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Boys' Coloured Pictorial

Total Issues: 26

Issues & Index Sources:  28-Feb-1903 – 6-Sep-1903
Publishers:   E.J. Brett
Frequency:   weekly

The Boy's Comic Journal

Total Issues: 788

From 23-Jun-1894 contains The Boy's Comic Novels (200 issues) as a free supplement.

Issues & Index Sources:  17-Mar-1883 – 16-Apr-1898
Publishers:   E.J. Brett
Formats:   large tabloid (folio)
Pagecounts:   16pp
Frequency:   weekly

Boys' Comic Library

Total Issues: 14

Issues & Index Sources

  22-Feb-1912 – 22-Jul-1912

#becomes The Comic Library


  Aldine Publishing Co.


  Walter H. Light

The Boy's Comic Novels

see under The Boy's Comic Journal

Boys' Companion and British Traveller

Total Issues: 33+23=56

A miscellany with some fiction.

Issues & Index Sources

  13-May-1865 – 23-Dec-1865
  30-Dec-1865 – 14-Apr-1866, as Boys' Own Reader and Companion


  Newsagents Publishing Company


  30-Dec-1865 – 14-Apr-1866: Rev. G. D'Avey Irvine





Boys' Dashaway Series

Total Issues: 53

Issues & Index Sources:  1892 – 1896
Publishers:   George Munro
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

Boy's Favourite [1870]

Total Issues: 41

Incorporates: Boys of the World from 25-Nov-1870

Issues & Index Sources

  11-Nov-1870 – 15-Sep-1871

#incorporated into Boys of England


  E.J. Brett



Boys' Favourite [1879]

Total Issues: 10

Issues & Index Sources:  24-May-1879 – 26-Jul-1879
Publishers:   Ritchie
Frequency:   weekly

Boys' Favourite [1929]

Total Issues: 43

Issues & Index Sources

  4-May-1929 – 22-Feb-1930

#becomes The Startler


  Amalgamated Press





Boys' Favourite [1953]

Total Issues: 7

Reprints stories from Boys' Favourite Library.

Issues & Index Sources:  Aug-1953 – Feb-1954
Publishers:   Comyns
Formats:   8o.
Pagecounts:   88pp
Frequency:   monthly

Boys' Favourite Library

Total Issues: 20

Issues & Index Sources:  Mar-1948 – 1950
Publishers:   Panmure Publications; Perry
Pagecounts:   64pp
Frequency:   monthly; irregular

Boys' Favourite Monthly

Issues & Index Sources:  1865

Boys' First-Rate Pocket Library

Total Issues: 472

The first novella was entitled "Those Troublesome Brothers" (1890). Published in full-colour pictorial wrappers.

Issues & Index Sources:  1890 – 21-Oct-1905: FictionMags Index (incomplete)
Publishers:   Aldine Publishing Co., London
Prices:   1d
Pagecounts:   32pp
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Boys' Football Favourite

Total Issues: 4

Numbering may continue from Football & Sports Library (see Football Favourite).

Issues & Index Sources

  6-Apr-1929 – 27-Apr-1929

#becomes Boys' Favourite


  Amalgamated Press

Boy's Friend [1864]

Total Issues: 38

Issues & Index Sources:  7-Jun-1864 – 7-Aug-1867
Publishers:   Henry Lea; Houlston & Wright from-Apr-1865; H.G. Clarke from 1865?
Prices:   3d
Frequency:   monthly

The Boys' Friend [1895]

Total Issues: 332+1385=1717

Popular boys story paper which ran many adventure stories and serials including Nelson Lee, Sexton Blake, Ferrers Lord. Authors include Sidney Drew, Maxwell Scott, S. Clarke Hook, T.C. Bridges, John Tregellis, Reginald Wray, Murray Graydon, John Hunter. Noted for many imaginative sf/lost world/invasion stories. Companions were Boys' Herald and Boys' Realm.

Incorporated: Dreadnought from 19-Jun-1915; The Penny Popular

Issues & Index Sources

  29-Jan-1895 – 8-Jun-1901
  15-Jun-1901 – 31-Dec-1927

#merges with The Triumph


  Harmsworth; Amalgamated Press


  1901 – 1912: Hamilton Edwards [latterly editor-in-chief]
  c. 1910: Arthur Marshall
  c. 1912: Lewis Carlton
  1913: Hugh Tuite
  c. 1914: Arnold Panting
  1915 – 1916: Herbert A. Hinton
  1919 – 1921: Herbert A. Hinton
  1916 – 1919: Reginald T. Eves
  1921 – 1922?: W.R. Home-Gall
  ? – 1925: C.M. Down
  1925 – 1927: William Pike


  1895 – 1914: tabloid
  1914 – 1927: smaller size


  ½d (Jan-1895 - 8-Jun-1901); 1d (15-Jun-1901 - Oct-1922); 2d (Nov-1922 - Dec-1927)


  Jan-1918 – Jun-1919: 8pp
  Jun-1919 – Oct-1922: 12pp
  Nov-1922 – Dec-1927: enlarged


  weekly (every Wednesday)

Boys' Friend Library

Total Issues: 764

Mostly reprinted (often revised) serials from various Amalgamated story papers but also contained occasional 80,000 word original novels.

Further Reading: Origins of the Boys' Friend Library by W.O.G. Lofts & Derek Adley (Privately published, 1987).

Entitled Jack, Sam and Pete Library, 1-2; Boys' Friend Library, 3-764.

Issues & Index Sources

  Sep-1906 – 4-May-1925

#becomes Boys' Friend Library (New Series)


  Amalgamated Press


  1906 – 1922: William H. Back
  1922 – 1925: John L. Garbutt
  c. 1915: William Gibbons (assistant editor)
  ?: Balfour Ritchie


  3d; 4d from 409




  2 per month; 3 per month 27-38; 4 per month 39-54; 2 per month 55-66; 3 per month 67-348; 4 per month 349-420; 2 per month 421-430; 3 per month 431-445; 4 per month 446-569; 5 per month 570-644; 4 per month 645-764 (1st of month; 1st Friday of month)

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