Crime Fiction Index
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Titles Not Included

While an attempt has been made to be as comprehensive as possible in the Crime Fiction Index, a line had to be drawn somewhere and there are a number of titles you might expect to find here which have been deliberately excluded. These fall into three major categories:

1. Items that are “out of scope”

Firstly the index has concentrated on “magazines” and has omitted consideration of “dime novels” and “story papers”, except in very exceptional circumstances.

Secondly, the observant will have noticed that the title of the index is subtly different from that of the original Cook/Miller volume which concentrated on Mystery, Detective and Espionage Fiction. This index is intended to be part of a series which started with the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Weird Fiction Index and will be continued with a third index focussing on Adventure, War, and Espionage Fiction Magazines. As such, a number of magazines have been “held over” for the third index where this seemed more appropriate. These include:

There were also a small number of magazines which, upon closer examination, turned out to be inappropriate for the index. These have been excluded from this index but are all indexed on the FictionMags Index instead and include:

Lastly, a small number of magazines were mentioned in Cook/Miller but turned out to be non-fiction upon closer examination. Any known issues have also been indexed on the FictionMags Index but no attempt has been made to locate missing issues. These include:

2. Online magazines

Obviously one major change since previous indexes has been the introduction of online magazines. As this is an area that is still in its infancy, the decision was taken to exclude such magazines from this version of the index. However, for those who are interested some known titles include the following:

Note that, even though hyperlinks are given where known, many of these are no longer active.

3. “True Crime” magazines

As with previous indexes, no attempt has been made to cover “true crime” magazines. While this is an easy statement to make, it is much harder to implement, not least because many items labelled as “true crime” are clearly inventions of the author concerned and might as well be regarded as fiction–indeed, there have been passionate debates among the contributors to this index as to whether some items should be classified as fiction or non-fiction. There are also a number of cases (most notably Real Detective) where a magazine started as a 100% fiction magazine and ended as a 100% non-fiction magazine, but the transition between the two states was so gradual it's impossible to say exactly when it changed from one to the other.

A list of all “true crime” magazines is beyond the scope of this index but, for the record, the following titles have been considered and deliberately excluded: