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Country: US
Total Issues: 4

Amateur magazine featuring stories and articles.

Issues & Index Sources:  Mar-1942 – Mar-1945
Publishers:   Lawrence T. Shaw, Schenectady, New York
Editors:   Lawrence T. Shaw
Pagecounts:   14pp

Lesbian Tide

Country: US

Issues & Index Sources:  1971 – 1980
Publishers:   Tide Publications, 1314 S Tremaine Av, Los Angeles, CA 90019
Frequency:   monthly
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see under Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper

Leslie's Boys' and Girls' Weekly

see under Frank Leslie's Boys' and Girls' Weekly

Leslie's Illustrated Weekly (Newspaper)

see under Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper

Leslie's Magazine

see under The American Magazine

Leslie's Weekly

see under Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper

Les Spinge

Country: UK
Total Issues: 36


Issues & Index Sources:  Autumn 1959 – Dec-1979
Editors:   Ken Cheslin, Dave Hale & Darroll Pardoe


Country: US


Issues & Index Sources:  1948
Publishers:   Jack Riggs, Berkeley, California
Editors:   Jack Riggs


Country: US
Total Issues: 1

Issues & Index Sources:  v1 #1, 1996: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Mule Press

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Country: US

Subtitled "Life Imitating Art; devoted to 'art and culture'"

Issues & Index Sources:  1999? – ?: FictionMags Index (sample issue only)
Publishers:   Chinital Publications, Inc.
Editors:   Sammy DePasquale
Formats:   bedsheet slick
Prices:   $6.95
Pagecounts:   72pp


Country: UK
Total Issues: 4

Subtitled "The Elite Short Story Magazine"; publishes the best ten stories from a short story competition.

Issues & Index Sources:  Summer 2005 – Jun-2007: FictionMags Index
Publishers:   RDS Associates, 4 Nightingale Walk, Billingshurst, West Sussex, RH14 9TY

The Liberator [1918]

Country: US

In 1918 the same people who produced The Masses, including the editor, Max Eastman, went on the publish a very similar journal, The Liberator. The journal published prose by Elmer Rice, Stuart Chase, John Reed, S.N. Behrman, and others, as well as information about socialist movements throughout the world (it was the first to break the news that the Allies had invaded Russia).

In 1922 the journal was taken over by Robert Minor and the Communist Party. and in 1924 was renamed as The Workers' Monthly. Many of the people who contributed to the The Masses and the original Liberator, were unhappy with this development and in 1926, they started their own journal, The New Masses.

Issues & Index Sources:  Mar-1918 – Oct-1924?: FictionMags Index (sample issue only)
Publishers:   34 Union Square, East, New York City
Editors:   Max Eastman; Chrystal Eastman; Floyd Dell; Robert Minor
Frequency:   monthly
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The Liberator (1831)

Country: US

Issues & Index Sources:  1831 – 1865
Publishers:   W.L. Garrison
Frequency:   weekly

Liberty [1924]

Country: US
Total Issues: 1234

Launched as a direct competitor with The Saturday Evening Post and Collier's. Authors included Achmed Abdullah, H. Bedford-Jones, Walter R. Brooks, Edgar Rice Burroughs ("Tarzan and the Lion Man" 1933/1934), Robert W. Chambers, James F. Dwyer, Paul Ernst, Floyd Gibbons ("The Red Napoleon" 1929), Murray Leinster, Edison Marshall, Sax Rohmer.

Issues & Index Sources

  10-May-1924 – Jul-1950: FictionMags Index (Missing: 14-Nov-1931; 28-Nov-1931 to 26-Dec-1931; 14-Apr-1934)


  1924 – 1931: McCormick-Patterson
  1931 – 1942: Bernarr Macfadden


  Fulton Oursler


  big slick




  10-May-1924 – 25-Jan-1947: weekly
  1-Feb-1947 – 2-Aug-1947: fortnightly
  Sep-1947 – Jul-1950: monthly

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Online Sources

  Online Books (1 issue only)
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Liberty (Canada)

Country: Canada

Canadian edition of Liberty. Became The New Liberty at some point in 1947, and then reverted to Liberty in the late 1950s.

Issues & Index Sources

  1932 – 1964: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)


  in 1930s: Bernarr Macfadden
  1947 – ?: Jack Kent Cooke, Liberty of Canada Ltd.
  in 1960s: Consolidated Press Division


  in 1930s: Fulton Oursler
  1947 – ?: C.J. Harris
  in 1960s: Frank Rasky


  big slick
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Liberty [1987]

Country: US

A Right Libertarian Magazine, filled mostly with political commentary which publishes several pieces of fiction per issue.

Issues & Index Sources:  1987 – Dec-2010: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
Publishers:   Liberty Foundation
Editors:   R.W. Bradford
Formats:   8.5" x 11"
Prices:   $4.00

Liberty Book Digest

Country: US
Total Issues: 1?

Magazine featuring the best sellers of the day in abridged form.

Issues & Index Sources:  1943
Publishers:   Bernarr Macfadden
Formats:   quarto

The Liberty Boys of '76

Country: US
Total Issues: 1273

Historical adventures of young Dick Slater, Bob Estabrook, and their comrades during the American Revolution.

Issues & Index Sources:  4-Jan-1901 – May-1925: Dime Novel Bibliography (FicMags sample issues only)
FictionMags Index
Publishers:   Frank Tousey; Harry E. Wolff
Formats:   quarto tabloid
Prices:   5c to 8c
Pagecounts:   32pp
Frequency:   weekly
Mentioned in:   Dime Novel Bibliography
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Country: US
Total Issues: 47

"A journal about sex that's geared to turn on your mind and your body, containing some of the best photography as well as best-written erotica published in the U.S. It also includes essays, news, poetry and anything else that has to do with sex sensibility."

Became a webzine after Fall 2000.

Issues & Index Sources:  Fall 1988 – Fall 2000: FictionMags Index (partial issues only)
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Library of Adventure and Romance

Country: US
Total Issues: 10

Issues & Index Sources:  14-Apr-1892 – 16-Jun-1892: Dime Novel Bibliography (sample issues only)
Publishers:   International Book Company, 142-144 Worth St., New York, NY
Formats:   12 x 8½"
Prices:   5c
Pagecounts:   32
Frequency:   weekly
Mentioned in:   Dime Novel Bibliography

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