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Australian Monthly Magazine

Country: Australia
Total Issues: 18?+29?=47?

This was an early colonial magazine that was bought by Marcus Clarke in 1867 and renamed the Colonial Monthly. Mostly colonial content, and lots of pseudonymous and anononymous content.

Issues & Index Sources

  Sep-1865 – Feb-1867?: FictionMags Index
  Sep-1867 – Jan-1870?, as Colonial Monthly: FictionMags Index (Missing: Oct-1868)


  Sep-1867 – 1869: Marcus Clarke
  1869 – 1870: J.J. Shillinglaw





Australian Short Stories

Country: Australia
Total Issues: 65

Magazine publishing contemporary Australian fiction with some guest contributions from overseas authors.

Issues & Index Sources:  Dec-1982 – 2000: FictionMags Index
Editors:   Bruce Pascoe
Frequency:   quarterly

The Australian Way

Country: Australia
Total Issues: 69

Inflight magazine of Australian Airlines/Quantas Airways.

Issues & Index Sources:  Aug-1986 – Mar-1999
Publishers:   Australian Airlines (Aug-1986 - Jun-1993); Quantas Airways (Jul-1993 - Mar-1999)

The Australian Woman's Magazine and Domestic Journal

Country: Australia

A monthly journal published in Melbourne between 1882-1884. 15% fiction, 100% Australian content, 100% female authors, most of whom used pseudonyms.

Issues & Index Sources:  1882 – 1884: FictionMags Index (Missing: Vol. 1)
Prices:   6d
Pagecounts:   32pp
Frequency:   monthly

The Australian Women's Weekly

Country: Australia

Women's magazine that published a lot of fiction.

Issues & Index Sources:  Jun-1933 – present: FictionMags Index (sample issue only)
Publishers:   Bauer Media Group (in 2017)
Editors:   George Warnecke (in 1933); Kim Doherty (in 2017)

The Australian Women's Weekly Omnibook

Country: Australia
Total Issues: 7

Australian edition of Omnibook Magazine.

Issues & Index Sources:  Feb-1948 – Aug-1948
Publishers:   Consolidated Press, Sydney

The Auteur

Country: UK

"Literary magazine... new fiction and poetry".

Issues & Index Sources:  1992 – ?
Publishers:   London
Editors:   Danny Rosenbaum & Rupert Vandervell
Frequency:   quarterly

Authentic Detective Cases

Country: US

True crime.

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1950s

Authentic Detective Stories Magazine

Country: Canada

True crime.

Issues & Index Sources:  Nov-1946 – Jan-1947?
Publishers:   Pioneer Publications (Jan-1947)

Authentic Romances

Country: UK
Total Issues: 4

Issues & Index Sources:  1948 – Apr-1950: FictionMags Index
Publishers:   Martin & Reid, London
Formats:   10.5 in x 8.625 ins
Prices:   1/-
Pagecounts:   32pp

Authentic Science Fiction

Country: UK
Total Issues: 85

Initially issued as a series of paperback books. Additional features were gradually added to make it a true magazine. Title changed to Science Fiction Fortnightly with issue #3, then to Science Fiction Monthly with issue #9, then back to Authentic Science Fiction with issue #13.

Issues & Index Sources

  #1, 1951 – #2, 1951, as Authentic Science Fiction Series: Science Fiction Index
Index to British Science Fiction Magazines
  #3, 1951 – #8, 1951, as Science Fiction Fortnightly: Science Fiction Index
Index to British Science Fiction Magazines
  #9, 1951 – #12, 1951, as Science Fiction Monthly: Science Fiction Index
Index to British Science Fiction Magazines
  #13, 1951 – #85, 1957, as Authentic Science Fiction: Science Fiction Index
Index to British Science Fiction Magazines


  Hamilton & Co., London


  1-Jan-1951 – 15-Nov-1952: L.G. Holmes (Gordon Landsborough)
  15-Dec-1952 – 15-Jan-1956: H.J. Campbell
  15-Feb-1956 – Oct-1957: E.C. Tubb


  pocketbook until Feb-1957, then digest


  twice monthly to 15-Apr-1951, then monthly

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Issue Checklist

Authentic Science Fiction (Canada)

Country: Canada

Canadian reprint edition of Authentic Science Fiction. As far as is known the contents are identical to the UK issues, but are dated a month or two later.

Issues & Index Sources:  #37, 1953 – #47, 1954?: Science Fiction Index (Missing: #43; #44)
Publishers:   Modern Distributors Ltd., 267 Wellington St. West, Toronto, Ontario
Issue Checklist

The Author

Country: UK

Issues & Index Sources:  May-1890 – ?
Publishers:   Society of Authors, London
Editors:   Walter Besant (1890 - 1901)
Frequency:   monthly, later quarterly
Mentioned in:   British Literary Magazines Vol. 3

Author's Choice Monthly

Country: US

Tota Issues: 29

Each issue is a single author collection of new and reprint stories. All volumes were issued in three states, all unpriced. Initially at least, they were available at $4.95 paperbound, $25.00 hardbound, and $50.00 deluxe leatherbound edition.

Issues & Index Sources:  #1, 1989 – #29, 1992: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Pulphouse Publishing; Eugene, OR
Issue Checklist

Author's Library

Country: US
Total Issues: 17

Issues & Index Sources:  1893 – 1897: Dime Novel Bibliography
Publishers:   International News Company, 83 and 85 Duane St., New York
Formats:   7 1/8 x 4 3/4"
Prices:   50c
Frequency:   Bi-monthly
Mentioned in:   Dime Novel Bibliography

Automobile and Trailer Travel Magazine

Country: US

Automobile magazine that published some fiction.

Issues & Index Sources

  Jan-1936 – 1939?, as Trailer Travel Magazine
  1940? – 1946?, as Automobile and Trailer Travel Magazine: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
  1947? – ?, as Trailer Travel Magazine: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
  in 1970s, as Woodall's Trailer and RV Travel Magazine


  Jan-1936 – 194?: K. H. Dixon Co., Chicago, IL
  194? – ?: Woodall Publishing Co., Chicago, IL


  Jan-1936 – 194?: Karl Hale Dixon
  194? – ?: T. Wallach, Bea Ross, Jeanne Florian

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