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The Criterion (US)

A New York-based literary magazine which featured bold illustrated covers, saucy cartoons and a mix of news and feature reporting and forward-thinking satire.

Issues & Index Sources

  Aug-1896 – May-1905


  Henry Dumay; Joseph I.C. Clarke


  Aug-1896 – 31-Mar-1900: weekly
  Apr-1900 – May-1905: monthly

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Criterion Series

Total Issues: 21

Issues & Index Sources:  Apr-1894 – Jan-1896: Dime Novel Bibliography
Publishers:   Street & Smith, 31 Rose St., New York
Prices:   50c
Frequency:   monthly
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

The Critic

Initially the book review section was the outstanding feature; in addition departments of drama, fine arts, news notices, literature and poetry were well written and edited. Putnam's purchased the weekly in 1898 turning it into a monthly. The book review section was shortened; illustrations were added; articles and poetry increased.

Issues & Index Sources

  15-Jan-1881 – 5-Jan-1884: Index to Periodical Literature
  12-Jan-1884 – 28-Jun-1884, as The Critic & Good Literature
  5-Jul-1884 – Sep-1906, as The Critic: Index to Periodical Literature

#becomes Putnam's Monthly


  The Critic Printing and Publishing Company, New York


  15-Jan-1881 – 5-Jan-1884: biweekly
  12-Jan-1884 – 25-Jun-1898: weekly
  Jul-1898 – Sep-1906: monthly

Critical Mass Magazine

Total Issues: 4


Issues & Index Sources:  Jun-1988 – Fall 1989: Science Fiction Index
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The Critical Quarterly

Literary journal, mainly of criticism, but went through a fiction-publishing phase in the 1980s.

Issues & Index Sources:  1959 – ?: Short Story Index (Missing: all before 1974 at least)
Editors:   C.B. Cox & E.A. Dyson, Colin MacCabe
Frequency:   quarterly
Sources:   British Literary Magazines Vol. 4

The Critical Review

Contributors include Samuel Johnson, Oliver Goldsmith.

Issues & Index Sources:  1756 – 1790
Editors:   Tobias Smollett
Sources:   British Literary Magazines Vol. 1 (which says - 1817)


Total Issues: 3

Fanzine about Robert E. Howard, featuring some fiction.

Issues & Index Sources:  Spring 1985 – 1988: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Cromlech
Editors:   Marc A. Cerasini
Formats:   pamphlet
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Formed by merger of Rimu and Pacific Quarterly Moana.

Issues & Index Sources:  1986 – 1989
Publishers:   Outrigger Publishers Ltd., Hamilton, New Zealand
Frequency:   quarterly


Emphasis on short fiction. Publishes up to 60 per year. Has published Saul Bellow, Joyce Carol Oates, John Updike. Circulation 3,000.

Issues & Index Sources:  1980 – 1994
Publishers:   Crosscurrents, Westlake Village, CA
Editors:   Linda Brown Michelson
Formats:   review
Pagecounts:   176pp
Frequency:   quarterly

Crossed Genres Magazine

Total Issues: 36+36=72

Online SF magazine.

Issues & Index Sources

  Dec-2008 – Dec-2011: Science Fiction Index
  Jan-2013 – Dec-2015: Science Fiction Index


  Crossed Genres Publications, 330 Cochituate Rd #1433, Framingham, MA 01701


  Bart R. Leib and Kay Holt (Dec-2008 - Nov-2010); Jaym Gates and Natania Barron (Dec-2010 - present)
Issue Checklist

Cross Plains

Total Issues: 7

Fanzine about Robert E. Howard.

Issues & Index Sources:  Jan-1974 – Sep-1975: Science Fiction Index
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Total Issues: 22

Issues & Index Sources

  Mar-1992 – Oct-1999: Science Fiction Index


  Mar-1992 – Feb-1995: Pat Nielsen, Jacksonville, FL
  Jun-1995 – Feb-1997: Pat Nielsen, Jacksonville, NC
  Jun-1997 – Oct-1999: Pat Nielsen, Beulaville, NC

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Crossworlds Magazine

Total Issues: 1

A comic book size magazine, with one graphic piece and six prose short stories, whose goal is to help "rediscover our sense of wonder, and challenge our deepest fears; we can explore the mysteries of the universe through ideas: and more importantly, we can learn more about ourselves".

Issues & Index Sources:  v1 #1, 1994: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Synergy Studio, Walnut, CA
Editors:   Mark W. Miller
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Croton Review

Total Issues: 11

Published stories by T. Coraghessan Boyle and Carol Emshwiller, among others.

Issues & Index Sources:  Summer 1978 – Spring/Summer 1988
Publishers:   Croton Council on the Arts, PO Box 277, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520
Editors:   Ruth Lisa Schechter
Frequency:   Annual

Crowded Magazine

Total Issues: 2?

A tri-annual pro-paying speculative fiction magazine.

Issues & Index Sources:  Feb-2013 – Sep-2013?: Science Fiction Index
Editors:   Baden Chant & Ethan Fode
Frequency:   tri-annual
Issue Checklist

Crown Series

Total Issues: 125

Issues & Index Sources:  21-Feb-1898 – 15-Jul-1898: Dime Novel Bibliography (incomplete after #86)
Publishers:   George Munro's Sons, 17 to 27 Vandewater St., New York
Formats:   7½ x 5¼"
Prices:   25c
Pagecounts:   300 to 400pp
Frequency:   Daily
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

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