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As with so many projects, this one started off in one direction and rapidly got diverted into a completely different one!

The web-site was originally dedicated to bibliographies, specifically those related to science fiction and fantasy authors, and introduced a list of fiction magazines (with particular emphasis on which had or had not been indexed) as a useful reference. However, this latter list grew and grew with time (particularly after I joined the FictionMags mailing list) and it now occupies about 95% of the website (and 99% of the effort devoted to it!). At the same time I got more and more involved in actually indexing the magazines that hadn't been indexed, and now host many of the key magazine indexes.

The website is therefore divided into three (very unequal) sections:

Magazines This is the section that attempts to document all known fiction magazines, in varying levels of detail.  As there are over 9400 of these, they are also organised into various different subsets for those who, for instance, are not wildly interested in 19th century magazines.  A fuller description of these can be found by following the link to the left, or for those who want to jump straight to the chase, the following are the main subdivisions:
All Magazines Pulp Magazines SF & Fantasy Magazines Image Gallery New/Improved Images Unrecognised Images
Indexes This section provides an interface to all the key magazine indexes, particularly the online indexes belonging to the FictionMags Index Family, as well as providing illustrated checklists for all the key magazines represented. Again, full details can be found by following the link to the left, but some of the key pages are:
Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Weird Fiction Index Crime, Mystery & Gangster Fiction Index Western & Frontier Fiction Index
Authors The final section covers bibliographies devoted to a single author (or at most a small number of authors), concentrating on those who have devoted most of their output to the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres.

This site is also the proud host of a number of other projects that I heartily recommend:

In addition there are a wide range of indexes and bibliographic resources which are listed on a separate page.

I am extremely interested to hear of any relevant bibliographies or indexes of magazine fiction that are not listed herein, particularly if they are still available, or even to hear from anyone else who shares my obsession for bibliographies.  Please note, however, that, with the exception of my own Galactic Central series of bibliographies, I cannot supply copies of any of the bibliographies mentioned herein. Similarly, in general, I cannot supply any of the magazines featured on this site (nor copies of items published therein).

I am also interested to hear from anyone who has any form of project related to science fiction/magazine bibliography/indexing that needs a home on the web.

Hoping to hear from you!

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