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Boys' Magazine [1922]

Total Issues: 620

A weekly story paper noted for its imaginative fiction and a high quota of science fiction. Included from 17-Jun-1933 a supplement entitled Thrill Library. Incorporates: Pals, 26-Sep-1923

Issues & Index Sources

  27-Feb-1922 – 20-Jan-1934: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)

#incorporated into The Champion


  E. Hulton
  c. 1925: Allied Newspapers


  Stanley H. Nelson
  c. 1934: Bernard Buley


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The Boys' Magazine [1927]

see also under Our Boys' Magazine

The Boys' Mail

Issues & Index Sources:  3-Sep-1907 – 1907
Publishers:   Lytton House (Charles Fox)
Pagecounts:   32pp

Boys' Mailbag

Total Issues: 81

Contains "contributions of a religious and moral character for boys such as will improve the youth of the present day."

Issues & Index Sources:  Oct-1892 – Oct-1909
Publishers:   S.W. Partridge, 26 Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row, E.C.
Editors:   Miss Young (c. 1902)
Prices:   1d
Frequency:   monthly; quarterly (c. 1902)

The Boys' Miscellany

Total Issues: 74

Issues & Index Sources:  7-Mar-1863 – 30-Jul-1864
Publishers:   E. Harrison
Pagecounts:   16pp
Frequency:   weekly

Boys' Monster Monthly

Gifford note: "Monthly edition of Boys' Monster Weekly".

Issues & Index Sources:  ?

The Boys' Monster Weekly

Total Issues: 45

Issues & Index Sources:  27-Feb-1899 – Jan-1900
Publishers:   Shurey
Frequency:   weekly; monthly

Boys' Monthly Magazine

see under Boys' Penny Magazine

The Boys' Newspaper

Total Issues: 98

Incorporates: Boys' Illustrated News from 7-Jun-1882.

Issues & Index Sources

  15-Sep-1880 – 26-Jul-1882

#becomes Youth


  Cassell to Apr-1881; Petter Galpin (W.J. Ingram, 74 Fleet Street) from #35


  George Weatherly; Alfred Harmsworth


  12" x 10"





Boy's Novelettes

Total Issues: 3?

Issues & Index Sources:  1885?: Dime Novel Bibliography (sample issue only)
Publishers:   Charles Stevens, 5, Hind Court, Fleet Street, London
Prices:   1d
Pagecounts:   16
Frequency:   weekly
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

Boys' Novelist

Issues & Index Sources:  18-Jan-1887 – ?
Frequency:   weekly

Boys' Novel Library

Total Issues: 2?

aka Boys 4d Novel Library.

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1930s
Publishers:   Gramol
Frequency:   monthly

Boys of Albion

Issues & Index Sources:  1888 – ?
Publishers:   Palmer
Frequency:   weekly

Boys of America [1901]

Total Issues: 107

Mostly adventure, mystery and sports stories. Authors inc. Prentiss Ingraham, Henry H. Lewis, Gilbert Patten, Edward Stratemeyer.

Issues & Index Sources:  5-Oct-1901 – 17-Oct-1903
Publishers:   Street & Smith, NY
Formats:   tabloid story-paper
Pagecounts:   16pp
Frequency:   weekly
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

Boys of America [1873/1896]

see under Frank Leslie's Boys of America and Boys and Girls of America

Boys of Britain [1870]

Total Issues: 45

Issues & Index Sources:  22-Nov-1870 – 19-Sep-1871
Publishers:   W. Williams
Frequency:   weekly

Boys of Britain [1871]

Total Issues: 20

Issues & Index Sources:  1871 – 1872
Publishers:   Ritchie
Frequency:   weekly

Boys of Britannia

Issues & Index Sources:  ? (19th century)
Publishers:   E.J. Brett
Frequency:   weekly

Boys of England [1866]

Total Issues: 1702

Famous for launching the "Jack Harkaway" series by Bracebridge Hemyng. This magazine had a number of companion titles, most of which it subsequently absorbed. These include Boys of the Empire and Boy's Comic Journal; title later revived as a continuation of Boys of the Empire.

Incorporates: Jack Harkaway's Journal from 29-Aug-1893

Issues & Index Sources

  24-Nov-1866 – 30-Jun-1899

#incorporated into Up-to-Date Boy's Journal and Novelettes


  Newsagents Publishing Co.


  1866: Charles Stevens
  1867 – 1899: Edwin J. Brett






  weekly; monthly
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