
"You will find magazines here that can be found no place else. We give you data on magazines that were never published
but that were assembled. We cover the rarest of the rare and the obscurest of the obscure. Ashcan issues do exist and are
indexed here. Important rare fanzines are listed. It's all here."
The publication of this set of indexes is a landmark occasion.
Its appearance marks a milestone in the scholarship and bibliography of science fiction, fantasy, and weird fiction.

8 Volume Set: ISBN 1-55246-602-7 (Pre-Publication postage paid) .  U.S.  $640.00  Canada $800.00
and after publication January 2005 plus shipping at actual cost . . . U.S.  $800.00  Canada $1000.00
The Checklist SF Magazine Index 276 pp. ISBN 1-2246-606-X . . . . .  U.S.   $28.00  Canada $35.00

All Canadian Orders should add 7% GST to the purchase price

Order from:
George Vanderburgh, The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, Box 204, Shelburne, Ontario Canada, L0N 1S0.
Visit the Battered Silicon Dispatch Box website at

Click here for the Official Ad and a list of missing issues you might be able to help out with.

Bison Books - Five new Robert E. Howard titles in April 2005!
Bison Books five new Robert E. Howard titles (now available for pre-order) will be available in April 2005. 
Thanks to Rusty Burke and TheREHcomicsgroup for the contents information listed below.
You can order online or call toll free at  800-755-1105.  These titles are also available from Mike Chomko.

Boxing Stories
by Robert E. Howard Edited and with an introduction by Chris Gruber 
The contents include: The Ring (verse), The Pit of the Serpent, The Bull-Dog Breed, The Champ of the Forecastle, Waterfront Law, Texas Fists, The Fightin'est Pair, Vikings of the Gloves, Cultured Cauliflowers (Costigan version), A New Game for Costigan, Hard-Fisted Sentiment, When You Were a Set-Up and I Was a Ham (verse), The Spirit of Tom Molyneaux, Crowd-Horror, Iron Men, The Good Knight, Fists of the Desert, They Always Come Back, and Kid Lavigne Is Dead (verse).

Hardcover $35.00  ISBN : 0-8032-2423-0
Paperback $14.95  ISBN : 0-8032-7352-5

The End of the Trail Western Stories 
by Robert E. Howard Edited and with an introduction by Rusty Burke
The contents include: 'Golden Hope' Christmas; Drums of the Sunset; The Extermination of Yellow Donory; The Judgment of the Desert; Gunman's Debt; The Man on the Ground; The Sand-Hill's Crest (verse); The Devil's Joker; Knife, Bullet and Noose; Law-Shooters of Cowtown; The Last Ride; John Ringold (verse); The Vultures of Wahpeton; The Dead Remember; Vultures' Sanctuary; The Ghost of Camp Colorado (article); The Apparition of Josiah Wilbarger (article); Beyond the Brazos River (letter excerpts); Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War (letter excerpts); and The Ballad of Buckshot Roberts (verse).
Hardcover $35.00  ISBN : 0-8032-2423-0
Paperback $17.95  ISBN : 0-8032-7352-5 

The Riot at Bucksnort and Other Western Tales 
by Robert E. Howard Edited and with an introduction by David Gentzel
The contents include: Mountain Man, Meet Cap'n Kidd, Guns of the Mountains, The Peaceful Pilgrim, War on Bear Creek, The Haunted Mountain, The Feud Buster, The Riot at Cougar Paw, Pistol Politics, Gents in Buckskin, Politics at Lonesome Lizard, A Gent from the Pecos, Gents on the Lynch, The Riot at Bucksnort, Knife-River Prodigal, and A Man-Eating Jeopard.
Hardcover $35.00  ISBN : 0-8032-2425-7
Paperback $14.95  ISBN : 0-8032-7354-1

Lord of Samarcand and Other Adventure Tales of the Old Orient Oriental Tales  
By Robert E. Howard Edited by Rusty Burke With an introduction by Patrice Louinet
The contents include: Red Blades of Black Cathay, Hawks of Outremer, The Blood of Belshazzar,  The Sowers of the Thunder, Lord of Samarcand, The Lion of Tiberias, The Shadow of the Vulture, The Road of the Eagles, Hawks Over Egypt, The Road of Azrael, Gates of Empire, The Slave-Princess, Two Against Tyre, The Track of Bohemond, The Shadow of the Hun, Untitled (He knew de Bracy), and Untitled (The Wind from the Mediterranean).
Hardcover $35.00  ISBN : 0-8032-2422-2
Paperback $18.95  ISBN : 0-8032-7355-X

The Black Stranger and Other American Tales  
By Robert E. Howard Edited and with an introduction by Steven Tompkins
The contents include: Marchers of Valhalla, The Gods of Bal-Sagoth, Nekht Semerkeht, The Black Stranger, Black Vulmea's Vengeance, For the Love of Barbara Allen, Kelly the Conjure Man, Black Canaan, Pigeons From Hell, The Valley of the Lost, Old Garfield's Heart, The Horror from the Mound, and The Thunder-Rider.
Hardcover $35.00  ISBN : 0-8032-2421-4
Paperback $17.95  ISBN : 0-8032-7353-3

Blood 'N' Thunder
Blood 'N' Thunder #8 is completely sold out at the publisher.  This is the fastest-selling issue ever!
Those who still need a copy can try Bud Plant Comic Art, Adventure House, DreamHaven Books, or Mike Chomko.  If you live in the L.A. area you can find 
Blood 'N' Thunder at the famous Golden Apple comic store on Melrose.

A whole bunch o' subscriptions lapsed with #8, so for those of you who plan to renew please bear in mind that the four-issue sub price was raised from $20 to $24, mostly to offset postage costs.

Blood 'N' Thunder #9 (Winter 2005) will feature Al Tonik's lengthy survey of the short-lived Lone Ranger pulp, plus Will Murray on gangster-pulp writer Anatole Feldman, Alfred Jan on the '20s "Surgeon of Souls" series than ran in WEIRD TALES, Anthony Tollin's review of the recently rediscovered 1931 Shadow film "Burglar to the Rescue" (with frame blowups), and whatever else I can cram into the issue.  It'll ship sometime in January.

Captain Spectre
Captain Spectre is a new pulp/serial webcomic created by Thomas Floyd that is now available on the net.
The webcomic is in the vein of a Captain Midnight type of character.  The website offers a sew-on patch and coin, a free downloadable pdf membership card to the Lightning Legion, Spectre's version of the Secret Squadron, and a coin-seal, similar to the Green Hornet seal.
 Click on over to http://www.captainspectre.com/index.html to read the great new adventures of Captain Spectre!  New strips are typically added every Monday evening.  An archive of past strips is also available.

Return to a bygone era where families sat breathlessly at the Saturday matinee watching their heroes battling impossible odds, their hearts racing at the cliffhanger endings.  

This 12 DVD Box Set includes: John Wayne’s Hurricane Express, Three Musketeers and Shadow of the Eagle; The Phantom Creeps and SOS Coast Guard starring Bela Lugosi; plus The Lost City, The New Adventures of Tarzan, Ace Drummond, Undersea Kingdom, Zorro’s Fighting Legion, The Clutching Hand, and Dick Tracy.  You get 12 thrilling serials consisting of over 150 episodes on 12 DVDs--just 20 cents an episode!

Price: $34.95

Order from Bud Plant or
Treeline Films.

Conan #11 - Preview now available!
Dark Horse Comics has posted a preview of CONAN #11.  This issue will be available December 22nd.
It's the fateful finale of Dark Horse's adaptation of Robert E. Howard's classic Conan story, "The God in the Bowl!" A Hyborean, locked-room murder mystery explodes in horror and death, as Conan comes face-to-face with the inhuman machinations of the dread sorcerer Thoth-amon. Plus, threads build that will embroil Conan in a continent-spanning conflict that will change the direction of his life forever.

Conan #14 - Coming in March!
Dark Horse Comics has released solicitation information for CONAN #14.  
Kurt Busiek (W), Cary Nord (P), Thomas Yeates (P), Dave Stewart (C), and Leinil Francis Yu (Cover)

Thoth-amon, the legendary sorceror who will plague Conan throughout his life, launches his first attack, as the second story arc of this award-winning, critically lauded series concludes.  A magical battle explodes, tearing up a forgotten temple as Conan and his assassin cohort take on the most evil man of the ancient world.

On sale March 23, Full Color, 32 pages, $2.99

Now available at Things from Another World is the Dark Horse Comic's Frost Giant’s Daughter PVC set.
The PVC set will probably be in comic shops on December 15th.

The Frost Giant’s Daughter PVC set is the first of an ongoing series of boxed sets of non-articulated PVC figures based on the Conan stories by Robert E. Howard. Each boxed PVC set will be true to the original stories, and will feature exquisitely detailed sculpting and painting. The debut offering is inspired by one of the greatest of Conan’s adventures.

Four figures, comprise the set: young Conan is dressed for the snowy northern climes, the beautiful and ephemeral maiden who tempts him to follow her across the frozen waste, and her two savage trollish brothers, who close the savage trap she has baited.  Figures designed by noted artist Arthur Suydam. Conan stands approximately 4 high; the giants are a massive 7" high.   4 figure, full color PVC set, $44.95

Conan - The Jewels of Gwahlur
P. Craig Russell posted information on a message board regarding his upcoming adaptation of The Jewels of Gwahlur.
Russell said he is adapting The Jewels of Gwahlur as a 66 page three issue series. He has pencilled about 40 pages so far and is presently on a work 'jag' working 7 long days a week, but having fun.  Click on the link above for the full story.

The second series of Conan action figures is based on the novel length story The Hour of the Dragon by original Conan creator Robert E. Howard.  This series is set to include five basic figures and one deluxe boxed figure set.
McFarlane Toys’ Conan Series 2 will be released in March, 2005.
Visit the McFarlane Toys website for full pictures of the action figures.

Figures include:
Conan the Warrior
Pallantides of the Black Dragons
Xaltotun the Undead
The Haunter of the Pits
King Conan of Aquilonia

CTHULHU ONE - April 29 to May 1, 2005 in Madison, WI
This convention aspires to appreciate and explore the Cthulhu mythos in all its forms. Dealers will be selling their Lovecraftian wares. Hear and see lectures, readings, and showings from mythos writers and film-makers. See displays from mythos artists. Observe dark, forbidden rituals by mythos cultists. Play games (i.e. the Call of Cthulhu collectable card and role-playing games). And more...

Registration info: Those registering before February 15 will pay only $30 for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The price after February 15 is $40. Hotel accommodations at the Best Western Inn, 22 South Carroll St. Call 1-800-279-8811 and mention Cthulhu One for special rates.

If you have further questions-or if you would like to sell things, exhibit, read, appear, lecture-contact Darrick Dishaw at darrick3909@yahoo.com, or call (608) 257-1583.  To register, send a money order along with the name of all attendees to Darrick, 427 W. Gorham Street, Apartment 126, Madison, WI  53703 USA. Your name will be placed on the convention guest list, so you do not have to worry about losing your ticket, etc.

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine: 
The Wasp is reviewed this week.
The Bombardier
by Jim Mennella is this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

Shadows of the Pulps:   Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online: Nothing new this week.

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 500 stories online!

The Dual World by Arthur K. Barnes from THRILLING WONDER STORIES, June, 1938
The Mystery of Ghost Lake by James Rourke from COMPLETE NORTHWEST MAGAZINE, February 1939
Enough Glory by Robert Leslie Bellem from FIFTH COLUMN STORIES, November 1940
Carnival Killer by G. Morris Sand from DOUBLE-ACTION GANG, February 1939

Edgar Rice Burroughs: RETURN TO MARS - Now available!
Edgar Rice Burroughs: RETURN TO MARS
is now available from the Science Fiction Book Club (members only).

This hardcover volume collects Thuvia, Maid of Mars; The Chessmen of Mars; and The Master Mind of Mars.
The jacket art is by Michael Whelan.  
$14.99 plus shipping.

Fading Shadows - Now Available!
The titles listed below are the final publications from Fading Shadows, Inc.
Tom and Ginger Johnson have devoted many years to the pulp community and have now embarked upon a well deserved retirement.  Thanks for all your years of service and many fine publications!  

Fading Shadows Inc. was born in June 1982 with the publication of ECHOES-SPECIAL ISSUE.   The stated goal of the publication was to publish the best articles and art, written and drawn by the experts in the field.   This first issue contained articles by Bob Sampson, Nick Carr, Ginger Johnson and Link Hullar with a cover and interior art by Frank Hamilton.   Two months later, ECHOES Volume 1 Number 1 was published.  This issue continued the tradition of publishing the best articles and art that fandom had to offer.  ECHOES  continued to be published on a bi-monthly schedule until the final issue (#100) as a fanzine in August 1998.  ECHOES is the longest running pulp fanzine.  ECHOES continued as a monthly newszine until issue 176 dated December 2004.

Back issues of Fading Shadows publications will remain available until the supply is exhausted. 

Use the link below to visit the Fading Shadows website.


144: The Phantom Detective in Merchant For Murder by Robert Wallace
145: The Phantom Detective in Death Rides the Winner by Robert Wallace

BEHIND THE MASK #71 featuring:
The Necklace of the Empress by H. Bedford Jones
Profit for the Mongoose by Johnston McCulley
The Mongoose Strikes Again by Johnston McCulley
Smoke of Revenge (Mongoose) by Johnston McCulley

DETECTIVE MYSTERY STORIES #55 featuring Marriage Gone Bad by W. S. Bachman; Eykiltimac Stump Acres by Jeffrey B. Burton; Seatbelts by Kenneth M. Austin; Prairie Justice by Eric Wilder; The Tiger’s Tale by Sheila Sowder; The Eye Witness by Gerald Browning; Rub-a-Dub-Dub by Branley Allan Branson; The Ringmaster by Larry K. Wellman; It Can Never Be Easy by Bryan Schingle; Seven for Thirty by Keith Bodayla; and Too Many Suspects (part 3 of 3) by A. J. Mason

Click here or on the images to the right for a look at larger cover images.

Each issue is 5.5 by 8.5 inches in size and runs approximately 80 pages.
One issue is $6.30 postpaid. Two or more issues are $6 each postpaid.
Not responsible for packages lost in the mail.
Insurance is $1.10 per $50.00 value and highly recommended.

Order from: 
Fading Shadows, Inc.
504 E. Morris Street
Seymour, TX 76380-2212


Girasol Collectables - December Pulp Replicas!
Girasol Collectables is pleased to announce three more issues in its ongoing series of Pulp Replicas.
Click here or on the images to the right for a look at larger Pulp Replica cover images.

With our December offerings, Girasol Collectables would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday for you and your families. We are announcing the Replicas a little early as we've found it safer to avoid the mails during the peak holiday period. We will only be shipping up until mid-December (10th), but we'll resume with any unshipped orders first
thing in the New Year. Order early to get that holiday reading material in time!  We will also offer our usual discount, buy all three of this month's Replicas and pay only $85 Vs the actual total of $95.

We lead off the month with a new title, SAUCY MOVIE TALES.  
A tough and expensive book to find in original pulp form. We are pleased to present December 1935, issue #1 (although technically #3 due to title tomfoolery).  This should keep you Spicy fans occupied until next month.
 Terrific Saunders cover, spicier than the Spicy's! First of several coming, $25 each postpaid.

Our second Replica is THE SPIDER  #8 (May 1934).  The title is The Mad Horde, somehow appropriate for holiday season shopping I think. More great mayhem Spider style, $35 each postpaid.

Our third Replica for December is WEIRD TALES #4 (June 1923). Another incredibly rare bedsheet issue.
This will let those of you who bought #5 a chance to complete the 2-parter The Evening Wolves with the first half here.

In keeping with their all-over-the-map production, this issue is actually slightly larger than the other bedsheets, and is 120 pages instead of the usual 96.  $35 each postpaid.

New Year's teaser! We'll be adding the first issues of Operator 5 to the 2005 lineup, with #1 coming out in January. We'll have 4 Operator 5's and 8 Spiders as one 'line', with more of the usual great stuff coming. Just a few hints: WEIRD TALES #8 November 1923! WEIRD TALES July 1925, with Robert E. Howard's first story Spear and Fang! GOLDEN FLEECE #1! More SAUCY MOVIE TALES. SPICY ADVENTURE #2 (#1 after the ashcan). SPICY DETECTIVE #1. SPICY WESTERN #1.

Plus, we've acquired a HUGE book collection which we'll be bringing out over the next while.
Catalogue 11 ready now... send for your free catalogue today!

As always, these reprints are exact copies including the illustrations, ads and back-up stories and have been printed on off-white paper, staple-bound and finished off with a high quality reproduction of the original cover.
The only thing missing is the smell (alas) and the flaking newsprint.

Here is a complete listing of the Pulp Replicas currently available for $25, $35, or $50 each postpaid within North America. Overseas will be a few dollars more.

CIVIL WAR STORIES ($25 each postpaid within North America) 
Spring 1940

DAN TURNER  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
Dan Turner Hollywood Detective No. 1 (January 1942)

HORROR STORIES  ($35 each postpaid within North America)
#1 (January 1935)

MYSTERY ADVENTURE MAGAZINE  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
November 1936 with a rare Domino Lady cover appearance

Last Months Replicas

THE OCTOPUS ($35 each postpaid within North America)
February/March 1939

ORIENTAL STORIES ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#1  (Oct./Nov. 1930) featuring the Robert E. Howard story, TheVoice of El-Lil.                           
#2  (Dec. 1930/Jan. 1931)

PIRATE STORIES ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#1  (
November 1934)

SAUCY MOVIE TALES  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
December 1935 #3 (#1 after a title change) - Terrific Saunders cover, spicier than the Spicy's!

THE SCORPION ($35 each postpaid within North America)
April/May 1939

SPICY ADVENTURE  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#6   (March 1935) featuring a spicy Thai cover by HJ Ward
#8   (May 1935) featuring a Great Middle Eastern motif cover
#19 (April 1936) featuring She Devil by Robert E. Howard (writing as Sam Walser) 
#22 (July 1936) featuring a Parkhurst cover
#26 (November 1936)

SPICY DETECTIVE  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#7   (November 1934)

#10 (February 1935)

#17 (September 1935) featuring Dan Turner and a terrific HJ Ward cover

#20 (December 1935) featuring a HJ Ward cover and a Dan Turner story

#29 (September 1936) featuring a gun toting gal from Mr. Parkhurst on the cover. 
#30 (October 1936) featuring an incredible, truly classic HJ Ward cover
#76 (August 1940) featuring a great HJ Ward cover, Dan Turner, Eel stories

SPICY MYSTERY  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#2   (June 1935) featuring Fangs of the Bat
#3   (July 1935) featuring a nice Parkhurst cover
#4   (August 1935)
#8   (December 1935) featuring a nice Parkhurst cover
#10 (February 1936) featuring Batman
#15 (July 1936)
#16  (
August 1936) featuring H. J. Ward on the cover.

SPICY WESTERN  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#14 (December 1937)  Great HJ Ward cover

THE SPIDER  ($35 each postpaid within North America)
#1  The Spider Strikes! (October 1933)
#2  The Wheel of Death (November 1933)
#3  Wings of the Black Death (December 1933)
#4  City of Flaming Shadows (January 1934)
#5  Empire of Doom (February 1934)
#6  Citadel of Hell (March 1934)
#7  Serpent of Destruction (April 1934)
#8  The Mad Horde (May 1934)

STRANGE STORIES  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#1 (February 1939)

STRANGE TALES  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#1  (September 1931)
#2  (November 1931)
#3  (January 1932) featuring Wolves of Darkness by Jack Williamson
#4  (March 1932)
#5  (June 1932)
#6  (October 1932) Famous 'Worm Monster' cover
#7  (January 1933)

TERROR TALES  ($35 each postpaid within North America)
#1 (September 1934)
#2 (October 1934)
#3 (November 1934)
#4 (December 1934)
#5 (January 1935)

WEIRD TALES  ($35 each postpaid within North America)
#1   March 1923
Available in 2 cover choices: the 'regular' cover, or the recently discovered 'rarer' version. 
Exactly the same, except the black and orange of the cover illustration are switched.
#2   April 1923 
#4   June 1923
#5   July/August 1923
#9   December 1923/January 1924 
#10 February 1924
#11 March 1924
#12 April 1924
#13 Anniversary Issue May/June/July/24 ($50)

Email Girasol Collectables at: girasol@interlog.com.
A complete listing, along with other items such as books, fanzines and of course pulps, can be found on
the Girasol Collectables website at http://www.girasolcollectables.com/

All payments must be made in $US payable to Girasol Collectables and mailed to:
Neil Mechem c/o Girasol Collectables
3501 Glen Erin Drive, Apt. 1409, Mississauga, ON, Canada L5L 2E9 

The Howard Review #13 - Now Available!
The Howard Review #13 is available from lulu.com.  
This thirteenth issue of THE HOWARD REVIEW celebrates the 30th anniversary of this publication. It is a GIANT 140 page book containing three Howard stories, The Fire of Asshurbanipal and The Dark Man presented in facsimile form direct from the pages of WEIRD TALES, and a restored text version of The Voice of El-Lil a story which has been butchered in all the various reprintings. It also contains The Fiction of Robert E. Howard - An Illustrated Bibliography part one, which features more than 50 illustrations from the original pulps in which the stories appeared. The issue also contains a lengthy piece on the Howard books published by FAX as well as short features by Fred Blosser and Tom Foster, plus Howard poetry, reviews, excerpts from classic fan publications of the thirties, and more! For a bonus, this issue will be sold for only $10.95 per copy throughout the month of December. In January, the price goes up to $12.95.

Lost in Space - 3rd Season DVD Announced!
LOST IN SPACE - Season 3, Volume 1 has been announced for release on March 1st, with Season 3, Volume 2 not far behind: it will arrive in June. Fox Home Entertainment is getting the final season of the show out in two DVD installments, just like they did with the second season. Here are the details on the first half of the season.

There were 24 episodes in the 3rd Season, and based on the running time of 735 minutes, it looks like the first DVD set from that year will contain around 14 episodes, give or take.  Fox hasn't specified that, but they have told TV Shows on DVD  that the "extras" on this set consist of the "Next On Lost In Space " previews which ended each episode and led into the next. Those will only be present on the first 8 episodes of the set, though: The Condemned of Space (previewsVisit to a Hostile Planet), Visit to a Hostile Planet (previews Kidnapped in Space), Kidnapped in Space (previews Hunter's Moon), Hunter's Moon (previews The Space Primevals), The Space Primevals (previews The Space Destructors), The Space Destructors (previews The Haunted Lighthouse), The Haunted Lighthouse (previews Flight into the Future) and Flight into the Future (previews Collision of the Planets).

Video is in 1.33:1, and still in color of course. Audio is in English Mono, Spanish Mono, and French Mono, and subtitles are present for each of those languages. List price in the USA is $39.98, and in Canada the cost is CAN$54.98 SRP.

Mike Chomko - November Newsletter!
Mike carries many of the publications listed in COMING ATTRACTIONS.
Click here for Mike's November 2004 email newsletter.

Orders over $20 are discounted 10%. 
Shipping is $2 to $6 depending on the size of your order.
Mike accepts cash payments (but not credit card payments) through Paypal at chomko@enter.net.
Checks and money orders can be sent to Michael Chomko, 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA  18104-6542 
Contact Mike by email at chomko@enter.net

Serial Squadron - Flash Gordon: ROCKET SHIP is coming soon!
Something new and different! The feature version of the original Flash Gordon serial--in widescreen and the amazing new 3-color Malavision toning technique which gives a more natural appearance to scenes by allowing the use of multiple hues in connection to corresponding brightness values without colorization and gives a James Bama-like feel to every scene!  The widescreen process is achieved by cropping the image normally from top to bottom and extending the transfer beyond the normally cropped horizontal area to produce a widescreen proportion ratio.

Extras are to be announced. To view screen captures from the DVD click here.
Progress: Transfer complete. Tints and effects in process.

The price is $12.95 plus shipping ($1.60 for 1 DVD).
Visit the Serial Squadron website to download the mail order form.

Visit the November News Archive for older stories.